Thursday 28 January 2016



Provisional Results now out.  See for full results.  I have extracted Midleton AC results.  I notice some anomalies, so if you spot a discrepancy with your result, you might want to contact the organisers.

John Treacy Dungarvan 10 Mile 2015
Provisional Results - Midleton AC
Place Number Lastname Firstname Gender Category Team Time
107 1389 FOLEY Shane M Senior Midleton A.C 01:03:05
112 2325 MAUNSELL Francis M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:03:19
128 1314 MCCARTHY Eugene M O/45 Midleton A.C 01:03:53
193 832 DORIS ANNA F O/45 Midleton A.C 01:05:46
195 57 AHERNE Cornelius M O/60 Midleton A.C. 01:05:51
211 794 MCLEAN Gerard M O/45 Midleton A.C 01:06:14
227 582 CREMIN Mike M Senior Midleton A.C 01:06:43
244 1932 O'SULLIVAN Sean M O/45 Midleton A.C 01:07:12
248 982 RYAN Don M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:07:19
255 2514 CASHMAN John M O/50 Midleton A.C 01:07:26

269 44 O'MEARA Fergal M O/45 Midleton A.C. 01:07:47
282 438 HANNON Tim M Senior Midleton A.C 01:08:15
293 421 O HAODAIN Fionan M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:08:30
328 951 AHERN Derek M Senior Midleton A.C 01:09:05
400 1528 COTT Brian M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:10:41
401 38 DOWDALL Kris M O/40 Midleton A.C. 01:10:41
404 689 O'REGAN Ger M O/45 Midleton A.C 01:10:43
432 390 GILROY Helen F O/50 Midleton A.C 01:11:35
434 1547 MURPHY Mick M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:11:42
468 829 CONDON Trevor M Senior Midleton A.C 01:12:35
520 1246 MURPHY Esther F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:13:45
541 1816 O'DWYER Barry M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:14:21
628 638 FITZGERALD Yvonne F O/35 Midleton A.C 01:16:08
655 686 GILLMAN Marie F O/50 Midleton A.C 01:16:19
666 546 KIERANS Paul M O/50 Midleton A.C 01:16:28
752 361 MC CARTHY Arthur M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:18:18

823 558 MORAN Kevin M O/45 Midleton A.C 01:19:21
849 372 FOUHY Aoife F Senior Midleton A.C 01:19:50
888 2066 BRANSFIELD GILLIAN F O/35 Midleton A.C 01:20:33
893 2096 FLEMING Paul M O/40 Midleton A.C 01:20:38
908 724 O'REILLY Mark M O/45 Midleton A.C 01:20:55
921 914 PERRY AnnMarie F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:21:21
931 1360 DORGAN Niamh F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:21:35
985 900 MCGRATH Michelle F O/45 Midleton A.C 01:22:39
1018 1045 MURPHY Christine F O/45 Midleton A.C 01:23:15
1024 512 TWOMEY Bernadette F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:23:22
1056 1046 MCNAMARA Michael M O/60 Midleton A.C 01:23:50
1176 58 MC CARTHY Joseph M Senior Midleton A.C. 01:25:33
1235 862 SAVAGE Siobhan F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:26:32
1272 45 MORRISON Kevin M O/50 Midleton A.C. 01:27:10
1290 2565 BUCKLEY Sheila F Senior Midleton A.C 01:27:39
1313 1351 WATSON Karol M Senior Midleton A.C 01:28:27
1335 1947 O SULLIVAN Paula F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:29:26
1382 1132 COONEY Amanda F O/55 Midleton A.C 01:30:33
1388 1709 FITZGERALD Susan F O/45 Midleton A.C 01:30:36
1391 2236 MULCAHY Mags F O/50 Midleton A.C 01:30:39
1470 733 PARKER Claire F O/35 Midleton A.C 01:32:37

1521 555 O'GORMAN Shirley F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:34:13
1562 13 HOGAN Shevaun F O/40 Midleton A.C. 01:35:33
1646 762 AHERN Karen F Senior Midleton A.C 01:38:22
1763 2041 WALSH Mary F O/50 Midleton A.C 01:43:00
1764 1077 O'REGAN Louise F O/40 Midleton A.C 01:43:00

Message from West Waterford AC (Facebook page): 

Well done to each and everyone of today's finishers at the John Treacy Dungarvan 10.
A huge thank you to all our volunteers who spent months, days, weeks and today preparing for this event.Its a massive total voluntary effort by a huge number of people.
As like many events painstakingly organised by a club such as ours by all volunteers, sometimes not all goes to plan and today we were meet with a situation where our own club chip timing system gave us technical problems.
We will be working throughout the night to manually get out a set of results and the category and team results will follow as soon as we can possible have them .All prize winners will have their prizes posted to them during the week.
We thank you for your participation today and we hope you had an enjoyable day in Dungarvan and we certainly hope to have you back with us next year.
Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding.

Well done to all our members, too numerous to mention individually, who ran the Dungarvan 10 mile race today.  Conditions could have been a lot worse.  There was a light drizzle at the start, which luckily didn't turn to heavy rain.  There was some wind in parts, but it was behind at parts also.  A lot of runners actually found it to be quite warm today, and anyone dressed for yesterday's weather may have suffered.

