Thursday 27 June 2013


Waterfall 5 km
To night Sunday saw the running of Waterfall 5Km over what looked like one of the toughest courses that I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of courses) but the runners said it wasn't quite as bad as it looked.This was the 60th anniversary of the first running of this race and three of the original runners were present.The race was won sixty years ago by club member Mary O'Keeffe's uncle and Mary had a super run here tonight and finished 2nd Lady overall.She was narrowly beaten by Rebecca McEvoy who is more than half her age.This was Rebecca's first win and being the great athlete she is Mary was only delighted for her.Tom Cody won 1st O/55 with his ever consistant running and Colm Jordan also had a good run.There was over one hundred took part in what was a very well organised event which was very well stewarded with no kids, buggies or dogs. Good food and excellent prizes.

All Ireland Bronze For Daniel
Daniel Colbert again did his club proud today in coming 3Rd in the All Ireland Junior 400Mtr hurdles.(exactly as his father predicted) This is a great result coming so soon after his Leaving Cert. Rest assured it wont be long before that bronze changes colour.
Daniel has earned a Lane in next Tuesdays Cork City Sports so be sure to cheer him on.He will be the only  Midleton AC rep. there.Congrats Daniel.

Courtmacsherry 10 Km
Fine running again by Tom Cody who came 1st O/55 here on Sat. over a very nice and scenic out and back course.Vicki Cleary had a fine run here also.

All Ireland Junior
Best of luck to Daniel Colbert who is running in the All Ireland Junior 400 Mtr Hurdles tomorrow.It will be a tough one as Daniel has just finished his Leaving Cert. and of course had to cut back on his training to concentrate on his study but no doubt as always this amazing young athlete will do his club proud.
Results to hand have Margaret Jones having a fine run in 104 for the half and Trish Coady very satisfied with her run as she is just returning from injury and was delighted to get round trouble free.This race was almost 1/4 mile too long so both ladies times were better that reported.

Switzerland 10Km
Fionan O'hAodain did the Lauerzersee 10Km last evening over spectacular scenery(the route was around a lake surrounded by mountains ).There were several hundred runners taking part and despite the beautiful scenery he managed to knock over 2 mins off his PB. Now thats the way to spend your holidays Well done Fionan.
Shanagarry 5 Mile

Over six hundred runners took part in this race tonight Thursday and as always we were very well represented with some fine running allround. We had both male and female prizewinners and a few PBs and as always with this race a few dissapointments.The heat certainly had an effect on some runners.


Karen Grant 4th Lady
Michelle Kenny 5Th Lady
Anna Doris 2nd O/40
Breda Cahill 3rd O/40
Helen Gilroy 2nd O/45
Margaret Barry 1st O/60

Edmond O'Sullivan 3rd O/50
Neilus Aherne 3rd O/55

Good luck to everyone racing over the weekend in Courtmacsherry tomorrow,Waterford on Sat. and Waterfall on Sunday evening (7pm) Also to anyone racing elsewhere.
Dont forget there is a 4Mile in Whitegate next Thur night.
also EMC 5Km Ovens Wed @8pm and Dungarvan 5Ml on Fri @ 8pm (recommended)
Please keep me posted on how you get on

Dont forget Cork City Sports next Tue evening.


Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series 2013
Thursday 27 June 2013. 8:00pm

