Monday, 31 December 2012

Midleton AC

We wish all our members a very Happy New Year
and may everyone have many happy injury free miles
in 2013.

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Dear Members ( and others who read this blog)

At present John Desmonds Running In Cork Blog is holding a poll to see which were the best
 5 Mile and 10 Km races in Cork this year.

We are NOT asking you to vote for the Midleton 5 Mile just vote for which you know/feel to be the best.
You can vote/nominate anonymously here


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Belgooly 4 Mile

There was a massive crowd as usual at this annual event and Midleton AC had a fine turn out.Our ladies as is now becoming the norm were well up amongst the prizewinners. We were very lucky that despite the terrible weather all morning it cleared up completely for the race.

Michelle Kenny having another great run came 6th Lady Home. Joan Hough and Kathleen O'Connell were back on winning form coming 1st O/50 and 1st O/55 respectively.Joan Mc Carthy 2nd O/55.
It was great to see Denis Kelleher back to his winning ways taking 2nd O/45 in a very compeditive field.
Some of the others from the club who took part were Adam Duchnicz, Kieran Mulcahy,John O'Halloran, Donie O'Connell, Danny Mc Carthy and Mary Toher.
One dissapointing factor was that the course despite being 4 miles had once again incorrect mile markers this is becoming a reqular feature of this race.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Well done to our many members whos did the Goal Mile today.It was great to see so many there even some of our juveniles but especially ro see such support for such a worthy cause.A big thank you to John Walsh who did so much of the organisation.
Ned Ramsell in action as always at the Goal Mile today.

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Captain's Run

The Captain's Run to place in Glenbower Wood, Killeagh this morning.It was well attended and a tidy sum was raised for Midleton Meals On Wheels.Full credit must go to Captain Edmond O'Sullivan assisted by his kids who provided tea,coffee,cakes etc on what was a most beautiful morning in the woods. The winners as selected by Edmonds daughters were young Jake Moore (guest from Youghal AC ) and the great Kathleen O'Connell. Well done to both.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Words Of Advice

Tomorrows Captain's Run is in Glenbower Wood and will be mucky in places so
Do Not Wear Your Good Runners as they are likely to get wet and mucky.


Todays Newmarket 5Km was one of the fastest races around (making yesterdays Shanagarry 5km look like a Saturday morning jog) with young David Mc Carthy winning in a time of 14.15 (new course record) and the first three men all under 15 mins. Just shows good prizes brings out the big guns with 300 Euro going to the winner.Overall the prizes in this race were excellent and luckily our ladies again featured here.

Our first lady home was Anna Doris in an official time of 19.03 (even though her own watch showed her just under the 19 min mark.This was a new PB for Anna and just goes to show how the cross country running over the Winter can bring you on (plus hard work of course). Anna took 1st O/40 prize. Our other prize winner was Joan Mc Carthy who took 3rd O/55. Both ladies received fine cash prizes.Well done ladies.
Others from the club who took part were Denis Kelleher,Danny Mc Carthy and Mary Toher.
It was on out and back course and was very well stewarded with a fine spread after and lots of spot prizes.
Full results at

Dont forget the Captain,s Run in Glenbower Wood @ 12 noon tomorrow

Saturday, 22 December 2012

26th Annual


Saturday 22 December 2012. 12:00pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile

1 0:15:32 MCCARTHY, James East Cork AC M 04:59.9 369 1

2 0:15:55 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 05:07.3 396 2

3 0:16:45 MEADE, John St. Finbarrs AC M 05:23.4 420 3

4 0:17:05 MALONE, John Youghal AC M40 05:29.8 360 4

5 0:17:19 CURTIN, Fearghal Youghal AC MJ 05:34.3 344 5

6 0:17:34 DALTON, Marc Midleton AC M 05:39.1 393 6

7 0:17:44 TIERNEY, Conor East Cork AC M 05:42.4 392 7

8 0:17:52 MEADE, Eric East Cork AC M45 05:44.9 298 8

9 0:17:57 HENNESSY, John Midleton AC M40 05:46.5 376 9

10 0:18:05 O'KEEFFE, Marty Youghal AC M40 05:49.1 457 10

11 0:18:19 CURTIN, Noel Youghal AC M45 05:53.6 342 11

12 0:18:57 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M50 06:05.8 296 12

13 0:19:01 SHEEHAN, Padraig unatt/Cork M 06:07.1 370 13

14 0:19:02 HAYES, Kevin St. Catherines AC M 06:07.5 470 14

15 0:19:07 MCEVOY, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M55 06:09.1 305 15

16 0:19:28 HARNEY, Ken Youghal AC M40 06:15.8 427 16

17 0:19:45 O'SULLIVAN, Edmond Midleton AC M50 06:21.3 439 17

18 0:20:02 CLEARY, Paul East Cork AC M 06:26.8 407 18

19 0:20:07 MURPHY, Sean unatt/Ballintotis M40 06:28.4 444 19

20 0:20:13 KENNY, Michelle Midleton AC F 06:30.3 313 20

21 0:20:27 MEADE, Tom unatt/Whites Cross M 06:34.8 425 21

22 0:20:28 MCCARTHY, Jake Youghal AC MJ 06:35.1 346 22

23 0:20:29 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M45 06:35.4 394 23

24 0:20:37 DRENNAN, Sally Midleton AC F45 06:38.0 312 24

25 0:20:41 O'CALLAGHAN, John Rising Sun AC M40 06:39.3 397 25

26 0:20:42 BUCKLEY, Sheila Midleton AC F 06:39.6 317 26

27 0:20:54 GANNON, Shane Midleton AC M40 06:43.5 385 27

28 0:21:00 EIGHAN, Irene St. Finbarrs AC F 06:45.4 355 28

29 0:21:08 FITZGERALD, Simon Midleton AC M 06:48.0 387 29

30 0:21:12 KINGSTON, Finbarr Youghal AC M 06:49.3 488 30

31 0:21:14 GUINANE, Elaine Eagle AC F35 06:49.9 338 31

32 0:21:20 MEADE, Michael unatt/Whites Cross M 06:51.9 421 32

33 0:21:32 O'DWYER, Barry unatt/Ladysbridge M40 06:55.7 403 33

34 0:21:37 CONDRON, Bernie Midleton AC F40 06:57.3 411 34

35 0:21:44 KENNEALLY, Jonathan unatt/Cloyne M 06:59.6 436 35

36 0:21:48 O'HALLORAN, John Midleton AC M60 07:00.9 357 36

37 0:21:51 CASHMAN, Eoin unatt/Ballintotis MJ 07:01.8 395 37

38 0:22:01 MURPHY, Dylan unatt/Ballintotis MJ 07:05.1 445 38

39 0:22:01 O'SULLIVAN, Patrick unatt/Cloyne M60 07:05.1 401 39

40 0:22:14 JONES, Margaret Midleton AC F40 07:09.2 438 40

41 0:22:14 REILLY, Kara Midleton AC F 07:09.2 322 41

42 0:22:32 MCEVOY, Rebecca St. Finbarrs AC F 07:15.0 307 42

43 0:22:37 O'NEILL, Tom unatt/Midleton M55 07:16.6 499 43

44 0:22:38 CLEARY, Eibhlin East Cork AC F 07:17.0 415 44

45 0:23:08 O'SULLIVAN, Billy Midleton AC M 07:26.6 464 45

46 0:23:12 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M60 07:27.9 304 46

