Saturday, 14 March 2020


Hi All,

Due to uncertain circumstances with the Covid-19 Outbreak, I have temporally suspended all online entries to our race until the 1st of April.
If we have to cancel in the future I don't want to have to refund too many people.
Judging by the situation we are faced with, it might not be possible to hold the race this May and we might need to look at dates in the summer as possible alternatives.

I spoke to Club Captain Declan Dorgan this morning about this situation and he is of the agreement that we might need to cancel the scheduled race day of 7th of May and look for another summer date.

We will make a call on this by the end of next week.

Obviously the health and welfare of all our members and families is more important during this time, we need to assist the country in every way to stop the spread of this virus.

Best regards,

Marc Dalton Race Director


See previous regarding official club training.

Lots of us are meeting up in small groups so keep in touch with each other and stay safe. Danny