Sunday, 5 January 2014


Polar Night Half Marathon in Tromso NORWAY

The Northernmost Half Marathon In The World

                                                      On Sat 4th Jan one of our members ran one of the most unusual races ever ran by a member of the club. Fionan Oh'Aodain ran in the Polar Night Half Marathon in Tromso Norway This race takes place 300Km north of the Artic Circle and he did it in a time of 1.56 which is his second best time but the organisers say you should add 20-25 mins to your normal time due to the fact you are running on ice and snow which is why he is delighted with his time.
It is the Northernmost Half Marathon in the world and over four hundred runners took part from over thirty five countries which makes it a really international event. The scenery there was stunning ,
Well done Fionan as always you did the club proud and what a way to start the New Year.

I wonder would it make a good destination for this year club trip away ?


Any member wanting a report published or their results put up please e mail Remember this is your blog. and as I say I cant report on races I don't know about,


Training resumes as per normal tomorrow night 6th Jan.

Monday night 6.00pm-7.00pm Midleton College Hockey Pitch or The Maradyke Running track UCC (Official Club Training)
Tuesday night 6.00pm meet outside Midleton Park Hotel Leisure Centre
Wednesday night 6.00pm-7.00pm and 7.00pm-8.00pm Midleton Community Centre (Official Club Training)
Thursday night 6.00pm meet outside Midleton Park Hotel Leisure Centre
Saturday morning 9.00am Midleton CBS or 9am in The Curragh Woods 
 also Beginners Group @ 10 am Bailick Car Park

Sunday morning 9.00am outside Midleton Park Hotel Leisure Centre


You have until the end of Jan to renew you membership and then your insurance cover will expire. Forms which must be signed will be available at training Mon & Wed evenings.
Membership for the year will be 70 Euro and there will be no 2Euro fee collected at training anymore. Instalments will be available to those needing them by talking in confidence to any of the Captains or Vice Captains.

Note There will be a book at training which you must sign at each official session in order to be covered by the Club insurance.