47 0:23:22 O'CONNOR, Vincent unatt/Kilfinane M 07:31.1 320 47

48 0:23:30 CONSTANT, Kerry unatt/Cork M55 07:33.7 295 48

49 0:23:36 NYHAN, Finola unatt/Ballycotton F35 07:35.6 455 49

50 0:23:51 HEALY, Brian Midleton AC M50 07:40.5 454 50

51 0:23:58 MCMANUS, Ronan Midleton AC M40 07:42.7 380 51

52 0:24:05 O'DONOGHUE, Donal unatt/Little Island M45 07:45.0 449 52

53 0:24:26 FITZGERALD, Mark unatt/Cloyne M 07:51.7 446 53

54 0:24:40 KEARNEY, Bartholomew Leevale AC M55 07:56.2 319 54

55 0:24:45 BARRY, Aidan St. Catherines AC M 07:57.8 489 55

56 0:24:48 O'SULLIVAN, Paul unatt/Midleton M 07:58.8 496 56

57 0:24:53 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M60 08:00.4 487 57

58 0:25:03 WHOOLEY, Michelle unatt/Whites Cross F 08:03.6 361 58

59 0:25:22 O'HALLORAN, Eimear Leevale AC F 08:09.7 453 59

60 0:25:34 FITZGERALD, Susan Midleton AC F40 08:13.6 328 60

61 0:25:50 O'HALLORAN, Orna unatt/Glounthaune F 08:18.7 359 61

62 0:26:45 O'LEARY, Yvonne Carraig na bhFear AC F 08:36.4 366 62

63 0:27:56 DOCHERTY, Catherine Carraig na bhFear AC F 08:59.3 364 63

64 0:28:07 O'RIORDAN, Deabhla unatt/France F 09:02.8 330 64

65 0:28:16 AHERN, Liz unatt/Carrigtwohill F 09:05.7 310 65

66 0:28:48 O'NEILL, Vincent Midleton AC M45 09:16.0 501 66

67 0:29:02 CASEY, Louise unatt/Castlemartyr F 09:20.5 481 67

68 0:29:03 MURPHY, Vicky unatt/Castlemartyr F 09:20.9 480 68

69 0:29:31 HARTE, Jim Midleton AC M 09:29.9 447 69

70 0:29:54 FOUHY, Joseph Midleton AC M 09:37.3 504 70

71 0:30:03 GILLMAN, Marie Midleton AC F 09:40.2 478 71

72 0:30:05 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F55 09:40.8 463 72

73 0:30:06 BRODERICK, Diane unatt/Ballintotis F 09:41.1 469 73

74 0:30:09 JENKINS, Toni unatt/Australia F 09:42.1 374 74

75 0:30:13 CASHMAN, Noreen unatt/Ballintotis F 09:43.4 435 75

76 0:30:17 BARRY, Sarah St. Catherines AC F 09:44.7 490 76

77 0:30:19 CRONIN, Brendan Midleton AC M 09:45.3 382 77

78 0:30:23 MCNAMARA, Michael Midleton AC M 09:46.6 347 78

79 0:30:32 O'HAODAIN, Fionan Midleton AC M 09:49.5 430 79

80 0:31:08 COMERFORD, Karen Midleton AC F 10:01.1 434 80

81 0:31:09 NESTOR, Fiona Midleton AC F 10:01.4 371 81

82 0:31:10 MCMAHON, Mary Midleton AC F 10:01.7 375 82

83 0:31:53 O'SULLIVAN, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F 10:15.6 477 83

84 0:31:54 CONNOLLY, Vincent Midleton AC M55 10:15.9 437 84

85 0:31:56 LYNCH, Willie Midleton AC F 10:16.5 384 85

86 0:32:08 BULMAN, Sheila Midleton AC F45 10:20.4 448 86

87 0:32:15 DEMPSEY, Niamh Midleton AC F 10:22.6 461 87

88 0:32:17 MURPHY, Eoin Midleton AC M40 10:23.3 458 88

WHEELCHAIR: FORDE, Jerry Blarney-Inniscarra AC M60 26:56

Well done to all who ran today especially our ladies who managed to take 1st,2nd & 3rd but the real congrats must go to the ladies and men who did their first race today and did themselves and their club proud .Well done Beginners Group you are now officially the Development Group and looking forward to your next race.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dear Members,
Just to say a very Happy Christmas to all of you and here’s to a happy, healthy, successful and P.B. laden 2013!
Sincere thank you for representing the club at whatever events you attended during the year. Keep the Midleton AC flag flying out there at all costs!
A big, big thank you to our committee members and to those of you who have helped out at various times throughout the year.
Don’t forget to renew your club membership with Danny asap/ in January…the best €35 you’ll ever spend in the teeth of a recession!!
Just a few details for our 2012 charity captain's run;
Date: December 24th

Time: 12pm

Venue: Killeagh/Glenbower Wood. Turn left immediately by the side of the Thatch pub on the left as you leave Killeagh village.

Race base: car-park by playground near Thatch pub car park.


Race: A fun 4 miles single loop “race” through beautiful wood tracks and soft roadway….uneven in places.

This is a HANDICAP RACE. At entry, give your HONEST mins/mile pace. The slowest runners start off and faster runners are released thereafter according to their pace. In theory, all runners approach the finish at the same time. Tea and cake etc will be provided for all.

NOTE: if you want to bring the kids, Edmond’s daughters will look after them in the playground while you do the run.

SO - Come along, have some fun with your club-mates and help a fantastic local charity in the process!!

Edmond and Sally

PS Advice that the Captains forgot.Be sure and wear an old pair of runners as the run will be mucky and wet in places and hopefully you will need you best runners over Xmas Danny

Reply Forward


SATURDAY DECEMBER 22nd 2012 – 12.00pm

Prizes for 1st 3 men – 1st 3 women


Accurate & Flat Course - Results Available On Day

Course records: John Kearney 15:00 Caroline Mullen 17:41

Entry fee: €3.00 (Proceeds to GOAL MILE fund)

Start & finish on village main street – entries in local hall

Many of our members will be doing this race and several will be doing it as their first race.It is a great achivement to have come on so much as to be doing their first race in such a short time since joining in October and we wish them all well.What a great place to start in Shanagarry
and hopefully it will be the first of many races.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Registration for the 2012 season will commence tonight at training.
The fee is 35Euro the same as last year.
( Please if possible bring the exact amount)

You must complete a membership form so PLEASE do not just drop off money as you will not be registered until the form is signed.

The club reserves the right to refuse membership.

New members please note also that you must be able to run at least 2-3 miles without stopping before joining.
Our development group who started last Sept are now up to 3 miles + and we cannot cater for beginners who cannot do that distance.

Existing members please do not advise people to come along unless they meet this requirement.

Thanks Danny

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Picture shows Gerry Forde and friend (The Galway Girl) at the
Clonakilty Marathon.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Midleton News 16-12-2012

Hi all,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Enjoy all the festivities and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Club training finishes for this year on Wednesday the 19th and resumes on Monday the 7th Jan 2013.

