Monday 31 August 2015

East Cork Cross Country
Get Your Spikes Out

We are the first club in East Cork to announce that the East Cork Novice and Masters will be held in Conna on 20th September.
More details to follow but please reserve the date.

Friday 28 August 2015


Come Join Our Club “ Open Night”

The club will be hosting its annual Open Night in the Community Centre (Gael Scoil) on Wednesday 23rd September at 7.30 pm.

This evening is open to everyone interested in running at whatever level. The training schedule will be outlined and our beginners group will be introduced. This is a group especially designed to cater for people who have not run before or run very little. Most of last year’s “Beginners Group” not only ran 5Km by Christmas they went on to run the Ballycotton 10 Mile in March.

But whatever you might want is catered for and there is absolutely no pressure put on anyone to race if they don’t want to as you are encouraged to progress at your own pace.

There are huge advantages in joining a club not least the friends you make and the advice you get. Donie Walsh is a full time fully qualified coach working with the club. Donie has vast experience having represented Ireland at Olympic level and as everyone says about Donie’s coaching “he is as interested and helpful to the slowest runners as he is to the fastest”. He is assisted by trainer/coaches Edmond, Vincent and Danny.

The vast experience and advice available is invaluable in helping people run properly and avoid injury.

Another huge benefit is that you will be covered by AAI insurance whilst training and racing once you join the club. (You don’t drive without insurance so why run without insurance ?.).

For the more experienced runner you will be able to train with people of your own level and go on the weekend runs with the various groups which makes a big difference to running alone.

There is also almost automatic entry to the Ballycotton 10 ( you have about three weeks to enter) and avoid the rush of the “one day online entry” where you join the thousands of other non AAI club runners trying to get in.

So please feel free to come along on Wednesday 23rd Sept at 7.30 you will be under no obligation to join and you can even try one FREE session before deciding to join.

Any enquiries contact 0872403940 or email

Longford Result

Fionan O'hAodain who today Sunday ran the Longford Marathon came home in a brilliant 3.51.Considering his last outing at this distance was in October last where he ran 4.28 this is a massive improvement and augers well for him in Dublin next October. Proving once again that putting in the work and listening to the correct advice pays off. Well done Fionan I know everyone in the club are delighted for you.

Cill Na Martra

Well done to Eugene McCarthy who won the 5Km race in Cill Na Marta last Tuesday evening in a time of 17.32.

Magic Night Magic Mile

A fantastic evening was had at the club’s Annual Barbecue held in Murph’s East Ferry on Saturday evening where the results of our Magic Mile Series were announced and prizes awarded. The fastest man was Brian Harty whilst the fastest woman was Eileen Leahy. Most improved athletes over the series were David O’Sullivan and Anne Marie Perry. A great night was had by all with super food and music by Paul Casey and Jason Perry. A huge thank you to Bernie Twomey who managed to organise the whole event and also to Alan Kelleher and Anna Doris who assisted her. Also to Rod Scanlan, Andre Brodkorb and Donie Walsh who co ordinated the Magic Mile Series. So great to see the club out for a night together enjoying ourselves and having fun.

Barbacue URGENT

The barbecue is almost full so please if interested contact Bernie or myself 0872403940 asap also if your name is down and you cannot attend please let us know.

Best of luck to Fionan O hAodain who will be running the Longford Marathon on Sunday, He has put in lots of hard work for it so hopefully it will pay off. Also to Don Ryan who is doing a tri Athlon on Sat, and to everyone else running this weekend. Remember if you don't let us know we cannot let the rest of the club know. So info to

Cork Athletics - Cross-Country Fixtures 2015-2016Cork, Munster, National and International Cross Country fixtures for the coming season, including IMAA and ISAA fixtures.

Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series 2015

                                                                                                                         39th BALLYCOTTON '5'

                                                                                                                      Thursday 27 August 2015. 7:30 pm


Finishers in the Midleton AC team.                                                                                                                   Pace       Race    Race

Place     Time     Name                                                         Team                                             Race Age Category     min/mile     No     Place

        1    0:29:52  O'REGAN, Morgan                                    Midleton AC                                 M                                      05:58.3         21        40

        2    0:29:59  HARTY, Brian                                            Midleton AC                                 M                                      05:59.7         12        42

        3    0:30:28  SPITERI, Paul                                            Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:05.5         13        51

        4    0:30:31  RYAN, Don                                                Midleton AC                                 M40                                  06:06.1         26        52

        5    0:30:58  MCCARTHY, Eugene                                 Midleton AC                                 M40                                  06:11.5       278        59

