Thursday 29 December 2011

Belgooly 4 Mile Dick Copithorn Memorial

We had several athletes at this race with Margaret Barry winning 1st o/60 and Stanislaw Byzeck winning 1st o/50 Over 400 took part in the race.

Captain's Run

The Captain's Run took place in Walshtown Woods on Xmas Eve at 12 Noon over four miles.This was a handicap run where the slowest predicted time was let off first.Great fun was had by all who attended with the entry fee being donated in full to St Vincent De Paul. Great refreshments were provided by the Captain and his catering crew.The winners of the ladies race was Carrie Higgins and the male winner was Barry Aherne who has also been awarded the best beginner at the Xmas Dinner.Abig thanks must go to all the brave athletes who took part and especially to Captain Edmond who put in such efford.

Thursday 22 December 2011

The captains handicap run will take place on Saturday December 24th at 12pm in Walshtown Wood. This is a 4 mile single circuit on track road through forestry. It will not be muddy. The slowest runners go off first and others are released on a phased basis in time order. Each runner must give an honest pace per mile at entry. Entry fee is €5 and ALL of this is going directly to Saint Vincent De Paul charity. There will be tea and cakes etc supplied after the race. Directions: go to East Cork golf club but do not turn right for the clubhouse – go straight on towards the Elfordstown mast. Stay on this road for about 3 miles. (at about 1.5 miles you come to a V where you bear right). You come to a T junction, turn right and then turn immediately left. After 2 miles you will come to the wood and watch for the first wood entrance on the right – Edmonds blue transit bus will be parked here. This is the start and finish point. The road is narrow so cars will have to park in other wood entrances up the road ( 3 in total, furthest 2 are ¼ mile away.)
We need 2 helpers – one for entries and another for finish times.
SO: come on, do your bit for charity before you hit the Christmas pud!

Saturday 17 December 2011


Well done again to our Midleton AC Ladies

2nd Anna Dorris
3Rd Susan Delaney

25th Annual
Saturday 17 December 2011. 12:00pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:15:43 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 05:03.4 80 1
2 0:15:50 MCCARTHY, James East Cork AC M 05:05.7 53 2
3 0:16:42 FAHY, Roy East Cork AC M 05:22.4 42 3
4 0:16:51 HAYES, Frank East Cork AC M40 05:25.3 179 4
5 0:17:11 O'CARROLL, Frank East Cork AC M 05:31.7 62 5
6 0:17:24 TIERNEY, Conor East Cork AC M 05:35.9 245 6
7 0:17:53 TWOMEY, Bill UCC AC M 05:45.2 100 7
8 0:17:57 O'DWYER, David East Cork AC M40 05:46.5 50 8
9 0:18:01 WALSH, Joe unatt/Midleton M 05:47.8 67 9
10 0:18:08 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M45 05:50.1 35 10
11 0:18:12 SMITH, Kevin Midleton AC M 05:51.4 73 11
12 0:18:22 MCEVOY, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M55 05:54.6 36 12
13 0:18:30 BYCZEK, Stanislaw Midleton AC M50 05:57.2 209 13
14 0:18:40 DUNPHY, John Eagle AC M40 06:00.4 27 14
15 0:18:48 CURTIN, Feargal Youghal AC MJ 06:02.9 95 15
16 0:18:51 O'CONNOR, Pat Eagle AC M40 06:03.9 84 16
17 0:19:08 HAYES, Kevin St. Catherines AC M 06:09.4 175 17
18 0:19:11 DALTON, Marc Midleton AC M 06:10.3 110 18
19 0:19:20 O'CONNELL, John Midleton AC M 06:13.2 199 19
20 0:19:27 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M45 06:15.5 210 20
21 0:19:29 WALSH, Niamh Leevale AC F 06:16.1 51 21
22 0:19:31 GEARY, Kevin Eagle AC M 06:16.8 87 22
23 0:19:34 MCGRATH, Mike Eagle AC M50 06:17.7 108 23
24 0:19:43 CLEARY, Paul East Cork AC M 06:20.6 121 24
25 0:19:45 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M55 06:21.3 111 25
26 0:19:56 AHERNE, Neilus Midleton AC M55 06:24.8 97 26
27 0:20:00 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M45 06:26.1 96 27
28 0:20:06 DORIS, Anna Midleton AC F40 06:28.0 60 28
29 0:20:14 SPRINGOREM, Marcel unatt/Cork M40 06:30.6 68 29
30 0:20:26 GRIFFIN, John Grange-Fermoy AC M40 06:34.5 205 30
31 0:20:56 O'LEARY, Ted West Waterford AC M40 06:44.1 167 31
32 0:21:11 HORGAN, Dan Midleton AC M55 06:49.0 119 32
33 0:21:21 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M40 06:52.2 26 33
34 0:21:26 KIRKWOOD, Sheldon Eagle AC M 06:53.8 31 34
35 0:21:35 HARNEY, Ken unatt/Shanagarry M40 06:56.7 211 35
36 0:21:40 KIERANS, Paul Midleton AC M45 06:58.3 150 36
37 0:22:04 DELANEY, Susan Midleton AC F 07:06.0 88 37
38 0:22:49 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M60 07:20.5 173 38
39 0:22:53 NYHAN, Finola unatt/Ballycotton F 07:21.8 192 39
40 0:22:54 HEALY, Brian Midleton AC M45 07:22.1 184 40
41 0:22:55 O'DONOGHUE, Donal unatt/Little Island M45 07:22.4 213 41
42 0:22:57 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 07:23.1 247 42
43 0:23:14 PERRY, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F35 07:28.5 236 43
44 0:23:19 MCEVOY, Rebecca St. Finbarrs AC F 07:30.2 37 44
45 0:23:33 CARROLL, Catherine Midleton AC F 07:34.7 123 45
46 0:24:14 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M60 07:47.9 12 46
47 0:24:19 KEANE, Patsy Midleton AC M45 07:49.5 216 47
48 0:24:21 O'HALLORAN, John Midleton AC M60 07:50.1 102 48
49 0:25:31 TWOHIG, Margaret Midleton AC F40 08:12.6 112 49
50 0:26:23 BARRY, Aidan St. Catherines AC M 08:29.4 161 50
51 0:26:27 BARRY, Sara St. Catherines AC F 08:30.7 164 51
52 0:26:36 JORDAN, Colm Midleton AC M 08:33.5 18 52
53 0:26:37 KEANE, Shay unatt/Cloyne MJ 08:33.9 224 53
54 0:26:45 HALLAHAN, Olive Midleton AC F45 08:36.4 206 54
55 0:28:01 PEARSON, Sylvia Midleton AC F40 09:00.9 71 55
56 0:28:02 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M60 09:01.2 133 56
57 0:28:14 O'SULLIVAN, Graham unatt/Castlemartyr M 09:05.1 203 57
58 0:28:31 GEARY, Caroline Midleton AC F 09:10.6 183 58
59 0:28:46 MCGRATH, Aileen unatt/Cloyne F 09:15.4 1001 59
60 0:28:58 WALSH, Diane Midleton AC F 09:19.2 241 60
61 0:29:28 MULLANE, Philip Midleton AC M 09:28.9 143 61
62 0:30:15 CABALL, Billy unatt/Cork M65 09:44.0 159 62
63 0:30:46 MCGRATH, Aine unatt/Cloyne F 09:54.0 1002 63
64 0:30:48 KEANE, Roisin unatt/Cloyne F 09:54.6 226 64
65 0:30:51 KEANE, Mary Midleton AC F45 09:55.6 218 65
66 0:30:52 MCGRATH, Marie Midleton AC F40 09:55.9 1000 66
67 0:31:34 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F50 10:09.4 126 67
68 0:32:39 O'CONNELL, Kathleen Midleton AC F55 10:30.4 168 68
69 0:33:13 WALSH, Mary-Kate Midleton AC F 10:41.3 242 69
70 0:33:14 HARTE, Jim Midleton AC M45 10:41.6 138 70
71 0:33:15 CONNOLLY, Vincent Midleton AC M55 10:41.9 9 71