Clonakilty Marathon / Half / 6 Mile

After an eventful day out in Clonakilty last Saturday we finally have the official results. They had a few problems with the original results with a few people getting mixed up in the wrong race. From the comments on the Cork Running Blog, they had a few blips along the way on this race from start to finish. Hopefully they can sort it out for next year.

In the 10k / 6miles, Rod Scanlon was our 1st man home to record a PB along the way in 40:43. Niamh Collins was our 1st lady over the line followed by Deirdre Troy and Joanne O Shaughnessy.

In the Half Marathon, Brian Cott was our 1st man home in an impressive 1:35 on what can only be described as a very tough course. Sandra Manning was our first lady to cross the line in 1:44. Brian Healy was next man home followed by Yvonne Sheahan. Miriam Reidy was our next lady home.


Kara Reilly ran her debut marathon on probably one of the toughest courses out there, Well Done Kara, in a very impressive time of 4:11.

Festive Fixtures

Saturday 22nd Dec Shannagarry 5K at 12pm

Sunday 23rd Dec Duhallow 5k at 1pm

Monday 24th Dec Club Captains Run Killeagh Woods at 12pm This is a fun run and all proceeds go to a local Charity, it’s a handicap run, Slower runners go off before the fast ones. Good craic all round.

Tuesday 25th Christmas Day Goal Mile CIT from 1030--12.30

Wednesday 26th Belgooly 4mile race 12pm

Tuesday 1st January Bandon 5 Mile race 1pm

Sunday, 16 December 2012


A big well done to all our members who took part in todays
 Annual BHAA Turkey Trot .
The club was very well represented as always.There was 4,500 Euro raised in aid of Cork Simon a very worthy cause and remember the monies raised from next Sat 5Km in Shanagarry is also going to a very worthy cause as is next Tue nights 3km race in Conna.(all of you can run 3Km and 5km so no excuses please).
Picture shows the great Kathleen O'Connell performing at todays Turkey Trot for which she received a massive hamper.(She also ran the race)

Friday, 14 December 2012


Dont forget to get your Ballycotton 10 entry form off TODAY as the
closing date is next Tuesday 18th Dec.
It must arrive by Tuesday morning post. No hand deliveries or late entries accepted.
Post can be delayed this time of year so PLEASE dont take any risks as there is nothing we can do if your entry is not there on time.

As the ad.says "Dont Delay Post Today"


Thursday, 13 December 2012

‎4mile Turkey Trot near Pairc Ui Chaoimh in Cork City next Sunday morning.
No watches, just guess your time.
 €10 and for a good cause. Loads of spot prizes.
This really is a great race where everyone from the fastest to the slowest has a chance of winning.
Just put down your estimated time to the second and the runner nearest to their time wins.



Wednesday, 12 December 2012

St Catherines AC

We are holding a 3k in Conna community field on tuesday 18 december at 7pm. This is a track/cross country event in aid of St. Vincent de Paul.
As all proceeds (5euro entry) are going to the charity there is obviously nothing else on offer except a hot cuppa after and a friendly atmosphere.. I would appreciate if you could spread the word and look forward to seeing you there.

Frank Hayes

This looks like an interesting race and well worth supporting.Races are always very well organised by St Catherines AC

Below are some book reviews by Peter Gunning recently published in FIT Magazine (free with the Irish Independent on Thursdays)

Run Fat B!tch Run by Ruth Field

This non-pc, in-your-face, self-help guide encourages women everywhere to bin the diet, lace up the trainers and simply run. Now. Ruth Field concedes that running is far from simple and success is contingent on listening to the words of wisdom of one’s inner bitch, her own aptly named, The Grit Doctor. Field writes with no little skill, imagination and originality. She is quirky, wise and above all laugh-out-loud funny. To the reader who doesn’t like salad she offers: “spoilt as well as fat are we?” Her golden words of advice on diet: EAT LESS CRAP. Pity about the “pink is for girls” packaging of a product which carries equal relevance for the male wannabee/shouldabee runner. Buy it for the woman you love and watch as at least one of the arse dents on the couch disappears. Sphere Books €12.85

Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn

Guardian columnist and talented club-runner Adhararand Finn decided to spend a year with his wife and young family in Iten in the Rift Valley where he would literally run with the Kenyans and end up running a marathon across safari plains. In this beautifully crafted book it is clear that the author is in awe of his subject as he sets out on a mission to learn the secrets of Kenyan distance running success. While no hidden secrets are discovered a culture of running as a societal life choice is revealed as anecdotes abound and insights gleam. Once, when wishing to speak to Wilson Kipsang, whose 2:04 puts him in the top ten marathoners of all time, a voice on the other end of the phone clarifies the mix-up, “No this is William Kipsang, my marathon personal best is 2:05!” Awesome. Faber&Faber €21.45

Born to Run by Chris McDougall

Similarly awe-inspiring and continuing on the theme of going native is Chris McDougall’s, Born to Run. McDougall spent a year with the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico for whom distance running (as in all day-long, non-stop barefoot running) and partying (as in all-night, non-stop drinking) are integral to their tribal culture. This is also the book that has raised controversial questions regarding the marketing of footwear for athletes and has led to a worldwide barefoot running renaissance. McDougall writes with great authority with Born to Run introducing some truly memorable characters whom he joins in an ultra-marathon challenge over fifty mountainous miles through the Copper Canyons. Unsurprisingly this book continues to top the Amazon athletics books’ bestsellers. It will truly convince even the most softened couch potato that yes, baby we were born to run. Profile Books €12.85

Cliffs of Insanity by Keith Duggan

For most of us surfing remains the stereotypical stuff of tanned twenty-somethings, Hawaian shores and the Beach Boys. Yet in West Clare there exists a sporting counter-culture where an eclectic mix of dare-devilling wet-suiters regularly ride twenty feet Atlantic winter waves without the stimulus of fourteen pints of stout. Keith Duggan spent a winter rubbing shoulders with Mickey Smith, Fergal Smith, the Skajarowski brothers and a host of other supreme water athletes. Inspired by both beauty and fear, they regularly ride through barrels, get hit by hit by the lip and go over the falls. While each of Mickey Smith’s spectacular photographs may paint a thousand words, Duggan’s own tapestry of eloquent imagery is equally breath-taking. He explores a sport fighting an ambiguous war between rising corporatism and the preservation of its unique anonymity. Although the ferocity and cruelty of the ocean is often chillingly acknowledged, this is more a celebration of swimming with the dolphins than with the fishes. Anyone who has even paddled in the cold waters off our coast will enjoy this magnificent exposé of a fascinating underworld on our own western doorstep. Transworld Books: €15.99

The Perfection Point by John Brenkus

John Brenkus, producer and host of Sports Science on ESPN combines science and speculation to measure the point of no return in sporting absolutes. Brenkus explores both the limits and limitlessness of human endeavour in a variety of sporting arenae and concludes in each that ultimate target, the perfection point. He sets out to prove for example how a future marathon will be won in under two hours, how a descendant of Bolt will dip 9 seconds for the 100m and how a future Phelps/Thorpe genetic hybrid may swim 50m in 18seconds. His use of scientific methods is both pragmatic and convincing as is his readalone chapter on performance enhancing substances. However he never loses sight of the fact that sport is played out not in a laboratory but on the track, in the pool, in stadia or on the golf course. In fact it is his obvious passion for the potential of the individual to defy the very science on which he bases his predictions that makes this book so engaging, fascinating and unputdownable. Pan Books €12.85

An Accidental Athlete by John “The Penguin”Bingham

Velopress from €8.97 (e-book) €10.95 (paperback)

With both his waist and his outside leg measuring 40 inches, at 43 years of age former Runner’s World columnist, John Bingham discovered to his horror that he was turning into a cube. He thus embarked on a life-style change which over the past twenty years has earned him the unlikely reputation as the godfather of the slow-running movement. Known affectionately as The Penguin due to his unique waddling style, Bingham gives the view from the back of the field where the competition not to finish last often rivals the dual for gold at the front. In this charming, philosophical and at times hilarious autobiographical account of his running career, Bingham’ self-deprecation is in perfect sync with his philosophical ability to analyse why he and so many run. Inspiring writing from the man who advises even the most cubic to surrender sedentary confinement and to “waddle on”.