Finishers in the Midleton AC team. Pace Race Race

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile No Place

1 0:29:38 COFFEY, Shea Midleton AC M 05:55.5 34 28

2 0:29:47 DOLPHIN, Michael Midleton AC M 05:57.3 29 30

3 0:30:39 RONAN, Emmet Midleton AC M 06:07.7 47 46

4 0:30:51 AHERNE, Neilus Midleton AC M55 06:10.1 273 47

5 0:31:02 SCANLAN, Rod Midleton AC M 06:12.3 60 53

6 0:31:25 O'REGAN, Noel Midleton AC M45 06:16.9 795 61

7 0:31:30 MURPHY, Eoin Midleton AC M40 06:17.9 48 65

8 0:31:45 SPITERI, Paul Midleton AC M 06:20.9 58 71

9 0:32:04 GRANT, Karen Midleton AC F 06:24.7 402 79

10 0:32:14 MOORE, James Midleton AC M 06:26.7 79 81

11 0:32:20 KENNY, Michelle Midleton AC F 06:27.9 719 84

12 0:32:24 MAUNSELL, Francis Midleton AC M40 06:28.7 61 85

13 0:32:25 O'SULLIVAN, Edmond Midleton AC M50 06:28.9 759 86

14 0:32:36 O'MEARA, Fergal Midleton AC M40 06:31.1 72 90

15 0:32:43 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M55 06:32.5 100 96

16 0:32:56 DORIS, Anna Midleton AC F40 06:35.1 406 99

17 0:32:59 MOTHERWAY, David Midleton AC M 06:35.7 74 103

18 0:33:18 COTT, Brian Midleton AC M 06:39.5 116 113

19 0:33:34 GANNON, Shane Midleton AC M40 06:42.7 117 121

20 0:34:24 KELLY, Alan Midleton AC M40 06:52.7 121 138

21 0:34:36 BUCKLEY, Sheila Midleton AC F 06:55.1 414 144

22 0:34:45 GILROY, Helen Midleton AC F45 06:56.9 417 150

23 0:35:06 O'HALLORAN, John Midleton AC M60 07:01.1 176 163

24 0:35:44 DOWDALL, Kris Midleton AC M 07:08.6 613 178

25 0:35:54 WATSON, Karol Midleton AC M 07:10.6 205 183

26 0:36:10 O'SULLIVAN, Pat Midleton AC M40 07:13.8 744 192

27 0:36:17 KENNEALLY , Michael Midleton AC M45 07:15.2 193 203

28 0:36:21 CAHILL, Breda Midleton AC F40 07:16.0 423 207

29 0:36:37 JONES, Margaret Midleton AC F40 07:19.2 422 216

30 0:36:41 KENNEALLY, Fergus Midleton AC M45 07:20.0 190 219

31 0:37:01 HALLAHAN, Mike Midleton AC M45 07:24.0 797 229

32 0:37:58 SHEEDY, Breeda Midleton AC F45 07:35.4 430 264

33 0:38:05 O'NEILL, Vincent Midleton AC M45 07:36.8 264 268

34 0:38:09 O'KEEFFE, Mary Midleton AC F45 07:37.6 434 272

35 0:38:25 AHERNE, Marian Midleton AC F45 07:40.8 425 283

36 0:38:30 AHERNE, Deirdre Midleton AC F 07:41.8 727 286

37 0:38:44 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M60 07:44.6 261 295

38 0:38:53 DELANEY, Susan Midleton AC F 07:46.4 426 298

39 0:38:58 MURPHY, Trish Midleton AC F45 07:47.4 713 299

40 0:39:03 O'SHAUGHNESSY, Ger Midleton AC M 07:48.4 276 303

41 0:39:13 MURPHY, Christine Midleton AC F40 07:50.4 443 310

42 0:39:17 PERRY, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F40 07:51.2 442 313

43 0:39:32 HEALY, Brian Midleton AC M45 07:54.2 254 321

44 0:40:07 TWOHIG, Margaret Midleton AC F45 08:01.2 469 346

45 0:40:12 BARRY, Louise Midleton AC F 08:02.2 479 350

46 0:40:35 GEARY, Michael Midleton AC M 08:06.8 199 360

47 0:40:44 BUCKLEY, Sinead Midleton AC F 08:08.6 481 363

48 0:40:44 WALSH, Pat Midleton AC M50 08:08.6 220 364

49 0:40:49 FOUHY, Joseph Midleton AC M 08:09.6 314 370

50 0:40:56 DALY, Trish Midleton AC F 08:11.0 455 375

51 0:41:23 TWOMEY, Bernie Midleton AC F40 08:16.4 467 388

52 0:42:08 IVERS, Sinead Midleton AC F 08:25.4 508 407

53 0:42:26 CRONIN, Brendan Midleton AC M 08:29.0 325 413

54 0:43:05 HEGARTY, Linda Midleton AC F40 08:36.8 673 424

55 0:43:11 JONES, Aoife Midleton AC F 08:38.0 503 427

56 0:43:16 DOLPHIN, Rayleen Midleton AC F 08:39.0 515 429

57 0:43:29 GILLMAN, Marie Midleton AC F 08:41.6 778 436

58 0:43:38 CRONIN, Marie Midleton AC F 08:43.4 510 440

59 0:43:51 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F60 08:46.0 504 447

