Saturday 23 October 2010


I have had a number of enquiries from people about cross country
recently, so I hope the following information is of use. Generally,
I would say that for anyone who has never tried cross country, it is
now a little too late in the season to start because of the structure
of the race calendar. It starts with the East Corks and then County
novice championships and as the season progresses the standard of
races goes up. However, there is a BHAA cross country race some time
in February (has been in the past anyway) which is a good opportunity
for anyone to try out cross country.

Senior County Cross Country Championships - Sunday, 31 October in
Cloyne at 1200 pm -
This race will have a relatively small number of participants, the
course will be tough and the standard will be high. I am not sure of
the distances, but at least 5 km for women and 8 km for men. I would
not recommend this as a starting point for anybody, but anyone who
has done some cross country could give it a go. However, if you are
interested in finding out what cross country is all about, why not
come along to watch this race. It is local and you can get an idea
of what a cross country race is like.

Munster Intermediate Cross Country Championships - Sunday, 7 November
in Charleville
As there is a much larger entry in the Munster championships the
range of ability is broader, so this would be a better race for
newcomers to cross country, but it is intermediate, so the distances
are longer than novice, eg. 4 km for women and not sure for men, but
more than 6 km.

County Intermediate Cross Country Championships - Sunday, 14
November, in Carrignavar at 12.30 pm
Smaller field than the Munster equivalent the previous week.

Munster Masters Cross Country Championships - Sunday, 21 November in
This is open to anyone over 35 years of age. It would be great if we
could get a team or two to take part in this one, although I know it
coincides with the Lanzarote trip which is a pity.

If anyone is interested in entering any of the above races please let
me know. Entries have to be in on the Wednesday before the event for
the county events and on the Friday ten days before the event in the
case of the Munster events.

Sally Drennan
Tel. 021 4883960, 087 2265857