Can’t Swim, Ride, Run by Andy Holgate

Pitch Publishing €18.99

There appears to be an ever-increasing genre in the sports-book market of the zero to hero, everyman to superman variety. In Can’t Swim, Ride, Run Andy Holgate has a distinct advantage over his peers in that his “common man to ironman” chronicle is extremely well-written. Holgate moves from his own baseline as a non-running, non-bicycle-owning, doggy-paddler to an eventual sub 13hour Ironman triathlete. En route to Ironman Germany we meet Viking, Min and other Pirates as well as Tri-widow Emma. The lows of dehydration collapse, nipple burn and chafing are counter-balanced by the sheer elation enjoyed at the finish line. Deservedly shortlisted earlier this year for the British Sports Book 12 Awards, this will surely inspire runners, swimmers and cyclists to marry the other disciplines and to take on the ultimate full-triathlon challenge.

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Harvill Secker €12.90 paperback (also available as ebook)

Readable in one sitting, this too short work is nonetheless more than worth the cover price. Haruki Murakami, Japan’s best known contemporary novelist is also an accomplished runner who has averaged one marathon every year for the last thirty years. His first run at the 26.2 mile distance happened in 1983 when he ran, on his own, from Athens to Marathon, the opposite direction of Phidippides, the original battle messenger. Although his post-run cold beer tasted fantastic, it wasn’t as great as the beer he had imagined at the 23mile mark, “nothing in the real world is as beautiful as the illusions of a person about to lose consciousness”. And consciousness is indeed the underlying theme of this beautiful book as Murakami journeys through streams of thought as he analyses his interdependence on both running and writing. He sums up his relationship between the two perfectly on the last page with a possible future epitaph,” Haruki Murakami, Writer (and Runner) At Least He Never Walked

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Below poem was written and read by Peter Gunning at our Annual Xmas Dinner and received a well deserved standing ovation.

In Search of a the Meaning of Running in the Overall Context of the Never-ending Debate of What is the Meaning of life.


Bullshit Running Poem

By peter gunning

Midleton AC,

I see …do you see?.... That AC

Is athletic club? ….. You see there’s the rub

Those words club ….and… athletic

Together … quite eclectic

A combination hectic ….and hard to describe …..Says this scribe

Who will try to explain what it is …..We pertain……To achieve and to do

So that non-runners too ……Will get an idea …Indeed a sense of what

It is we’ve got ……and what it is we do….When we say to you: “I’m off … club training!”

“But darling tis raining……there’s sleet and there’s snow……hailstones and gusts blow

For God sake …what will it take …… A Tornado? ….A richter-scale 9 earthquake?

No love, for nothing we forsake…..Our desire to run. …. Deadly elements they won’t stop

We’ll run till we flop ……Of stern stuff we are made………We are an all- weather-proof brigade

No rain on our parade……Because…. you see ……That we …..Are Midleton ……AC


Midleton Athletic Club…….A motley crew of…..Runners and Joggers……Plodders and Sloggers

Sprinting and prancing……Panting….. I won’t start romancing……..This effort it’s taking

As the guts ….they are breaking……And lungs no mistaking ……Are busting and yet

--Despite oxygen debt

----And infinite stitch

---(That pain’s such a bitch)

We plod and we waddle …….We sprint and we chase …Run run fat boy/Fat bitch run run run

Oh..Isn’t…, this… such… great… fun?.......You gotta be joking……..I think I am choking….For air… I despair

Doesn’t anybody body care?.....Ah just hang on in there……The end it is nearing White line so endearing

There ……we made it at last…Exhaustion now cast …To recent times past

Same time tomorrow night?....Yeah … ok … alright


Then we just might…Use the Monday night …hour…To develop track power

Work on the speed……Where we discover the need…….To work with a trainer

Who’ll cleverly …and guilt-freely….. throw in a disclaimer……..A legal no-brainer

I’ve no badge nor official degree……In sports science….athletics or even PE

But just run there and follow …….My directions?... you’ll swallow…

Put up with the pain……..Cos that’s how we train…..This motley crew we

In Midleton AC

Among the coaching staff there’s Ed …Who someone once said

Is officially decreed a greyhound on speed

“I’ll take the middle group for pyramid running!”

Says Greyhound Ed …disguising his cunning

“middle” my ass, those runners are class With their five-forty miling ….And they all finish smiling

…Meanwhile on the track the elite share the crack

With Dalton they’re sprinting with little or no hinting …Of a need to slow down or relax just a tad

They’re fast and they’re furious… a mean lean machine ….And (in good way) they’re bad

While Our Noel is in the in-field directing each troop ….To” GO! GO!GO!GO!… don’t let that head droop!”

They sprint and they hustle ….Exerting sinew and muscle… with him they won’t tussle

Or argue their corner.. . if you do I must warn warn ya.. (here’s a word to the wise out there in the in-field)

Our Noel was a boxer… . and …like yours truly… A proud Norrie… but he’s from Mayfield

The slow group are there too with Donie, Vince, and with Dan

Spluttering… waddling,…twaddling …but here’s the thing… while puffing ,,,,they’re bluffing

All concealing … Donie’s great plan ….That this slow thing’s a myth

a show to embrace….Cos as laps multiply …. they show style …. they show grace… amazingly they race

Hormones and endoprhines…..fully flowing in both women and men

Their thoughts turn to marathons… Cork to Cobh…ten ks

And of course …. The Ballycotton Ten


I could go on and tell you of places more exotic …Like Rotterdam, Berlin … Or volcano-running and bare-chest night clubbing in sleaze-filled Lanzerotic

You wanna hear more?...... Sorry omerta time…what goes on stays on tour

(even that story about Mr PB O’Meara and that octogenarian whore)

But this will be the last stanza……I hope you’ll understand …a

Bit more clearly of just how dearly ….We love to run because… yes my friends…. it IS fun


It’s not all about endorphin rushing

Adrenaline flushing on Dan McCarthy’s gun

We are an eclectic mix of beauty, hunk, freak and beast

Go on…look around and feast … Your eyes … go on… categorise

Yes ….we present as an assorted mix…blokes and chicks…

A visual treat……. Is each Midleton AC athlete

But we’re a united bunch

Here’s a fact ….Not a hunch…..