60 0:44:56 O'DONOVAN, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F40 08:59.0 500 467

61 0:45:17 KEANE, Mary Midleton AC F45 09:03.2 526 473

62 0:45:18 SEXTON, Joy Midleton AC F 09:03.4 694 474

63 0:45:20 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M60 09:03.8 652 475

64 0:46:16 MCNAMARA, Michael Midleton AC M55 09:15.0 372 493

65 0:47:32 CODY, Trish Midleton AC F 09:30.2 496 514

66 0:47:40 AHERNE, Michelle Midleton AC F35 09:31.8 584 518

67 0:47:51 FITZGERALD, Annette Midleton AC F40 09:34.0 528 520

68 0:47:52 HARTE, Jim Midleton AC M45 09:34.2 376 521

69 0:48:31 SLOANE, Suzanne Midleton AC F35 09:42.0 574 527

70 0:48:38 BULMAN, Sheila Midleton AC F45 09:43.4 562 530

71 0:49:44 JORDAN, Colm Midleton AC M40 09:56.6 632 546

72 0:49:51 GRIFFIN, Billy Midleton AC M70 09:58.0 755 547

73 0:49:53 COMERFORD, Karen Midleton AC F35 09:58.4 594 548

74 0:50:02 MCGRATH, Marie Midleton AC F40 10:00.2 567 552

75 0:50:12 SMIDDY, Maura Midleton AC F35 10:02.2 571 556

76 0:50:52 KENNEDY, Yvonne Midleton AC F35 10:10.2 465 562

77 0:51:23 MURPHY, Sue Midleton AC F 10:16.4 534 564

78 0:52:13 O'SULLIVAN, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F 10:26.4 593 567

79 0:52:15 NESTOR, Fiona Midleton AC F40 10:26.8 583 568

80 0:55:38 LYNCH, Winnie Midleton AC F40 11:07.4 586 582

81 0:56:04 GARCIA, Penelope Midleton AC F40 11:12.6 604 586

82 0:56:23 O'LEARY, Clare Midleton AC F 11:16.4 599 589

83 0:59:10 MCMURTRY, Jim Midleton AC M65 11:49.8 612 594

There were 83 finishers in the Midleton AC team.


Mdt AC does NOT permit the use of headphones.What you do in your own name is of course up to you but please do not enter a race as Mdt AC or wear the Mdt AC colours whilst wearing headphones.This could lead to expulsion from the club. They are banned in the vast majority of races  for insurance purposes.

CIT Track
Congrats again to Michelle Kenny who  came first in the CIT last night (Wed) in the 5000m in a new PB of  18.44.22. Great running.

Wednesday 26 June 2013


Ballycotton Series Race No 2

People have been asking about prereg. for this race and it wont be available.The main and simple reason is that as most have run in Ballyandreen your number for Shanagarry will be already allocated to you  in the order of your finishing place in the series so far. ie if you finished 70th male in Ballyandreen your number will be 70 etc. So all names will be displayed outside the reg. area so look up your name and find your number then go to the desk and ask for that number. (Entry 5 Euro). There will be a seperate desk for those who did not run Ballandreen to enter at.

For those who have not run this course before remember the first two miles are pretty level until Garryvoe Hotel then a long climb of about a mile begins so be sure to pace yourself for this.There is another short steep hill at around the 3 3/4ml mark but this is preceeded by a sharp downhill. Good luck to everyone and remember for those doing the series its the 4th Thur of every month so plan your holidays around this.

Friday 21 June 2013

Daniel Kingston Macroom 5 Km

Picture shows Margaret Jones &Helen Gilroy displaying their prizes and Capt Edmond O'Sullivan pretending he won everything else (except he only managed to win two prizes but that is still a lot better than most) Well done lads and lassies.