Happy Christmas - and good running in 2012!

* RaceMaster98 from Sport Systems +44(0)870 5123 *
Results produced by Ballycotton Running Promotions.

Friday 16 December 2011


S -


Arrangements for club nights over the Christmas/New Year period are as follows.Training as usual up to an including Wednesday December 21st.

No training on Monday December 26, Wednesday 28, Monday January 2 or Wednesday January 4

Training resumes as normal on Monday January 9.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Christmas is very much on the horizon and it’s very much a time for reflection with year’s end in sight. Our Annual Christmas Dinner attracted a large gathering on Saturday and a most enjoyable night was had as we dined and wined until the wee small hours. During the course of the evening our Annual Awards Ceremony took place and here there were a number of recipients as some new categories were introduced for the first time.

Topping the bill were the prestigious ‘ATHLETE OF THE YEAR’ accolades. Following a hugely successful year for many of our members, there were a host of candidates in the running but in the end few could quibble that the ultimate winners were most deserving of their overall awards.

Our congratulations are extended to




The other main award categories and winners were

Best Female Newcomer – Helen Gilroy

Best Male Newcomer – Barry Aherne

Most Improved Female Athlete – Breda Cahill

Most Improved Male Athlete – Fergal O’Meara and Adam Duchnicz (joint winners)

Many more outstanding candidates were mentioned in all categories having been nominated by their fellow club members.

There was also a further addition this year, with a number of presentations being made to other club members who excelled. These included the ladies cross country team of Anna Doris, Maggie Chojan, Susan Delaney and Orlaith Farmer who brought glory to the club with their medal winning success. John Hennessy was honoured on the back of a wonderful season which included a rare and treasured accomplishment of winning a National track medal. Also scaling the heights was Neilus Aherne who was also on podium following his medal winning performance in the National Half Marathon.

Our dedicated team captain Edmond O’Sullivan sends his sincere apologies for the over sight in not highlighting the outstanding feats of our quartet of John Hennessy, Noel O’Regan, Fergal O’Meara and Donal Broderick who came fourth in the Munster Road Championships held last March. Noel and John also won medals with Cork and again we sincerely congratulate the guys on their great success.

As they say ‘the bar has been raised’ again by the wonderful performances of our club colleagues in road, cross country and track events. Congrats to one and all.

By the way there is range of presentation photos from Saturday’s function to be seen on the Midleton AC blog whilst this week’s Midleton & District News will also carry photo coverage from the event (more pics will follow in the issue of January 11th)


Arrangements for club nights over the Christmas/New Year period are as follows.Training as usual up to an including Wednesday December 21st.

No training on Monday 26th, Wednesday 28th or Monday 2nd.

Training resumes as normal on Wednesday January 4th.


Sincere thanks to those who helped with the collection of money over the last few months. Now we need help for the months ahead. Let’s firstly look at January. Can you help for approx 15 minutes for the 4 sessions during this month? We are looking for people who can commit to either Monday 5.55pm to 6.15pm. Wednesday 5.55pm to 6.10pm. Wednesday 6.55pm to 7.10pm. Please fill in the chart at Wednesday training or contact any committee member.


Now to something new on Christmas Eve – from Edmond O’Sullivan

The captains handicap run will take place on Saturday December 24th at 12pm in Walshtown Wood. This is a 4 mile single circuit on track road through forestry. It will not be muddy. The slowest runners go off first and others are released on a phased basis in time order. Each runner must give an honest pace per mile at entry. Entry fee is €5 and ALL of this is going directly to Saint Vincent De Paul charity. There will be tea and cakes etc supplied after the race. Directions: go to East Cork golf club but do not turn right for the clubhouse – go straight on towards the Elfordstown mast. Stay on this road for about 3 miles. (at about 1.5 miles you come to a V where you bear right). You come to a T junction, turn right and then turn immediately left. After 2 miles you will come to the wood and watch for the first wood entrance on the right – Edmonds blue transit bus will be parked here. This is the start and finish point. The road is narrow so cars will have to park in other wood entrances up the road ( 3 in total, furthest 2 are ¼ mile away.)

We need 2 helpers – one for entries and another for finish times.

SO: come on, do your bit for charity before you hit the Christmas pud!



There are plenty of races to enjoy as always over the next few weeks. Here is a guide to what’s on and when over the holiday period.

Saturday Next December 17th – Shanagarry 5K Race – 12 noon

Sunday Next December 18th – Newmarket 5K – 1pm

Saturday December 24th – Midleton AC Members Captain’s Run – 12 noon – (see above)

Sunday December 25th – Goal Mile – at CIT and Ballynoe

Monday December 26th – Belgooly 4 Mile – 12 noon

Monday December 26th – Dungarvan 5 Mile – 11am

Sunday January 1st – Beaufort, Co Kerry 10K 2pm

Looking further ahead the first BHAA fixture is the FMC ‘4’ Mile in Little Island on Sunday January 21st – 11am. The Munster ‘10’ Mile Series starts in Dungarvan on the following Sunday (see below) whilst the first evening race of the season will again be the Ballintotis ‘4’ on Thursday April 19th.

Full fixture list to follow in New Year.


Sunday January 29th 1pm


The speed at which the entries are pouring in has escalated over the past week and as the event is a pre-entry race only we urge participants to get their entry in A.S.A.P.