In our wonderful club we share

Friendship… camaraderie…thoughtfulness… we care

Write it in stone … embed it in hearts

We are…. Midleton AC ……

We are the sum of many parts.

Ballycotton 10 Forms Now Available Online



We also have forms at training Monday and Wed. Night

Please do not enter unless you intend running the race as numbers are NON TRANSFERABLE


Midleton News 9-12-2012

Christmas Party

The energetic principal from Saleen Peter Gunning got proceedings off to a flyer at this year’s Christmas party by entertaining the crowd with his humour. After the meal he entertained us all with a performance that could probably get him a part in any Broadway play some day, as he recited a well written poem about being a member of the famous Midleton AC.

Club Captain Edmond continued the festivities with a unique game to earn a few spot prizes for one of the lucky table’s. It was mighty craic with a few unusual performances to win a few prizes.

Midleton Park Hotel put on a great spread again this year as over 80 people sat down to enjoy the lovely food on offer. It was a well organised night, many thanks to Colette Barry who was the driving force behind making the night a success.

This year’s awards were selected on a nomination process and final decision rested with the committee and both captains.

Male Athlete of the year went to AJ Murphy.

Female Athlete of the year went to Anna Doris.

Most Improved male athlete went to Mark Walsh.

Most Improved female athlete went to Margaret Jones.

Best Male Newcomer went to Mike Dolphin.

Best Female Newcomer went to Michelle Kenny.

Best Beginner went to Marian Cronin

All above athlete’s had very successful season’s both on road and cross country, all their hard work and commitment has been rewarded with these awards.

All the awards were presented by Club Captains Edmond O Sullivan and Sally Drennan along with Club President Jim McMurty.

It has been a very succesful year for the club with plenty of Athlete’s in contention for these awards, unfortuantely we can only have a few winners. It’s when people see other’s do well it drive’s them on to be up there next year.The DJ took over to get all the great dancers out to show how to rock the dance floor for the remainder of the evening.

Already looking forward to next year.

Clonakilty Marathon / Half / 10k

I’ll do up a report on the Clonakilty marathon during the week as the results just in. Too many people to filter through to find all Midleton AC Athlete’s


Sat 15th (11am)...Santa Hat Dash 5k...€5...Doneraile Park...

Sun 16th (11am)...Cork BHAA Simon Christmas 4 mile run...€

Sun 16th (3pm)...Bantry Charity 5k Fun Run

Sat 22nd (12pm) Shanagarry Christmas Run 5k

Sun 23rd (1pm)...Duhallow AC Classic 5k

Mon 24th (12pm) Christmas Eve Captains Run Killegh Woods

Sun 25th Goal Mile

Mon24th Belgooly 4 Mile


Anna Doris Female Athlete Of The Year
A.J. Murphy Male Athlete Of The Year

Michelle Kenny Female Best Newcomer Mike Dolphin Male Best Newcomer   Margaret Jones Most Improved Female Marc Walsh  Most Improved Male   Marian Cronin Best Beginner   Congrats to all and a huge thanks you to Colette Barry who did most of the organising and our two captains Sally and Edmond. Danny

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Good Luck Ladies

Best of luck to our members Orlagh Farmer and Michelle Kenny who are running on the Cork County Novice team next Sunday

Friday, 7 December 2012

Good Luck Lizzie Lee

Midleton AC wishes Lizzie Lee (Leevale AC) the very best of luck in the European Cross Country Championships next Sunday in Budapest.
Dont forget te event is live on RTE2 at 12 noon

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ballycotton 10 Entries

The Ballycotton 10 online entries open tomorrow.
Midleton AC members PLEASE do NOT avail of this facility .

It is for the use of people who are not in clubs.

We have until the 18th of December to get our entries in so we have plenty of time.

If you use the online entry YOU are depriving someone else of a place in the race.
Our entry forms will be available at training on Monday/Wed. next and will be available for download from

Do NOT  ENTER unless you intend running the race.
Entries are NOT transferrable

Hi All,

For all those going to the Christmas party this Saturday in Midleton Park hotel, just a quick reminder that we are seated at 8pm so if you can arrive at 7:45 that would be great.

If anyone still wants to go , Colette Barry might have 1 or 2 places left . You can contact her on

Just a few other notes, Miah McGrath had a pb in last Sunday's Half marathon in Waterford. Well done Miah.

Denis Kelleher and Eugene McCarthy ran in the Kilarney 5K feet first last Saturday, both had great times Well done l
Money Outstanding

Would anyone with money outstanding for club gear please arrange to pay for it asap as we want to clear up accounts before the end of the year.
Payments can be made Momday at training or contact Clair at 0863327827 .

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dungarvan 10 Mile 


Monday, 3 December 2012


Dungarvan 10 nearly full Enter NOW

Midleton News 02-12-12

Lanzarote trip 2012

All 12 of our travelling members are settling back into normal life in the cold conditions after enjoying a few lovely days in the sun. The trip proved to be a great success with all members competing in the 10k in Club La Santa. Unfortunately the weather on race day proved to be a great challenge with 20 mph winds and very warm conditions. Times reflect how tough conditions were on the day. Sean McGrath from East cork was a guest on the trip and finished in 2nd place overall in a time of 33:52.

Fortunately the conditions in the local pubs proved very favourable. Each night the group met up and the craic was mighty, it was a great bunch of lads and everyone got on really well with each other. It was a great way to finish off the season after a long year of training, with the majority of the group recovering after toeing the line Dublin a few weeks back. If anyone has any fresh ideas about where to go on our next club outing please let us know, all options will be considered.

Ballinacurra 5 Mile Race

Last Sunday the inaugural 5 mile road race was held in the local village of Ballinacurra. Weather conditions on the day were described as horrendous, heavy rain and bitter conditions faced the runners on the start line. Michael Dolphin was our first man home in 30:10, just coming up short of the magic sub 30. It’ll happen soon for the Cloyne man. Adam Duchnicz who is enjoying great success this year was next in 30:56. Next up was Owen O Connell followed closely by Brain Cott.

Anna Doris had a fantastic run to come 2nd Lady overall and continue her very impressive season on road and cross country.

Next home was John Cashman who is returning to some form for the end of the season. Good runs were also had by Shane Gannon, Stan Byczek, Killian Looney, Caroline Leahy, Paul Kierans, Tara O Keeffee and Linda Hegarty.

Others who ran on the day were Ann Harrington, Mary Keane and Colm Jordan. From all accounts next year should grow and grow as this race cements its place on the fixture list.

Waterford Half Marathon

 Waterford AC held their annual Half marathon on Saturday 1st December. With over 1300 competitors, 5 of our club members lined out for this race. Our our 1st man over the line was Kenneth O Keeffe in 1:33. Aidan O Herlihy was our next man home followed by Pat Walsh.

Others who had good runs on the day were Andrea McNamara and Mary Keane.

  Xmas Party

The Annual Christmas party is a complete sell out, however there are a few names on the cancellation list. If you are interested in attending please email Colette Barry at

Well Done to Colette on a super job planning the Xmas Party.


Fri 7th (6:30pm) CIT Floodlit Charity X-Country €5 CIT, Bishopstown, Cork City...