This race took place tonight Thur.20th. To describe it as a race is pushing things despite it being a very worthy cause etc. it has become what is best described as a FUN RUN and should be run and advertised as such. There were kids as young as 7 running (I asked a little girl her age). there were a lot of people with buggies and there was even someone running with a dog not to mention the amount of people wearing headphones. The stewarding etc was excellent ,food etc but there were at least 50 people who did not bother to come over the start line. I hate to be critical as the BHAA are wonderful people and do great work and deserve all the support they get but someone is going to get hurt before long if this continues,
Now after that we did very well here and many of out athletes got prizes

Edmond O'Sullivan 2nd O/50
Tom Cody 1st O/55

Margaret Jones 3rd O/40
Helen Gilroy 2nd O/45


Midleton News 2nd Grade A
(Helen Gilroy&Margater Jones)

MD Insulation 3rd Grade B
(Tom Cody, Edmond O'Sullivan,Rod Scanlon)

There were several other of our athletes who had good runs Margaret Twohig, Karen Grant ,Paul Kearns, David Motherway,Danny Mc Carthy and sorry if I missed anyone.

Please note that Monday night training will now start @6 pm and run from 6-7 .This has arisen as a request fro the CBS as the "Bingo Babes" are having trouble with the parking and us leaving as they arrive.So its best for all concerned that we move start time back to 6pm. and that we leave near as possible after 7pm. If people want to stay a little longer it is important to park on the public road.The bingo is an important fundraiser for the school and this is understandable.
Please inform anyone you know who is interested. Remember this training is open to all members.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Development Squad

We will be meeting Sat @9.30 in the car park in the Design Ctr. in Shanagarry to run the course for the 5 Mile next week.
Also we will meet on Tue @7 at the Comm.Ctr to go for an easy run. Note the change of time (majority decision) and anyone doing speedwork or wanting to do speedwork can come along on the CBS Field.All are welcome and several have started already so no one will be made feel out of place.

In this highly regarded race Anna Doris returned to her home turf tonight Wed. and hopefully started her return to her winning ways by coming 2nd Lady overall and winning the 1st O/35 prize also. It is great to see her on the way back after a recent spate of injuries that caused her to cut down on training and racing.

Well done to Michelle Kenny who took part in her first 3000 mtr on the track in the CIT tonight Tue.
Michelle came 2nd in a time of 11.04 which is fine running for her first time over the distance on the track.
Full results Niamh Roe 1ST ,Michelle Kenny Mdt AC 2nd, Sharon Woods Mallow AC 3rd..

Tuesday 18 June 2013

AIB Macroom
Daniel Kingston Memorial Run 5k, 8pm.
This race takes place on Thur. next in the town of Macroom. It is run over a relatively easy course taking in Main Street Macroom twice once at the start and then on a loop to again finish at the far end of Main Stret.It is usually very well supported with quite a few locals taking part so you would be advised to move up a little nearer to the start than you usually would if you are interested in a good time.
Hopefully there wont be a bunch of underage kids there as there was in Glanmire last Wed night causing havoc. Sixteen is the legal age limit for insurance etc but there were kids clearly underage with numbers running . I  belive that in Dunmanway last Sunday there was even someone running with a dog. There is an accident waiting to happen which will ruin the sport for all of us.
It is a BHAA event and hopefully as always will be well organised.
Contact Fiona Kingston, 087-9031141


Sunday 16 June 2013

Dunmanway 10Km
We had one runner here today and as always he was superb. Neilus Aherne won 1st O/55 in a time of 39.25 over another tough course remember be also won in Clashmore on Fri. night less than two days ago. Some running Neilus you are surely putting it up to the rest of the crew.

Ballyclough Harbour 4 Mile
We had a fine crew who travelled to this lovely North Cork village for the fourth running of this popular race. Michelle Kenny again did very well here as she did there last year.She finished 2 nd lady overall whilst Sheila Buckley ran again and had another very fine run.(two nights in a row).Our men also had very good runs with Tom Cody (19.58)taking1st O/55 whilst Mike Dolphin had an excellent run over this two loops including hills finishing 6th overall in 17.58.James Moore had a good run also.Sean O'Sullivan our Ballyclough native finished 14th in a time of 19.13 winning 1st O/40 in the process.