Our early bird entry fee of €15 will close on this Friday 16th December at midnight and the final chance to enter will close on January 16th with no entries taken on race day!

You can enter on line with Active Europe ( a small charge applies) or download an entry form from the race website and post to the address on the form.

Best of luck with your training and hope to see you on the day.

Now let’s focus on the rescheduled Mallow ‘10’ miler which takes place in March.

This email is to all entrants/runners in last year’s Mallow 10.

This year our Race is on Bank Holiday Monday March 19th 2012

On line entry €15 Euro

Chip Timing

Fast, flat course

Tech T-shirt to first 1000 entrants

Click below for link to on line entry.

Thanks and regards

Denis Sheehan


Finally, this computer (and myself) are availing of the season of good will to take a break from e mail duties. If an occasion arises that a fixture is cancelled we will of course forward a mail, but outside of that it’s ‘shut down’ time.

A Happy and Peaceful Christmas/New Year is extended to one and all. See you at training and races over the next few weeks.





Under no circumstances are you allowed to transfer your entry

so DO NOT enter

on behalf of someone else.

Monday 12 December 2011

The Captains Run

The captains handicap run will take place on Saturday December 24th at 12pm in Walshtown Wood. This is a 4 mile single circuit on track road through forestry. It will not be muddy. The slowest runners go off first and others are released on a phased basis in time order. Each runner must give an honest pace per mile at entry. Entry fee is €5 and ALL of this is going directly to Saint Vincent De Paul charity. There will be tea and cakes etc supplied after the race. Directions: go to East Cork golf club but do not turn right for the clubhouse – go straight on towards the Elfordstown mast. Stay on this road for about 3 miles. ( at about 1.5 miles you come to a V where you bear right). You come to a T junction, turn right and then turn immediately left. After 2 miles you will come to the wood and watch for the first wood entrance on the right – Edmonds blue transit bus will be parked here. This is the start and finish point. The road is narrow so cars will have to park in other wood entrances up the road ( 3 in total, furthest 2 are ¼ mile away.)

This run is confined to Midleton AC members and their families

SO: come on, do your bit for charity before you hit the Christmas pud!


The annual awards were awarded at the Xmas Dinner at the Midleton Park Hotel last Sat night. Athletes of the year went to Claire Fitzgerald
and Kevin Smith,Most Improved Athlete Breda Cahill and Adam Duchnicz and Fergal O'Meara and Best Beginners went to Helan Gilroy and Barry Aherne.Special Awards went to the ladies cross country team for their outstanding achivements and to Neilus Aherne for his winning of the National Half Marathon title o/55 and to John Hennessy for his great success in Track & Field.A special award was presented to Sally Drennan who had managed the ladies cross country team to their success and who has pioneered cross country running in the club for a number of years now.A great night was had by all despite several having run the Half Marathon in Waterford that day and others having to run National Cross Country Races the following day and also the Turkey Trot.

Friday 9 December 2011

Offer at TRInRUN for Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December only;

30% OFF the following ASIC's
* 2160's
* 1160's
* Cumulus 12's
* Nimbus 12's
* Kayano 17's

Many thanks

Thursday 8 December 2011

Well done ladies making the Cork County Team

December 8 – County Teams for National Novice XC Championships
Cork County Novice Team for All-Ireland Novice Cross Country Championships this Sunday 11th December 2011 at the Curragh Army Camp, Co. Kildare

*Please note the change in the advertised location in the Curragh

Womens Novice Team Time of Race: 14:45

1 Martina Kiely St. Finbarrs AC

2 Louise Keane St. Finbarrs AC

3 Maire Heffernan Liscarroll AC

4 Fionnuala Desmond Leevale AC

5 Anne Moore Leevale AC

6 Aisling Moran UCC AC

7 Maggie Chojan Midleton AC

8 Anna Doris Midleton AC

9 Anna Borkowska Mallow AC

10 Carol Finn Leevale AC

11 Tara Rhatigan UCC AC

Mens Novice Team Time of Race: 15:00

1 Ryan Creech Leevale AC

2 Tim Twomey Leevale AC

3 John Shine Leevale AC

4 Donal Coakley Togher AC

5 Shane Coffey Togher AC

6 Tony Kelleher Togher AC

7 Cathal O'Donovan St. Finbarrs AC

8 Rory O'Sullivan St. Finbarrs AC

9 Allen Whitaker St. Finbarrs AC

10 Michael Morgan St. Finbarrs AC

11 Tim O'Donoghue East Cork AC

12 Ian O leary Donore Harriers

13 Kenneth Kelleher East Cork AC

14 Frank O'Carroll East Cork AC

15 Tim Clarke Togher AC

Those not selected may still be used as extra reserves on the day of the race.

All athletes selected are required to wear Cork singlets if they have accepted or have been nominated by their club for the county team. Please come to Michael Herlihy at least an hour before your race to collect your singlet and confirm your participation.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Turkey Trot

The annual Simon/Turkey Trot 4 mile, off-road race takes place on Sunday next
11th December at 11.00hrs. Entries and changing at Lee Rowing Club.

Since the inception of this event, it has been the pratice of members to source
spot prizes from their companies to be raffled among the participants on the
day. Disappointingly, this practice has waned somewhat in recent years, and we
would appeal to you to help reverse the trend this year.

In this current year, the BHAA has well over 300 companies registered with
them, with 19 of them sponsoring/promoting races over the season. The entry
fee for this event is 10euro, or as much as you can afford.

All proceeds on the day, plus a generous donation from the BHAA will go directly
to the Simon Community. Please support this event. Bring a spot, and you could
go home with a spot

BHAA Committee.

Christmas Trees For Sale At Very Special Rates For Midleton AC Members

Club member Marc Dalton has a special offer on Xmas Trees for club members

Only 17.50 Euro per tree.