Official results won't be out for probably a few days, as the chip system broke down.  Only the top 10 men and top 6 women's prizes were announced.  Apparently, the organisers plan to go through video footage of the race finish, so it could be days before they compile full results, and team and category prizes.  Update (Mon): Category prizes now out - see below

In the meantime, it would be great if you would email the blog at with your photos, race report, including your time, whether you were pleased or disappointed, and don't be shy to let us know if you had a PB today.  In the meantime, I am working from memory, please do correct me if I get anyone's time wrong.  All times are approximate.

Some such PBs - Francis Maunsell clocking 63:20 (ish); Fionan OhAodain who continues in his PB streak, knocking over 5 minutes off his PB; Derek Ahern who had a fine run clocking 69:05; Paul Fleming, despite a stitch from mile 6 still PBed with a time of 80:13; Ger O'Regan posted a PB of 70:32; and Richard Power had a great run knocking 2 minutes off his previous best, clocking 82:41; also, Aoife Fouhy Evans had a fantastic run, knocking 2 minutes off her PB to clock 79 minutes.  

Shane Foley also had a mighty run finishing in hot pursuit of Francis, as had Eugene McCarthy.  Neilus Ahern, crowned All-Ireland champion only a week ago had a very strong run.  Don Ryan had a great run considering he is just back running in the past 4 weeks following a long lay-off injured.  Credit must surely go to Ger McLean, who despite battling flu during the week and pulling up around half-way, got himself back in the race to finish in a fine time of 66 mins, as did Mike Cremin. John Cashman, Fergal O'Meara and Sean O'Sullivan all had very solid runs on their way back to full fitness, finishing around the 67 min mark - watch these spaces, these men will be breaking records soon once they get fully back on track!  Edwin Cashman followed closely behind.  Brian Cott also finished well, and will no doubt continue to improve as he returns to full training.  Others who had good runs were Mick Murphy, Kris Dowdall, Barry O'Dwyer, Joseph McCarthy, Kevin Moran, Kevin Morrisson, Paul Kierans, Alan Morley, Karol Watson, Michael McNamara, Trevor Condon and David O'Sullivan (in no particular order).

Our ladies did us proud also.  Well done to Claire Parker, for whom this was her first 10 mile race, and she finished comfortably.  A great achievement Claire. Karen Knowles also made a super debut as did Shevaun Hogan aided by Vincent Connolly.  Anna Doris had a good run finishing around the 65 min mark.  It was great to see Helen Gilroy return to racing and she had a fine run. Esther Murphy finished around the 72 min mark which shows she too is well on the way back from her prolonged injury - great to see you running so well Esther!  Louise Barry and Yvonne Fitzgerald both had very good runs finishing around the 75 min mark, and were followed closely by Marie Gillman in 77 mins.  Breeda Sheedy finished strong breaking the 80 min mark, and was followed by Anne-Marie Perry.  Christine Murphy ran her first 10 miler in quite some time, showing what she will be capable of when in full training.  A big well done to Sheila Buckley.  Others who had good runs were Gillian Bransfield, Svetlana Creedon, Niamh Dorgan, Bernadette Twomey, Mary Walsh, Michelle McGrath, Susan Fitzgerald, Karen Ahern, Amanda Cooney, Siobhan Savage, Mags Mulcahy, Paula O'Sullivan, and Shirley O'Gorman (again in no particular order).

We had two prize winners as follows - well done ladies:

O/45 1st Anna Doris Midleton AC 65.46 
O/50 2nd Helen Gilroy Midleton AC 71.35 

More to follow!!  But for now, the photos will tell their own tale.  Thanks to Joan McCarthy for taking them.  Thanks also to our wonderful supporters, Donie and Kathleen O'Connell, Mark Walsh, Joan McCarthy, Margaret Barry and Alan Kelly to name but a few.


Thanks to Kathleen O'Connell for the following photos:


Full details at
Parkrun in Tramore Valley Park on Sat 30th Jan 2016 cancelled...…/parkrun-in-cork-city-on-s…

JOHN TREACY DUNGARVAN 10 MILE - Sunday, January 31st 1:30pm

If the number of entries are anything to go by, the race of most interest to our members this weekend surely has to be the John Treacy Dungarvan 10 mile race.  Midleton AC have 79 members registered to run, the third largest from any club in the country, and the largest from any club in Cork.  So, wishing all 79 of you a good run, and if you are injured and unable to run, or didn't register to run this time, you might consider coming along to support your fellow clubmates.  All of those running should have received your race number by now, so it's just a case of turning up at the start line.

Best of luck to all our athletes! 

For further information see
Doneraile Park, 11:00am, Saturday January 30th 2015

This may be of interest to anyone who would prefer a shorter distance:
2016 Doneraile Park 5km Race Series
5 x 5km races over 5 months
Race Dates:
1. Saturday 30th Jan - 11am - North Cork AC
2. Saturday 27th Feb - Baltydaniel NS Fundraiser
3. Saturday 2nd April - 11am - North Cork AC
4. Saturday 7th May - 11am - North Cork AC
5. Friday 3rd June - Dan Byrne Memorial 5km - Mallow AC

Due to the increased level of interest we will have to use Chip Timing - therefore the following are the adjusted entry fees;
Entry Fee:
€10 - Adult
€7 - Child
€15 - Family of 2
€20 - Family of 3

See for further information