Sat 8th (9am) Clonakilty 10k/Half/Full Marathon €25/€50/€60 Sat 15th (11am) Santa Hat Dash 5k €5 Doneraile Park Sun 16th (3pm) Bantry Charity 5k Fun Run Sun 23rd (1pm) Duhallow AC Classic 5k

There will also be a 5Km in Shanagarry on Sat 22nd and the Annual Belgooly 4 Mile will be on Stephens Day

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ballycotton 10 Entry Procedures

To all Midleton AC members and other nosey parkers who read this blog (we know you do) the only section you need to refer to is in red below but please pass on the rest to friends who are NON AAI runners

Midleton AC members PLEASE DO NOT ENTER BEFORE THE 5TH Dec. because if you do you will be depriving someone else of a place in the race.
You have from the 5th to the 18th to enter and are guaranteed entry if you apply withen those dates.

Entry Procedure for the 2013 Ballycotton '10' Road Race...


The following is the entry procedure for next year’s Ballycotton ’10’, to take place on Sunday March 3rd. Numbers are limited as usual but for 2013 there will a combination of postal and online entries as follows:

1) As in previous years, anyone wishing to obtain an entry form can do so by sending an SAE anytime during the month of November to: Ballycotton Running Promotions, Ballycotton, Co. Cork (don’t forget to enclose a large envelope with the correct postage).

2) All such forms applied for will be posted out on Friday November 30th, to arrive by Monday December 3rd/Tuesday December 4th. All returned postal entries (on official forms only – no photocopies) will be accepted up to and including Wednesday December 5th.

3) These will then be processed and put up on the website, hopefully in a day or two. Then, at a specific time which will be announced in advance, online entries will open and remain open until the figure of 2,500 has been reached – this will be a combination of postal and online entries.

4) After the limit has been reached, a PDF copy of the entry form will go up on the website and also in the usual shops and outlets – this is only for AAI club members and those who ran the four races in the Ballycotton Summer Series 2012. All these postal entries will be accepted up until Tuesday December 18th

5) As usual, a limited number of elite entries will be available nearer the date.

So, to sum up –

(a) If you want to enter in the traditional way, send an SAE during this month of November.

(b) If you wish to enter online, check the website on December 6th.

(c) If you’re an AAI club member (or ran Summer Series) you may ignore the above two methods and just post in an entry to arrive by December 18th.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Weekend Roundup

Word in from Lanzorete is that everyone ran well but no great times due to the heat and more especially the wind which was very strong ( well thats what they tell me No mention of partying etc) but just to prove it tour guest Sean McGrath East Cork did 33.53 (slow for Sean) and came second.
Just to make people realise how good we have things here Sean got 30 Euro for coming second overall after paying 25 Euro to enter the race.

Ballinacurra 5 Mile

Things were much different in Ballinacurra where they did themselves proud with a very well organised race, great prizes (but not enough) and a superb spread of food afterwards plus hot showers etc.
Despite a miserable wet and windy morning there was seventy five runners and we were well represented with both senior and what was wonderful to see some juvenile runners also.
There only prize winner from the club was Anna Doris who came second overall with a superb finish over the last 800 mtrs..
Other runners who had great runs were Mike Dolphin 30.10 and Adam Duchnicz 30.56 both just back from the Dublin Marathon and Owen O'Connell 32.57 straight out after working all night.
Others who ran with great runs in the wind and rain were Brian Cott, John Cashman,Shane Gannon,Stanislaw Byczek,Paul Kearns, Rose Herlihy,Tara O'Keeffe,Linda Hegarty,Ann Harrington,Mary Keane, Colm Jordan, Emer Hayes and Reyes Hevia many of these runners would have been placed in their categories if their were prizes.

Well done to all and most especially to Ballinacurra GAA who really excelled themselves in their organisation of the event.
Hopefully it will become an annual event on the road racing calender and get the support it deserves.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Yes! Thats Our Peter

For those fans of FIT Magazine (free with the Independent on Thursdays) that is our club member
Peter Gunning who reviewed the four books in this weeks issue.Well done Peter.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Further Success For Our Ladies

News just in is that our ladies masters team came 3rd last Sunday in Millstreet this follows on from their earlier success posted below the masters team was Anna Doris, Sally Drennan, Helen Gilroy and Trish Murphy.
Also Anna Doris 3rd O/40 and Helen Gilroy 3rd O/45.

This means that all our ladies who ran last Sunday were in the medals.
Really well done ladies.
Midleton News 18/11/2012

Munster Champions

On Monday evening last, our Munster Champions were honoured with their medals and cup. Over 50 members turned up for training to congratulate the winning ladies team. Orlaith Farmer, Michelle Kenny, Anna Doris and Sally Drennan were kitted out head to toe in Midleton AC apparel. Both Orlaith and Michelle had double honours having secured a medal with the cork team also.

Well done again girls on a remarkable achievement.

Lanzarote Trip 2012

As we come in to the last few weeks of the season the, 15 of the clubs seasoned pro’s head off to the bi-annual training camp in Club La Santa Lanzarote. This is our second time going to this location for winter training without the rain. I’m sure all will comply with the no alcohol or partying ritual. It’s a great trip to kick back and relax after along hard year of competitive training and racing. The majority of the group will run in the 10k race on Sunday 25th in Club La Santa. It should be a good trip and all will be revealed in next week’s report. Enjoy it lads.

Run In the Dark

Plenty of Midleton AC athlete’s turned up to support the great cause in the Run in the dark 5k and 10k race last Wednesday. It proved to be a huge success both in Cork and Dublin with over 1100 competing in Cork. Lots of people were worried about tight streets at night, but from all comments it worked out to plan in the end without any mishaps.

Cork BHAA 6 Mile

Mount Oval Bar 6 Mile Road Race BHAA

Darragh Canavan 3rd Place

Kieran Mulcahy 2nd O/40

John O'Halloran 1st O/60

Mary O'Keeffe 1st O/45

Joan Mc Carthy 2nd O/50

Others who had good runs on this very hilly six miler were Marie Murphy and Danny Mc Carthy.

Cross Country Results

Great results again from our ladies on what was one of the worst days for running cold,wet and windy on what was also a tough hilly course.

Leevale 1st Midleton 2nd St Finbarrs 3rd

also Orlagh Farmer came 2nd overall with some realy brilliant running and Sally Drennan 1st o/45

The ladies were Orlagh Farmer,Michelle Kenny,Anna Doris and Sally Drennan also running for the team were Helen Gilroy and Trish Murphy making their cross country debuts and what a baptism they got on the worst day so far for racing this year.Well done to ye all girls ye did us proud again.

Unfortunately our men were out of luck this time but team captain Noel O'Regan says they deserve a medal for even finishing under the appalling conditions. Well done guys.

Christmas Party Saturday 8th December

Reports from the organising committee, there are very little places left for the Christmas party so book ASAP to avoid disappointment. The girls to contact are below:

Colette Barry:

Bernie Twomey:


Ballinacurra 5 miler this Sunday 25th at 11:30 Ballinacurra GAA

Sun 25th Nov (11am)...RNLI Reindeer 10k Fun Run...€22...

Sun 25th Nov (12 noon)...Castlefreke 5k Fun Run/Walk...