Marc is situated at MD Insulation in Knockgriffin Enterprise Park (near Midleton Bathroom Ctr) and is contactable @ 0872388326

Good luck to our ladies novice cross country team who will be competing in the National novice cross country championships in the Curragh, Co. Kildare on Sunday, 11 December.
The team is: Deirdre Aherne, Maggie Chojan, Susan Delaney, Anna Doris, Sinead Kevany and Sally Drennan (sub

Run For A Great Cause

For those staying at home don’t forget the Simon Xmas 4 Mile Run on Sunday morning next 11am on the usual 4 mile route beginning on The Marina Road

This is really a fun run where everyone has a chance of winning .All you have to do is predict your time and the person whose finishing time is nearest their predicted time wins.So the slowest person has the same chance as the fastest.People are asked to bring a spot prize to this race and as a result everyone will hopefully receive a spot prize

Also best of luck to those competing on Saturday in both the 10 Km,Half Marathon and Marathon in Clonakilty and those doing the Half Marathon in Waterford

Finally congrats to Denis Kelleher on winning the Over 45 overall series prize in this year's Killarney 5K Winter Series.
December 9th 2011
at 6:30 P.M.
Cork Institute of Technology
Annual festive ‘match up’ between CIT,
UCC and the ‘rest of the world’
Students and staff of both colleges past
and present and guests more than
Ladies Race 3K, Men’s Race 5K
Entry fee €5
Organised by CITAC with
proceeds to the Make A
Wish Foundation

a) Races are open to everybody.> > (b) Women’s race (3K) followed by a men’s race (5K) on a 1K loop around the pitches here at CIT. We have new floodlights in place this year so the course will be even brighter than it has been in the past.> > (c) €5 entry fee with proceeds (after we have paid for the lights!) being donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.> > (d) For a bit of fun everybody who races will be scored on one of three teams (CIT students and staff past and present, UCC students past and present and ‘the rest of the world’!) with bonus points awarded to the team with the greatest number of entrants.>

Friday 2 December 2011

Christmas Party Full

Regretfully we wish to inform members that the Christmas Party is full to capacity and no more names can be taken except on a standby list..

Anyone with outstanding monies to pay are asked to bring/send it to training on Monday night and PLEASE if you do not intend going inform us NOW so someone else can take your place.
Ballycotton 10 Reminder to members You can now enter safe in the knowledge that you will not be depriving anyone else of a place in the race as the non AAI section is full (ie the first 2500 entries have been received )

You have until Thur Dec 15th by which time all entries must be IN.

No entries will be accepted after that date.


Please do not enter unless you intend running the race .Under no circumstances can entries be transferred and any member found doing so will be expelled from the club.No one is to enter as Midleton AC unless a current (paid up) member of the club as this will be checked.

Wednesday 30 November 2011









Tuesday 29 November 2011

Ballycotton 10 Entry Form available here

also we will have them at training Wed night

Monday 28 November 2011


Midleton AC Senior Section Monday 28th November 2011

After the drama, excitement, pain and exhilaration of the Dublin City Marathon one would think that this column could hang up his pen and take a well-deserved rest with a not -much-to-report on-the running-scene-this-fortnight-folks sign off. However, no sooner had the vaseline dried on the blisters and the hangover cured form the party in the Maple, when it was off to the starting line again with two significant races enticing our athletes. Both were new races and each had a charitable motivation.

The first was the 6-Mile Mount Oval Race organised by the BHAA with proceeds heading in the direction of the Men’s Health Awareness Movember Appeal. Aptly among the category prize winners was our own Seán O’Sullivan although few would have recognised our normally baby-faced Seán as he crossed the line in 41:18 to take bronze in the highly competitive 0-40 category. Looking like a hybrid of Jimmy Hill and Ronny Drew, it is rumoured that Seán is in negotiations to sign a sponsorship deal with Gillette. Less hairy-faced but equally impressive was John Cashman who won silver in the 0-45 with an excellent 40:37. Dan Horgan made it a great day for the health of our male athletes with a third-placed finish in the 0-55. Our ladies too were not to be upstaged with the wonderfully consistent Mary O’Keeffe winning the 0-45 category. Margaret Rohan and Joan McCarthy also gave prize-winning performances in the 0-50 section. Brian Healy and Ned Ramsell had great runs with Stan Byczek, and John O’Connell also enjoying the challenge of the hilly terrain.

Marymount Hospice was the motivation behind the Tramore Valley 5k held last Saturday which was organised by our colleagues in East Cork AC. We had some terrific runs on the day with both Stan Byczek and Matt Chojan beating the 20min barrier finishing in 18:55 and 19:48 respectively. There seems to be no stopping the rise and rise of Anna Doris who again was well placed in the ladies race with a comfortable 20:51. It was great to see Ned Ramsell returning to form in arguably his best event hitting the line in 21:33 just 13 seconds behind Dan Horgan. Francis Maunsell was also delighted with his 21:48. Pleased too with their fine performances were Marion Cotter, John O’Halloran, Danny McCarthy, Brian Healy, Colm Jordan, Joan McCarthy, Kathleen O’Connell and Mary Toher.

While most of us stayed close to home over the past two weeks the peripatetic Tom Cody threw the runners in the back-pack and travelled to Carlisle for a ten-mile road race. In the English city so far north the natives have Scottish accents, Cody won a category prize and finished in 64 minutes. Super-running from one of our most consistent and most talented athletes. A special mention also from this column must go to Denis Kelleher who after two races in the Killarney 5k winter series leads his category.

It is that time of year when the focus of our runners switches to the ten-mile road race series and specifically the Ballycotton 10. Applications must be in before 15th December and forms will be available at training this week. Also, on-line entries for the Dungarvan 10 are now open. Visit the West Waterford AC website for further details.

Our annual dinner and awards night takes place in the Midleton Park Hotel on Saturday 10th December. Fergal will be collecting money for same at training this week which takes place as usual on Monday 6pm in Midleton College and Wednesday at 6pm and 7pm in the Community Centre.

Until next time, keep on running!
Ballycotton 10

As a member of a club most of this will not apply to you but its well worth reading to be informed on one of the big advantages of being in a AAI Club.

It's that time of year again as the mad rush to enter the 2012 Ballycotton 10 Mile Road race begins.

For new runners.......The Ballycotton '10' is the 2nd largest race in Cork and is one of the largest 10 mile road races in the country. It attracts not only local runners but also runners from the rest of Ireland and the UK. Entries open about 3 months before the race in March and the open section with 2,500 entries fills up in about 3 days.

The 2012 Ballycotton '10' race will take place on Sunday, the 4th of March.

First of all, a quick recap...
Just in case you are seeing this for the first time, a quick look to see what group you are in when it comes to entries...
A) Any athletics club member OR anyone who ran in all 4 of the Ballycotton Summer Series races can avail of a 2 week window to get their entries in (closing date Dec 15th).
B) Anyone living overseas can avail of a 6 week window (closing date 9th Jan)
C) If you do NOT qualify for one of the above conditions then you have to try and be one of the first 2,500 entries!!!

More details in an older post HERE for the lowdown...Here are the sequence of events...

1) Monday 28th Nov 2011......The organisers will post out entry forms to anyone that provided them with a stamp addressed envelope. If you have not done so already then you should get everything ready on the Monday.........envelope, stamp and €15 entry fee.
2) Tuesday 29th Nov 2011...AM. Some if not most people will get their forms in the post. Going on previous years, many will not. You should fill it out properly (instructions below) and get it in a postbox that has an evening collection.
3) Tuesday 29th Nov 2011...PM. The entry form will be available online which you can download and print.

