Friday, 27 November 2020


Official training resumes on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm for C2 5K Group and all others at 7pm with Declan. 
Meet outside the Co Op Stores at Market Green

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 Last week's totals have now surpassed the target of 5000 miles for the month with a week remaining. Please keep submitting up until Monday night and lets see what we can achieve.

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Cloyne 4Km Series is back and its VIRTUAL

And the great thing about it is that it co insides with our 5Km's so that now you can do two races in one run. Just do our 5Km and Cloyne 4Km is included in the same run unless you would like to do two separate runs.

Saturday, 21 November 2020


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Cloyne 4Km Results

Cloyne 4Km unable to finish their series with their fifth race decided to do the results after four races and we are delighted to report that we had two prizewinners. Eileen Leahy came 3rd Lady overall and John Hennessy came 3rd Male. Well done to both and also to Louise Barry who finished 5th Lady overall. There are great results especially with the top class competition that is always in Cloyne. Well done also to Cloyne Community for being so fair in awarding the prizes.

Keeping The Five Alive by John Walsh


There is no doubting the popularity of the 5km on today’s fixture list. Part of the attraction is obviously due to the profusion of parkruns now held throughout the country every Saturday morning, along with the various Couch to 5K programmes.

Therefore, it’s heartening to see the five-mile distance alive and well in West Cork with the introduction this year of the Beara Autumn 5-Mile Series. Even though as a nation we may be all going the metric way, there is still something special about the imperial distances, especially the five and 10-milers.
When Mark Gallagher asked me to pen a little article for this programme, he suggested that maybe I’d recall the attraction of the Ballycotton Series which I was involved with. The years move on and today many new runners, especially in this region, probably have never have heard of such a venture. So a little bit of history mightn’t go astray

The first race to take place in the East Cork village of Ballycotton happened in August 1977 (yes, it was the last century!). A total of 34 runners turned up that night to run five miles and seven months later the inaugural Ballycotton ‘10’ arrived. The five-miler moved to June that summer with another race of the same distance taking place in the nearby village of Shanagarry in August. Over the following years, two more summer races were added in Chuchtown South and Ballyandreen and so a four-race series was born.

The fourth Thursdays of May, June, July and August therefore became sacrosanct because to gain the coveted plaque, runners had to complete all four events. Family holidays were arranged around the dates and for those on shift work, many a swap had to be accommodated.

Numbers taking part in each race gradually grew to around 200-250 and the standard was exceptionally high. At the Ballycotton ‘5’ in 1993 – a race won in 23:50 by Mark Carroll, European junior 5000m champion two years before and still the Irish 3000m record holder at 7:30.36 – a total of 51 runners (out of 262 finishers) were all under 28 minutes.

Into the new millennium, numbers continued to increase up to the 500 mark. These brought with them the headaches associated with parking, stewarding and the general workload undertaken by a small organising committee. Therefore, a combination of factors heralded the end of not only the Summer Series but also the Ballycotton ‘10’. After 40 years, it was decided, not without regret, that maybe it was time to go out while still on too

And so, what constitutes a good race series? Well, there’s the obvious such as accurate courses (even though they don’t all have to ‘fast and fast!’), reasonable entry fees, individual and category prizes and of course that welcome cup of warm beverages and goodies afterwards. But there must also be an element of challenge so that those completing the set number of races can feel a sense of achievement.

There is no doubt that all those ingredients are evident in this Beara Autumn Series. You can be sure when those lovely commemorative medals shown on the website (by the way, one of the most impressive sites around) are presented today in Eyeries, they will certainly have been hard earned and richly deserved.


Monday, 16 November 2020


 Well Done to everyone for participating in the MOVE-MBER Challenge.

Week 1 = 1925
Week 2 = 1549
3474 Miles So Far  

€750 in the sponsorship so far and on course to reach the €2000 max club donation by the end of November.


Great to see so many participating and getting out and exercising

Best regards,

Marc Dalton

VIRTUAL 5Km Results

1. Daniel Bloom 16.59

2. John Hennessy 17.45

3. Ger O Regan 18.59

4. Vicki Spiteri 19.20

5. Declan Dorgan 19.37

6. Henry Milward 19.48

7. Barry O Shea 20.07

8. Mark Kelliher 20.10

9. Andre Brodkorb 20.12

10. Derek Ahern 20.13

11. Paul Spiteri 20.21

12. Eugene McCarthy 20.33

13. James Long 20.39

14. Mark Walsh 20.45

15. Brendan Curtin 20.45

16. Mags Jones 20.53

17. Barry O'Dwyer 21.09

18. Rod Scanlan 21.14

19. Sean O Sullivan 21.33

20. Don McDonald 21.45

21. Yvonne Fitzgerald 22.00

22. Breeda Sheedy 22.10

23. Louise Barry 22.12

24. Paul Geary 22.23

25. Marc Dalton 22.32

26. Dan Twohig 22.46

27. Marian Ahern 23.15

28. Kevin Moran 23.22

29. Sally Drennan 23.23

30. Marie Gillman 23.28

31. Joe Power 23.39

32. Tony Forristal 24.10

33. Christine Murphy 24.19

34. Elga Ryan 24.25

35. Kevin Morrison 24.43

36. Colette Dalton 24.45

37. Linda Curtin 24.48

38. Mary O Keeffe 24.52

39. Maurice Ring 25.19

40. Katherine O Connor 25.27

41. Gillian Bransfield 25.42

42. Mark Fuller 25.47

43. Donie O Connell 25.55

44. Margaret Twohig 26.06

45. Loveness Hegarty 26.09

46. Brian Martin 26.41

47. Astrid Micheel 26.52

48. Bernie Twomey 26.54

49. Susan Fitzgerald 26.57

50. Javier Gómez López 27.01

51. Kevin Toth 27.32

52. Mike Dorney 28.05

53. Ian Kohler 28.10

54. Annette Fitzgerald 28.47

55. Gina Brunton 28.52

56. Maura Smith 29.00

57. Caroline Cashman 29.02

58. Lorinda McCarthy 29.20

59. Clare Deegan 29.40

60. Mervyn OLuing 30.23

61. Michelle Dorney 30.57

62. Sheila Bulman 31.20

63. Sabina Nagle 31.66

64. Shevaun Hogan 32.00

65. Sarah OBRIEN 32.37

66. Andrea Lyons 33.18

67. Suzanne Sloane 33.24

68. Joan McCarthy 33.32

69. Darina O Brien 33.32

70. Noreen O Riordan 33.36

71. Sarah Jane Flaherty 33.40

72. Anne Moore 34.00

73. Billy Griffin 34.00

74. Kathleen O Connell 34.42

75. Norma Moore 35.01

76. Mary Walsh 35.42

77. Elaine Finn 36.10


Sunday, 15 November 2020


Some shots of those who ran so far, 

Friday, 13 November 2020


Virtual 5Km Times Here

MOVE-MBER Mileage Here

Please only use these ways for submitting your results to Mark  Thanks Danny

Thursday, 12 November 2020


The new gear has arrived so those of you with orders in please Bernie