Next Sunday at 11.30 the first Ballinacurra 5 Mile Race takes place.
Headquarters is Ballinacurra GAA complex.
The race is over a course that most of us have often run in training and is well worth supporting.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Cross Country Millstreet

Great results again from our ladies on what was one of the worst days for running cold,wet and windy on what was also a tough hilly course.
Leevale 1st Midleton 2nd  St Finbarrs 3rd

also Orlagh Farmer came 2nd overall with some realy brilliant running and Sally Drennan 1st o/45

The ladies were Orlagh Farmer,Michelle Kenny,Anna Doris and Sally Drennan also running for the team were Helen Gilroy and Trish Murphy making their cross country debuts and what a baptism they got on the worst day so far for racing this year.Well done to ye all girls ye did us proud again.

Unfortunately our men were out of luck this time but team captain Noel O'Regan says they deserve a medal for even finishing under the appalling conditions. Well done guys.

Mount Oval Bar 6 Mile Road Race BHAA

Darragh Canavan 3rd Place

Kieran Mulcahy 2nd O/40

John O'Halloran 1st O/60

Mary O'Keeffe 1st O/45

Joan Mc Carthy 2nd O/50

Others who had good runs on this very hilly six miler were Marie Murphyand Danny Mc Carthy.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


A form to fill in your nominations for the Annual Awards which will be held on the Christmas party on Saturday December 8th. HAS BEEN SENT TO MEMBERS BY E MAIL.
Pleasem contact Marc if you have not received one

Please fill in who you think is the worthy winner for each category and send me back your responses asap.

Also this weekends Cross Country Championships is for Intermediate and Masters. We though it was just masters but now it has an Intermediate level also.

Please come out and support your club by running, at the moment the men and women are looking for more to fill up teams.

Contact Noel O Regan on :0861704072 / Sally Drennan on 0872265857
Midleton News Update: 12/11/2012

Munster Intermediate Cross Country:

Today was truly great a day for Midleton AC.

Well done to our girls who won Gold in the Munster Intermediate Cross Country in Waterford. Orlaigh Farmer was 2nd followed by Michelle Kenny in 6th and Anna Doris 7th. Ladies Captain Sally Drennan was the fourth of our ladies home. It seems to be every week now that we are congratulating these girls. It is a great achievement by all, week in week out they produced the goods and now they have a cup to show for it. Well done again Ladies. Hopefully we will have a photo of the Gold wining team during the week with their new cup.

Also Orlaigh and Michelle were on the Cork Team which also won on the day. It’s a great achievement to represent your County and win, Well Done.

Lisgoold 5k

On a lovely morning for a run, Lisgoold GAA held their annual 5k run/Fun run. The first home for Midleton was Marc Dalton in 17:27 followed by John Hennessy in 17:47 who won the 0/45 category. Nigel Carroll running in his local race ran home in 18:14 followed closely by Declan Dorgan and Kieran Mulcahy. Francis Maunsell fresh off his PB in Dublin was next. Well done to Stan Byzeck who was 1st 0/50

Good performances were had by Eugene McCarthy, Killian Looney and Simon Fitzgerald.

It proved to be a great day out for Sheila Buckley as she was 2nd overall. She is having a great year already and plenty more to come from this girl in 2013. Also having a good day was Mary O Keeffe who was 1ST 0/45 and Sylvia Pearson was 2nd 0/50.

Also running were Aidan O Herlihy, Paul Kierans, Yvonne Kennedy, Colette McCarthy, Colm Jordan, Joan McCarthy, Danny McCarthy and Louise Falvey.

Well done Helen Gilroy who was 1st lady in work road race 11k

Master’s Cross Country

After great performances and winning lots of medals in cross country this year, we are looking for people to run in the master cross country on Sunday the 18th in Millstreet. If you are over 35 and interested in running please get in contact with Sally Drennan or Noel O Regan.

Midleton AC Christmas Party 2012

• Date: Saturday December 8th

• Time: 8pm

• Venue: Midleton Park Hotel (Garden Suite)

• Meal: 3 course meal with tea / coffee

• €15 for members / €25 for partners (members are subsidised by club)

• DJ and entertainment on the night

• Club Annual Awards held on night

Limited Places available so be sure to book early!

Contact the girls to place your booking:

Colette Barry:

Bernie Twomey:

Your place is not booked unless full payment is received 90 places available.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Presentation Of The Munster Cup at training last night
more photos by Marc at

of course Orlagh Farmer the youngest member of the team is well used to holding cups having already won the All Ireland Ladies Football Final with Cork earlier this year.

Picture of the girls in the Cork colours.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Our Girls Are The Best In Munster

Well done to Orlagh Farmer, Michelle Kenny ,Anna Doris and Sally Drennan who won the Munster title for OUR Club today.
Orlagh and Michelle also got Gold with Cork

Well done girls your club is very proud of you.

Marc will have full details of all todays events shortly

Presentation of Cup and medals tomorrow night at training.



Thursday, 8 November 2012

East Cork AC + Lisgoold GAA Present

The Fourth Annual

5km Road Race
11th Nov @11am


Top 3 Male

Top 3 Female

1stMale (Junior & Over 40/45/50/55/60)

1stFemale (Junior & Over 35/40/45/50/55)

(Second Place in Cats above will be added if more than 5 Athletes per group attend on the day)

1st Lisgoold GAA Member

1st Wheelchair

Spot Prizes

Fun Runners and Walkers Welcome

Entry Fee €5

Registration at Lisgoold Community Centre from 10.00am

Light refreshments served afterwards in Community Centre

Measured Course

AAI Permit Granted

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Membership is NOW closed for the 2012 season.
We advised several weeks ago that it was closing last Wed 31st Oct.
So PLEASE DO NOT bring people along ( or come along) wanting ro registar for 2012.
 Refusal does unfortunately  cause offence in some cases.

 We will announce when registration for 2013 will commence.
Please note also that we will not be taking beginners (raw) you will be required
to be able to run a few miles at least.

Also from now on people will be given ONE trial session before deciding to join the club.
(This is due to people abusing the two sessions that we previously allowed.)

Danny (Registar)

Please pass on this information to anyone you may think  interested in joining.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cro9ss Country Masters

Hi All,

                    A message from our Cross Country Captains Sally Drennan / Noel O Regan

Cross Country Master's race on the Sun the 18th November. It Takes place in Millstreet at 1pm

The age cat group is 35-50 for Vets and over 50 team upwards.Individuals are from 35 upwards. Anbody interested email Noel or Sally .Men mail Noel    and
Ladies mail Sally:

Please come along and try it out.

The club has had great sucess over the last 2 years with this. Medals are there to be won.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Midleton News: 4-11-2012

Dublin Marathon 2012:

Low temperature and cloudy skies with a little wind set up almost perfect conditions for the 33rd Dublin Marathon. In a field of 12,165 our club was very well represented with seasoned campaigners to first timers. It’s safe to say we had one of the biggest represented clubs from Cork and probably the best supported. Thanks to our club members who braved the cold weather to give up a day of their long weekend to make the big trip up to Dublin and support the athletes. It was very much appreciated. There were supporters on nearly all major junctions along the course, some made to 3-4 destinations. It can be said some of our supporters covered more ground than the runners themselves.