As soon as it appears, I will be putting up a notice on the Running in Cork Facebook page to inform the 900+ subscribers there. If you are on Facebook and have not already subscribed then visit the page HERE and click the LIKE button. As soon as I send out the notice, it will appear on your Facebook wall, no need to be constantly checking. After that, I will put up the link on this site but you need to keep checking here. The Facebook page if you use it is the easiest option.

Again, your objective is to try and get it in a post box for collection on Tuesday evening.

4) Tueday 29th Nov 2011...Entry forms will be available in the following retail outlets on Tuesday evening...John Buckley Sports (Cork), Ger Wyley Sports (Dungarvan) and local shops in Ballycotton and Shanagarry.

Going on previous years, if you post your entry form on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning or Wednesday afternoon before the last post is collected then I'd be reasonable confident that you'll get in ok.

Post it Wednesday night, Thursday morning or Thursday afternoon and you are in the 'maybe' bracket. Post it on Friday and you are likely to be too late. If you take the approach of 'Ahh sure.....I'll post it next weekend'..........that's fine except the entries will be well closed by next week!!
Don't forget that the fact you are reading this on a Monday or Tuesday means that you are ahead of most. There will be loads of people who will not have checked the details in time and will miss out. That's why if you can follow the instructions here, post it Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning then you're probably as good as in.

Please note that you can only enter by post. There is no online entry and you cannot drop your entry in to someones house. By having postal entries only, everyone has the same chance of getting in.

The entry form....when you get it, cut off the section for entries only. DO NOT RETURN THE WHOLE FORM! I think the organisers have a pretty good idea of what the entry conditions are at this stage and they don't need you sending them the whole form to remind them ;o)

Read the advice given by Ballycotton Running Promotions below on what to do with the entry form. Read it would be a shame to go to all that trouble in sending off a form early only to be disqualified because you filled out the form incorrectly.

BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THE FORM…...Instructions from Ballycotton Running Promotions

Read all of it carefully – all the information you need is there.

Each person should fill out their own individual form – when people fill a form for someone else, it invariably leads to mistakes in spelling, date of birth, etc which causes problems to the information already on the data base.
Fill out the form in sequence (surname, first name, age on day of race, date of birth, male/female, etc.) Please write in BLOCK CAPITALS

Remember the club is Athletics Ireland club – (not BHAA, soccer club, GAA club).

Telephone/email contact is convenient for checking mistakes!
If you ran in ALL FOUR of this year’s Ballycotton Summer Series 5-mile races, tick the box.
Sign your name on the bottom… by doing this you also agree NOT to transfer your number to another runner in the event of being unable to run.
Please detach (tear, or cut off if form is downloaded) the section of the form with your details and only send this along with the entry fee of €15 to: Ballycotton Running Promotions, Ballycotton, Co. Cork.

Entry fee is €15. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to Ballycotton Running Promotions. Don’t staple cheque to form. Cash is sent at your own risk.

Do not send a stamped addressed envelope - you can also send more than one form in the same envelope if required.
Using registered post won’t make any difference – it either gets there in time or not.
The first 2,500 postal entries opened are automatically accepted. After that, any AI club member or any runner who ran in all four of the 2011 Ballycotton Summer Series will be accepted up and including Thursday December 15th. Anyone living overseas will be accepted up to and including Monday January 9th.
As soon as the first 2,500 entries have been received, a notice will be posted on this website. Unless you qualify under the above headings, please do not continue to send in entries. It only causes extra work and expense to send them back.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Just a reminder re upcoming deadlines.

Ballycotton 10
The final cut off point for Ballycotton '10' 2012 is Thursday December 15th

As a member of the club you are guaranteed entry once your entry is received in Ballycotton by that date.

Entries MUST be posted

Do not enter to soon as you will deprive someone else of a place BUT don't leave until the last few days in case of delay in posting.

Entries are non transferable so do not enter unless you intend running the race.

We will have application forms at training next Wednesday.

Also re Dungarvan '10' 2012 - January 16th is the final deadline, but you can avail of cheaper entry fee by acting now.

Race Entry Dungarvan '10'
Enter Online
You can Enter Online through Active Europe. Please note there is a processing fee for online entries.
Postal Entries
Download and print out our entry form [.pdf format]. Return the completed form to the address below along with a cheque or postal order made payable to West Waterford AC.

Ann Dunford,
The Green,
Co. Waterford.

Race entry forms will also available to download from

In 2011 we decided to introduce a reduced entry rate for participants who got their entry in early. For 2012 the reduced fee of €15 will be available on line or by post for all entries received on or before Monday December 16th. After this date the fee for all entries will be €20 up until Monday January 16th. After this date no entries will be taken. Last year we were very strict on late entries and for 2012 we will apply the same criteria. Please understand that this is to facilitate the correct amount of t-shirts, goody bags and for safety reasons so we can cater for the numbers on race day.

Elite Entry
Elite entries will be accepted up to Friday 20th January the standards set down are Men 60 minutes and Ladies 65 Minutes. These times must have been posted within the last 3 years. Proof of these qualifying times may be required.
Bishopstown Lions Club

Saturday 26 November 2011. 11:00am

Finishers in the Midleton AC team. Pace Race Race
Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile No Place
1 0:18:55 BYCZEK, Stanislaw Midleton AC M50 06:05.2 278 36
2 0:19:48 CHOJAN, Matt Midleton AC M 06:22.3 261 60
3 0:20:51 DORIS, Anna Midleton AC F40 06:42.5 177 81 2nd o/40
4 0:21:20 HORGAN, Dan Midleton AC M55 06:51.9 9 97
5 0:21:33 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M40 06:56.0 8 105
6 0:21:48 MAUNSELL, Francis Midleton AC M 07:00.9 81 113
8 0:23:08 HEALY, Brian Midleton AC M45 07:26.6 135 145
10 0:24:22 O'HALLORAN, John Midleton AC M60 07:50.4 116 175
11 0:24:53 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M60 08:00.4 167 192
12 0:27:30 COTTER, Marion Midleton AC F 08:50.9 44 244
13 0:28:39 JORDAN, Colm Midleton AC M 09:13.1 10 257
14 0:30:50 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F50 09:55.3 138 276
15 0:33:15 O'CONNELL, Kathleen Midleton AC F55 10:41.9 195 285
16 0:36:09 TOHER, Mary Midleton AC F50 11:37.9 215 293
There were 14 finishers in the Midleton AC team.