        6    0:31:25  HEAVIN, Aiden                                         Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:16.9         38        69

        7    0:32:06  AHERNE, Neilus                                        Midleton AC                                 M55                                  06:25.1         37        85

        8    0:32:06  CASHMAN, John                                       Midleton AC                                 M50                                  06:25.1         36        86

        9    0:32:10  CREMIN, Mike                                           Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:25.9         41        87

      10    0:32:16  O'MEARA, Fergal                                      Midleton AC                                 M45                                  06:27.1       479        90

      11    0:32:46  DOWDALL, Kris                                        Midleton AC                                 M40                                  06:33.1         50      102

      12    0:33:05  MCCARTHY, Christopher                         Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:36.9         63      107

      13    0:33:23  BUCKLEY, Sheila                                       Midleton AC                                 F                                       06:40.5       305      116

      14    0:34:14  AHERN, Derek                                          Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:50.7         66      136

      15    0:34:19  GEARY, Paul                                              Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:51.7       532      137

      16    0:34:21  O'REGAN, Ger                                           Midleton AC                                 M45                                  06:52.1       101      138

      17    0:34:27  LEAHY, Eileen                                           Midleton AC                                 F                                       06:53.3       308      141

      18    0:34:28  O'DWYER, Barry                                        Midleton AC                                 M40                                  06:53.5       533      142

      19    0:34:31  GEARY, Michael                                        Midleton AC                                 M                                      06:54.1         77      145

      20    0:35:19  WILLIAMS, Barry                                      Midleton AC                                 M50                                  07:03.6         79      177

      21    0:35:22  O'SULLIVAN, David                                  Midleton AC                                 M                                      07:04.2       551      179

      22    0:37:10  GILLMAN, Marie                                       Midleton AC                                 F50                                   07:25.8       324      236

      23    0:38:25  BRANSFIELD, Gillian                                Midleton AC                                 F35                                   07:40.8       328      270

      24    0:38:40  MURPHY, Christine                                   Midleton AC                                 F45                                   07:43.8       331      280

      25    0:39:05  O'KEEFFE, Mary                                        Midleton AC                                 F45                                   07:48.8       326      292

      26    0:39:12  PERRY, Anne-Marie                                   Midleton AC                                 F40                                   07:50.2       334      295

      27    0:39:14  CRONIN, Brendan                                    Midleton AC                                 M                                      07:50.6       166      296

      28    0:39:18  O'CONNELL, Donie                                   Midleton AC                                 M65                                  07:51.4       144      298

      29    0:39:55  TWOMEY, Bernie                                       Midleton AC                                 F40                                   07:58.8       338      314

      30    0:40:02  COTTER, Patrick                                        Midleton AC                                 M                                      08:00.2       478      318

      31    0:40:05  MCNAMARA, Michael                               Midleton AC                                 M60                                  08:00.8       185      319

      32    0:40:18  MORLEY, Alan                                           Midleton AC                                 M40                                  08:03.4       177      324

      33    0:41:08  BUCKLEY, Sinead                                     Midleton AC                                 F                                       08:13.4       440      345

      34    0:41:09  KENNEALLY, Yvonne                                Midleton AC                                 F                                       08:13.6       351      347

      35    0:41:55  MURPHY, Siobhan                                    Midleton AC                                 F40                                   08:22.8       297      361

      36    0:42:05  MCNAMARA, Martha                                Midleton AC                                 F55                                   08:24.8       358      362

      37    0:43:08  BALDWIN, Ciara                                       Midleton AC                                 F                                       08:37.4       441      391

      38    0:43:33  IVERS, Sinead                                           Midleton AC                                 F35                                   08:42.4       439      405

      39    0:44:01  SAVAGE, Siobhan                                     Midleton AC                                 F40                                   08:48.0       481      410

      40    0:44:05  STAVROU, Amanda                                  Midleton AC                                 F50                                   08:48.8       365      413

      41    0:44:12  MORAN, Kevin                                          Midleton AC                                 M45                                  08:50.2       129      416

      42    0:45:35  HAYES, Emer                                             Midleton AC                                 F40                                   09:06.8       436      433

      43    0:47:19  BARRY, Margaret                                      Midleton AC                                 F65                                   09:27.6       396      469

      44    0:50:33  GARCIA, Penelope                                   Midleton AC                                 F                                       10:06.4       446      490

      45    0:51:56  MCGRATH, Marie                                      Midleton AC                                 F45                                   10:23.0       414      503

      46    0:52:46  MCMURTRY, Jim                                       Midleton AC                                 M65                                  10:33.0       223      508