Well done to AJ Murphy who was our 1st man home with a fantastic time of 2:46 to be 101st place overall. It proves all the early morning runs and hard work and Trish Murphy’s cooking are shining through. Our second man over the line was Marc Dalton in 2:50 to record a super time. Breaking the 3hr barrier for his first time was Adam Duchnicz in a tremendous 2:58. After many close attempts to break 3 hrs, John Hennessy finally broke his duck to record 2:59. To have 4 members under 3hrs is fantastic achievement for the club.

On his maiden trip to the capital Mike Dolphin came in a fantastic 3:05 for his first marathon. Francis Maunsell was our next man home to record a PB of 3:09. Although it was a PB of 3:14 Darragh Canavan was hoping to come in a little bit better before suffering cramp along the route. Similar fate happened upon Emmett Ronin as he pulled up with a stitch along the way, yet still recording a PB of 3:16. Toe to toe on the start line with his brother, Kieran Mulchay came in 3:16, followed by Denis Kelleher who posted a PB of 3:09 to wrap up a successful year on the running scene.

Mark Walsh was next home in 3:26, at one stage it looked like Mark wasn’t going to make the start with a calf problem. Thankfully Mark ran with his injury and it stayed at bay for the entire race, well done Mark.

Our ladies had a great outing with 3 of them breaking the 3:30 for the first time. Our First Lady was Margaret Jones who seems to love this distance as she finished her 3rd marathon of the year in 3:27 to record a PB. Margaret seems to be an addict to this distance as she hopes to do back to back marathons in 2 days next year. Another girl enjoying a great season is Sheila Buckley who set a new PB in 3:27. One of our seasoned campaigners Deirdre Aherne was next home in 3:28 to record another PB. Don O Callaghan was next up with a super 3:32.

Helen Gilroy who is having a fantastic year on the road ran 3:35 to rack up another PB. Owen O Connell ran a fantastic 3:39 to finish the season is style. Peter Gunning was next home in 3:42 to add another marathon to his growing no of attempts, following Peter was Barry Aherne in 3:47 just ahead of Brian McCarthy in 3:48. He was followed by Denise Hickey who ran her first marathon in a super time of 3:54, It seems all the daning at the Ceili last week didn’t do this lady any harm. Colette McCarthy attempted the distance for the first time to record 3:54 alongside partner Eugene McCarthy. Eugene admitted he was hanging in there for the last few miles as Colette wanted to power home. They say behind every great man stands a great woman,Ger O'Shaughnessy did a very credible 3.57 and  Trish Murphy wife of AJ showed it’s not just AJ that can produce the goods. Trish ran 3:58 to break the 4hrs for the 1st time and to wrap up a great day for the Murphy household. Sinead Buckley experiencing her first marathon ran a fantastic time to follow groom to be Barry home in 4:07.

Noreen Emerson was next home in 4:08 for a great time over the 26.2 course. It seems to be a day of stories of first timers, next was Michelle Buckley in 4:09 followed closely by training partner Aoife Fouhy in 4:09. It was a great day for both girls. Next home was Mary B Walsh in 4:10 to record a PB by over 11 mins well done Mary on completing another Husband and wife combination. Next up was Bernie Twomey followed by 1st timer Ronan McManus in 4:20.

Danny McCarthy and first timer Alan Kelleher ran the whole way together. Well done Alan, and to Danny for helping Alan make the big step up to the marathon. Mia McGrath was next home in 5hrs .
Lads I could have missed 1 or 2 along the way as I had no exact figure of how many ran. If I missed you I am sorry. Let me know and I can report it.

It was a fantastic day out for all athletes as PB’S seemed to be the magic word spoken after it was all over. Our 1st timers came up trumps with some fantastic times also.

And to all of those that didn’t get a PB or the time they planned there is always next year.

Bandon 10K

A few of our members turned up for 2nd year of the Bandon 10k.

Michelle Kenny won again as her year gets better and better. The inform girl of 2012 notched up yet another win. There is no stopping this girl at the moment. Well done Michelle. The following day she was running around the streets of Dublin cheering on all the marathon runners.

Declan Dorgan was our leading man home to show he is coming back into some form recently.

Yvonne Sheehan was next home to continue her good performances of late.

Cork BHAA HSE 4Mile

News just in Noel O Regan won the O/45 category. Well done Noel.

These are the only results to report as full results should be out in a few days.

Senior Cross Country / Senior East Cork Championships

It proved to be another fantastic day out for our ladies who won the Senior East Cork Championships in Carrignavar. Michelle Kenny led our team home followed by Orlagh Farmer, Anna Dorris and Sally Drennan. Well Done ladies, more medals for the club. This year has been a huge success for the club on the cross country side.


Sun 11th (11am)...Lisgoold 5k road race...€5 (only out the road so lets support our neighbours)

Sun 11th (12:30pm)...Great Railway 25k Fun Run...€45

Sun 18th (11am)...Cork BHAA Movember 6 mile road race...€5/€8.

Sun 25th (11am)...RNLI Reindeer 10k Fun Run...€22

Sun 25th (12 noon)...Castlefreke 5k Fun Run/Walk

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Well done to Noel O'Regan who won 1st o/45 in todays HSE 4mile in the Marina

also a huge well done to Michelle Kenny,Orlagh Farmer,Anna Doris and Sally Drennan who won the East Cork senior championships today.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Midleton AC

20:21 (3 hours ago)

to undisclosed recipients

Hi All ,

A quick reminder about the marathon after party on Friday 2nd November in Mogeely at 8pm.

A 40 seater bus will be leaving Midleton at 8pm and drop back later on. The bus leaves the market car park by supervalue.

All members are welcome to come along and join in the fun.

If people cant make it for 8 and get a lift down , there will be room on the bus coming back.

Drop me a mail if your going on the bus.

See you all tomorrow night. Marc

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hi All,
Congrats to all who ran in Dublin yesterday. We had around 40 members running with almost the same amount out supporting on what was a great weekend for Midleton AC. I still don't know how many actually ran , so if you did it and you would like it mentioned please drop me a quick email.

On a day that 4 members broke the 3hrs for their 1st time was a great achievement for the Club.

Also many Marathon first timers had great times. Lots of season campaigners had pb's also.

I'll do a full report on this during the week.

We have to thank all those who took time out of their long weekend to come up to Dublin and cheer all the gang along. There was cheers for Midleton AC all along the route, some lads were in 4 places throughout the race. Thanks lads, it was much appreciated.

That's what being in a club is all about.

Marathon After Party will be in Neilius Aherne's pub on Friday 2nd November . Pick up at market car park by supervalue at 8pm in a 40 seat bus.

Drop me a quick line if your going. Marc   ADDENDUM   I just have to add to Marc's e mail and say a huge congrats to him on his wonderful run yesterday in getting a PB and breaking the magical 3 hours ( Ryan told me say that Marc he is proud of his Dad) also to everyone else who ran most of who got PDs also but the real congrats must go to our Club supporters many who traveled up on the day to cheer us on They kept cropping up in the strangest of places and often when we most needed that cheer. Honestly we must have been the best supported club there we were centainly the best supported Cork club without a doubt.Thank ye all so much. Hope to see ye all out in Neilus's on Friday night to say thanks in person Danny