Friday 25 November 2011



Payment will be accepted by members of the Social Committee at training on
Monday next.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Tramore Valley Park 5km Charity Run

All proceeds to Marymount Hospice

(Organised by Bishopstown Lions Club in association with East Cork AC)

Date: Saturday November 26th

StartTime: 11am sharp

Venue: Tramore Valley Park, Cork City

Directions: Tramore Valley Park is the old landfill site off the South Link/Kinsale Road. Cork City Council is in the process of converting it to an amenity park. Access is off the South Link Road, turn left from the carriageway as you leave the city just before the Kinsale Road Roundabout or directly across the dual carriageway from the Black Ash Park and Ride.

Entry Fee: €8

Prizes: First 5 individual men and ladies thereafter category prizes for men and ladies Over 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60.

First 3 men’s and first 3 lady’s prizes sponsored by The Edge Sports Shop


Other Facilities: Ample parking facilities near the Start/Finish area. Toilets will also be available. Note that only very limited (if any) changing facilities are available. Please come prepared. Light refreshments served afterwards.

Access Permission granted by Cork City Council
Athletic Permit granted by Athletics Ireland
Certified measured course using Jones Counter by John Walshe (Ballycotton Running Promotions)
Race results produced by Ballycotton Running Promotions

For a pre-race preview, visit...

Friday 18 November 2011

Mount Oval Movember '6' Mile Race

Sunday Next 11am start

Please not change of start time and distance from earlier fixture list.

Headquarters at Mount Oval Village Rochestown

Please call race organiser Greg Moore 087-6243245 if you require more details.

Thursday 17 November 2011



November 16 – County Masters Teams for Munster Championships
Sunday 20th November 2011 – Limerick Racecourse

Women O40

Ann M Healy Eagle

Carmel Crowley Bandon

Ann Moore Leevale

Fionnuala Desmond Leevale

Anna O'Neill Doheny

Anna Dorris Midleton

Clotilde Fitzgibbon Gr/Fermoy

Orla Crosbie St Finbarrs

Sally Drennan Midleton

Gillian Cotter St Finbarrs

Margaret Calnan Bandon

Deirdre Mc Carthy Nth Cork

Women O50

Mary Sweeney St Finbarrs

Mary Murphy St Finbarrs

Marion Lyons St Finbarrs

Men O40

Frank Hayes East Cork

Cathal O'Connell St Finbarrs

Tony Kelleher Togher

Tom Laffan Bandon

Ken Devine St Finbarrs

John Henessy Midleton

Eric Meade East Cork

Denis Mc Carthy East Cork

Fergus Wall Bandon

Gerard Cronin St Finbarrs

Grellan Mc Grath Eagle

Ian O'Leary Donore Hrs

Men O50

Neilus Aherne Midleton

Brian Regan Gr/Fermoy

Stanislaw Byczek Midleton

Willie Hayes St Finbarrs

Dan Kennedy St Finbarrs

Pat Twomey Eagle

Neil Creedon St Finbarrs

Joe Murphy Eagle

Maurice Tobin Gr/Fermoy

Declan O'Halloran Bandon

Eamonn Mc Evoy St Finbarrs

John Quigley Eagle

Anybody named who is unable to run please contact Mary Meagher on 087 2966298 or

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Midleton A.C.

Christmas Dinner

Midleton Park Hotel

December 10th @ 7.30 PM

Price 15 Euro (Reg Members) 25 Euro (Non Member)

Tickets are now available for this event and names and money will be taken at training from now on.

Money must/can be paid in advance to any member of the social committee.

Monday 14 November 2011


Midleton AC Senior Section 14.11.11 BY Peter Gunning

This year's Dublin City Marathon saw a record entry of 14000 with 28 members
of our club taking on the 26 mile challenge. This column is proud to report
that all of our team hit the finishing tape in varying levels of
dehydration, elation and frustration! Some may have been more pleased than
others but on a day when blustering winds and heavy showers helped add to
the discomfort of wall-hitting, blister accumulation, nipple bleeds, oxygen
deficit and minds struggling with matter, personal pride gave way to
personal preservation. Indeed despite the difficult conditions there were
some outstanding displays. Personal bests were won by Adam Duchnicz. Fergal
O'Meara, Breda Cahill, Mark Walsh, Deirdre Aherne, Claire Fitzgerald
Mary B Walsh ,Sinead Kevany and Mary O'Mahony. But each of our team of twenty-eight deserve individual laurel
wreathes, so well done and take a bow, in no particular order: Mary Toher,
Denis Kelleher, Trish Murphy, Peter Gunning, Simon Thompson, Sinead Ivers,
Sinead Buckley, Helen Gilroy, Bernie Twomey, Susan Buckley Colette Barry,
Barry Aherne, Darragh Canavan, Shane Cooney, Margaret Jones,
Danny McCarthy, Rosarii Griffi, Marion Carroll, and Noreen Emerson
Off the road and into the mud, sweat and tears of the cross-country circuit
leads us to tales of more club success. Our ladies team of Orlaith Farmer,
Maggie Chojan, Anna Dorris and Susan Delaney recorded an historic silver
medal place in the Munster Novices in Newcastlewest while John Hennessey
picked up an individual silver at the Cork County Novices. Continuing on the
theme of prize-winning congratulations to Margaret Twohig on taking a first
in the O40 at the recent HSE BHAA event on the Marina where Denise Hickey
also scored taking silver in the O35. We had winners also in the Lisgoold
GAA 5k with Anne-Marie Perry, Margaret Jones, Mary O'Keeffe, Sylvia Pearson,
Dan Horgan and Stan Byczek all taking category prizes. Déaglán Ó Dorgáin
finished sixth overall in a PB 18:12 while Marie Murphy balanced this for
our ladies team with a 21:54 and a fourth placed overall.

LISGOOLD 5km Road Race, Co Cork

1 James McCarthy (East Cork) 15:57; 2 Roy Fahy (East Cork) 16:03; 3 Rory O'Sullivan
(St Finbarrs) 17:44; 4 Denis McCarthy (East Cork, M45) 18:01; 5 Cathal Kelly
(St Finbarrs) 18:08; 6 Declan Dorgan (Midleton) 18:12.
M40: 1 David O'Dwyer (East Cork) 18:18.
M50: 1 Stan Byczek (Midleton) 19:22.
M55: 1 Dan Horgan (Midleton) 21:23.
M60: 1 Maurice Tobin (Grange-Fermoy) 20:11.

Women: 1 Geraldine O'Shea (St Finbarrs, F40) 19:35; 2 Elaine Guinane (Eagle)
20:58; 3 Rachael O'Callaghan (St Finbarrs, F35) 21:22; 4 Marie Murphy
(Midleton) 21:54; 5 Eibhlin Cleary (East Cork) 21:57.
F35: Ann-Marie Perry (Midleton) 22:35.
F40: Mary Jones (Midleton) 22:38.
F45: Mary O'Keeffe (Midleton) 22:05..
F50: 1 Sylvia Pearson (Midleton) 27:32.
F55: 1 Maragret Barry (Midleton) 26:30.
****see pics from Maggie Chojan at

Members are asked to support the Mark in the Dark 5k/10k run on the Marina
circuit this Wednesday 16th November at 7.30pm. Four events are being held
simultaneously in Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Limerick to raise funds for Mark
Pollock. Mark is a blind ultra-athlete who was paralysed recently in a fall
from a bedroom window. There is an entry fee of ?25 for this event and more
information is available from Next Sunday 20th November
sees an interesting 6miler in Mount Oval. Entries are at the Mount Oval Bar
with proceeds to the Movember men's health appeal.
Training continues on Monday nights at 6pm (Midleton College) and Wednesdays
at 6pm/7pm.

The next BHAA events are:

Sunday November 20th @ 11am
Mount Oval Bar Movember 6 Mile Race
Entries & changing @ Mount Oval Bar, Mount Oval Village, Rochestown

BHAA AGM - Thursday 24th November @8pm
Venue - Orchard Bar Ballinlough
Nominations for Committee and Motions to reach the committee by Mon 17th

The BHAA are now accepting registrations for 2012


Till the next time .... keep on running

The ‘Run for Mark in the Dark’ is coming up on Wednesday, November 16th at 7.30pm. It is being run simultaneously in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Belfast. The proceeds of this event will go to the Mark Pollock trust to help Mark with his rehabilitation.

The Cork event takes place on the Monahan Road/Centre Park Road circuit and there are entries on the night too. Option of 5k or 10k distance.

Please enter the race even if you cannot attend as this is a very worthy cause…..and forward to anyone you think might be interested. for entries…..


Ps – This link is a video about Mark - Please vote for it on the site, the winning charity gets €10K…… information on Mark:

Mark Pollock is a truly inspiring individual. Having lost his sight at the age of 22 Mark has never let that hold him back. He took hold of his life and never looked back competing in the world’s harshest environments across desert,mountain, ocean and polar regions including 6 marathons in 7 days in the Gobi Desert, a race to the South Pole, and the Round Ireland yacht race; all this despite being completely blind. He made his living as a motivational speaker around the globe and inspired many people to think about how to face challenges and make decisions.

Having overcome his blindness tragedy struck again on the 2nd July 2010 when Mark fell from a second story window and suffered a catastrophic spinal injury which has left Mark paralysed from the waist down. The following clip is of an interview with Mark conducted by the BBC six months after Mark's accident.

The past year has been incredibly difficult for Mark and while he has dealt with every emotion he is determined not to rest on his laurels. You can check out Mark's blog at He has done a lot of research to find out what he could do and was in hospital for 15 months. He has just been released and is now following a programme of aggressive physical therapy in an attempt to regain any feeling or movement that he can.
The Mark Pollock Trust was set up by Mark's friends and supporters in order to raise funds for this rehabilitation programme, which will involve a daily aggressive physical therapy programme of up to 3 hours per session, input from physical trainers and physiotherapists and repeat visits to a spinal injuries recovery facility in America called, Project Walk. ‘Run for Mark in the Dark’ is the Trust's first official event, although many friends, old and new, have been hosting running and cycling races, events in their homes and donating directly to the Trust, allowing Mark start to rebuild his life and to start training.

The four fundraising runs will take place in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Galway simultaneously and range between 4 km and 10km (distances vary depending on the location). Each location has a walking option, so everyone can participate. The cost of the event is €25 per person for this very wothwhile cause. Log onto to enter.

Sunday 13 November 2011

Lisgoold 5KM


This must surely rank as one of the best races in the calender with a lovely course and superb support all along the route showing what true community spirit is all about.The after race refreshments and prizes were superb as usual.

The Midleton ladies again did us proud haveing a clean swipe of all the prizes in the all masters categories

Anne Marie Perry 1st o/35

Margaret Jones 1st o/40

Mary O'Keeffe 1st 0/45

Martha Mc Namara 1st o/50

Margaret Barry 1st o/55

Its worth remembering the Helen Gilroy and Margaret Jones had just completed

Dublin Marathon less than two weeks ago

Our men did well also with Stan Byczek getting 1st 0/50 and Dan Horgan 1st 0/55

Thursday 10 November 2011

Lisgoold 5km Sun Nov 13th @ 11am

This is a great local race and well worth our club members support.The course has been changed since the inaugural event and is now an out and back course.Starting in Lisgoold running out to Ballincurrig and back the same way so any climbs experienced on the way out become downhills on the way back

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Hi All

A brief word of welcome to all our new members at Midleton Athletic Club.
Our regular club e mailing will hopefully keep you up to speed with all the
latest news, fixtures and results.
Please also see the full club contact details at the end of this e mail.

Lisgoold 5K

Next Sunday sees the Lisgoold 5K Road Race take place beginning at 11am. We
urge alll our members to make an effort to support this event and ensure
it's a success for the organisers. ATTACHED please find RACE FLYER with
full details.
Munster Masters Cross Country
Message From Our Ladies Captain - Sally Drennan

Any 'over 40' women interested in running in the Munster masters
cross country championships in Limerick on November 20 please let me
know. Entries have to be in by next Friday, 11 November.
Thank you.
Tel. 086 1931338 or


- Another success story at the HSE 4 miler in Cork on Sunday where Margaret
Twohig ran a great race to win the Ladies O/40 and Denise Hickey also was in
superb form finishing 2nd O/35.
Our Midleton UDC mens teams have been flying all season and again claimed
top honours in Cork - well done guys!

Dates For The Diary

Here is a reminder of some upcoming road races this month –

Saturday 12th – Killarney 5K Series – 11am
Sunday 13th – Lisgoold 5K – 11am
Saturday 19th – Killarney 5K Series – 11am
Sunday 20th – Mount Oval 5K in Rochestown, Cork City – 11.30am
Saturday 26th – Tramore Valley 5K – Cork City – 11am


Midleton Athletic Club Contacts
Ladies Captain – Sally Drennan
Vice Captain – Marion Cotter
Mens Captain – Edmond O’Sullivan
Vice Captain – Marc Dalton
for all the latest club news.

*** E mail contact is

***You may also have regular club news, updates and results sent directly to
you via our club e mail service. Please give your e mail address to Joint
PRO John Cashman to avail of this service.

***Telephone enquiries should be directed to our club mobile number
Please forward your details to this number to avail of club messages

Monday 7 November 2011


Results of the teams section of Cork - Cobh 15 Mile place Midleton AC Ladies 2 nd Team.
That was Breda Cahill and Anna Dorris.
Also congrats to Peter Gunning who was on the Dept Of Education team who came second in their catagory.

HSE 4 Mile Marina

Congrats to Denise Hickey 2nd o/35
and Magaret Twohig 1St O/40

AND Midleton UDC Team 1St

Venue: Midleton Rugby Club, Midleton

When: Saturday the 19th of November 2011

At: 1.00pm – 3.00 pm

Cost: 30.00 Euro – including free massage ball

Class: An introductory workshop to Myofascial Release and Pilates for athletes, with focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises.

Contacts: Grainne Sugrue – Pilates Instructor & Neuromuscular Therapist. Tel. 086-3855446
Helen Leonard – Pilates Instructor and Fitness Instructor/Athletics Coach Tel. 087-054 5594


Above is info on an Pilates injury prevention workshop exclusively for Midleton
A/C members being run by Helen Leonard at the Rugby club.

Also regarding the Munster Vets CC in Limerick on the 20th Nov , we are low on numbers for the O40 Men’s team anybody interested contact Noel 0861704072 with training taking place on Saturday 8am in Glenbower Wood in Killeagh.


Friday 4 November 2011


The H.S.E 4 MILE ROAD RACE will be held on Sunday next starting at 11am – HQ is the local Rowing Club on the Marina – entries taken from 9.45am.

The race will be held on the usual Marina Road/Monaghan Road Circuit near Pairc Ui Chaoimh in the city.

Also please support our neighbours in Lisgoold

Annual 5K Road Race takes place on Sunday week November 13th – 11am
HQ is the local Community Centre.

This is a very well organised race just out the road from us and is well deserving of our support

Thursday 3 November 2011


This year the committee has decided to involve all members in the selection
of athletes to receive annual awards at the Christmas Dinner. We are
inviting anyone in the club who would like to, to nominate possible winners
in a number of categories. You may nominate more than one person in each
category and add a brief reason for a nomination if you wish. When all the
nominations have been received, the committee will make the final decisions.
We advise that you down load the attached nomination form and when completed
drop in the box which will be provided at training nights over the next few
weeks. Alternatively you may e mail your completed form back to this
address ( and it will be passed on to the club committee.
Midleton AC Annual Awards

This year the committee has decided to involve all members in the selection of athletes to receive annual awards at the Christmas dinner. We are inviting anyone in the club who would like to, to nominate possible winners in each of the following categories. You may nominate more than one person in each category and add a brief reason for a nomination if you wish. When all the nominations have been received, the committee will make the final decisions.

Male athlete of the year ............................................................
(50% achievement, 50% commitment to club ............................................................

Female athlete of the year ............................................................
(50% achievement, 50% commitment to club ............................................................

Most improved fem
ale athlete ............................................................

Most improved male athlete ............................................................

Best male beginner athlete ............................................................

Best female beginner athlete ............................................................

Wednesday 2 November 2011

> Cross country
> Sorry for the very late notice again. The senior county cross
> country championships are on this coming Sunday, 6 November in Bandon
> at 12.00 pm. This is a competition of very high standard. If anyone
> is interested in running, please let me know immediately. Thank you.
> The next competition is the following weekend - the Munster
> intermediate championships in Tipperary. If you would like to run in
> this one, entries are also due now.
> Regards,
> Sally Drennan
> Tel. 021 4883960, 087 2265857 or
The before and the afters of
Dublin 2011
Well done to everyone who ran and those club members who travelled up to support their clubmates well done also and a very big thanks for the support.

Friday 28 October 2011








Thursday 27 October 2011


Dave O Brien, is an accomplished sports person and a superb speaker on “Sports, Health and your Lifestyle”.

Dave is now speaking on the international circuit and is very sought after as a key note speaker worldwide. I don’t normally circulate e mails for events but must say that this one is really worth attending if you are interested in the subject (really worth it). See the attached note with some of Dave’s background and the invite to the November 2nd. talk.
There is an opportunity to hear Dave speak in the Silver Springs Moran Hotel on Wednesday November 2nd. (flier attached) next on the subject “Fuelling Your Body for Repair”.
It is a “Free” event but requires you to obtain a ticket beforehand as they need to control the attendance. If you wish to attend then feel free to e mail me your address and I will organise a ticket (by post) for you based on availability.
Enjoy it.
ken owens

Dave O’Brien is a legend, he spoke to 5,000 people in March at a health conference in Munich, to an audience which included 500 doctors and healthcare professionals and got a standing ovation. He flew directly to Long beach in California and spoke to over 6,000 more to another standing ovation before moving on to give 2 talks in Northern California to packed audiences.

On his return to Ireland he took off again and gave talks in Helsinki, Finland on Wednesday/Thursday, Brussels on Friday and London on Saturday. On the following Monday he spoke to a packed audience of Dublin footballers and Irish rugby players in Dublin. He has been invited to speak at Old Trafford to the Manchester United Youth Players on Nutrition.

Rated by Time Magazine as the toughest races in the world. Dave was one of only a handful of men in the world, the only Irishman ever and the oldest man on the planet, at 56 to complete all 4 in the same year, in fact in a 38 week period. The hottest, Coldest, Driest and Windiest Deserts in the world carrying everything on his back to survive

You may be fit, but are you “Healthy” ?

Buckle up for this roller coaster EXPERIENCE.

His talk is a must for anybody involved in Sport and would be great for those who want to improve their health and general well-being.

ken owens
087 2876976

Health & Well-being Event:

Wednesday 2nd. November 2011

7.30pm Doors open, Starts 8.00pm – 9.00pm

Buckle up for this roller coaster EXPERIENCE

Silver Springs Moran Hotel



*Why nutrition is the cornerstone of good health*
*Combating the effects of exercise induced Oxidative Stress*
* Maximising lean mass & reducing body fat*
* The importance of fruits & vegetables in the daily diet*
* Nutritional health vs. aerobic health*

(The difference between "Health" and "Fitness")


Special Guest Speaker,

Dave O’Brien
International speaker on health

38 Marathons, Over 400 Races Worldwide

’95 Gay Byrne Survival Show

’97 Seven Highest Peaks in Ireland 23Hrs.28Mins

’98 Marathon de Sables- Sahara Desert

2000 Marathon de Sables- Sahara Desert 086 2558993

2002 RTE Treasure Island

2010 – Four x 250K Deserts. Atacama - Chile, Gobi - China, Sahara - Egypt and Antarctica YOU MAY BE FIT BUT ARE YOU HEALTHY ?






Dave O’Brien is an extraordinary person with a unique perspective on exercise, nutrition and health. Empowering people to take more ownership and responsibility of their health and that of their families. Learn what he has to share with us based on his remarkable career.

TICKET EVENT ONLY For Complimentary ticket please contact: Ken Owens 087 2876976