We had two runners her on Fri evening running this very tough and hilly course Sheila Buckley and Deidre Aherne.It is wonderful to see Deidre back racing after her long spate of injuried.Hopefully she will be back to her former form shortly


We had two runners here also Neilus Aherne and John Cashman.Neilus is back to his winning ways taking 1st O/55.This a course with over a mile of a steep hill up and overall a tough course but has a long downhill to finish.

26 AHEARNE, Neilus Midleton AC M/55 0:32:32 06:30.3

33 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M/45 0:33:23 06:40.5

Reports of other races etc are always welcome

Wednesday 12 June 2013


On a rather miserable evening a huge crowd of 603 finished this race.The race was won by James Gruferty in 20.03 you will remember James started his recent streak of superb running by coming 2nd in our own Mdt 5mile.
First lady home was Rhona Lynch and its great to see her back running so well again.
We had a good crew out (TOO MANY TO NAME) with several picking up prizes and the Development Squad did themselves proud again with some fine running and some very good times on this tough and hilly course.
For once I am happy to report the Men outshone the Ladies in the individual prizes.

Mary O'Keeffe 1st O/45

Edmond O'Sullivan 2nd O/50
Tom Cody 1st O/55
Donie O'Connell 2nd O/60


Midleton News 2nd Team ( Sheila Buckley & Mary O'Keeffe)

M D Insulation ( awaiting the MENS names) 1st Grade B

Dont forget there is a 4 Mile in Inniscarra on Fri night and a 5 mile in Clashmore (10/15 mins outside Youghal) also on Fri night. Both races have steep uphills and steep downhills also but they are both really nice races. We also have Ballyclough 5km on Sat night which I know a few are already going to.

 Just to clarify the club training arrangements for all as we head into the summer;

Monday 6.30 at Midleton CBS – this session replaces the winter hockey pitch one. Speed work is emphasized but of course anyone can come along and do their own thing/set up their own group. There is a specific group of 6 – 7 minute/mile runners taken by Kevin. The rest are taken by Edmond for the usual warm up and stretch routine and then different groups are set up depending on numbers present.
A sub of €2 is collected and PLEASE be sure to write your name down on the book as we use the list of names to reconcile the finances.
PLEASE NOTE; There is bingo in CBS at 8pm. If you delay too long after the 7.30 finish you may run into traffic problems as you try to leave.
6pm – Danny’s Development group meet at the Community Centre car park.

6.30pm –Pat’s 7.30 – 9 min/mile group meet in the Bailick Car-park for speed session on the sewage road.

 7pm – Edmond takes anyone wanting to do a straight run after initial warm up and stretching.
A sub of €1 applies until July 1st. for these three sessions.

Again be sure to sign in on the book.
In order to close out finances over the summer, can those who have collected subs please ensure that Kevin gets these as soon as possible after July 1st. From July 1st onwards the club committee officially winds up til September.
Monday training at CBS will continue and all other training may continue….it is up to each group to make their own arrangements. Main events for the start of September are;Midleton Athletic club, senior section, AGM – please attend and get involved with your club!!
Club open night – chance to meet up after the summer, chat, bring friends, new members. Usually a good social night.
Club annual trip away. Details TBA but will involve a bus, a 1 or 2 night stay-over and a race, probably a 5 miler.
Great way to really enjoy club life!!!
Edmond & Sally

Midleton AC

Monday 10 June 2013

Someone took a rainjacket in error from training tonight and it belongs to Helen Gilroy.Please contact Helen or myself @ 0872403940 or

Sunday 9 June 2013


Daniel Colbert our All Ireland champion continued on his winning ways again in CIT this weekend where he ran the 400 mtrs flat in 50.8. What a superb young athlete we have here that can take time off in the middle of his Leaving Cert. to go for a run and win races like this in times as solid as this.Joseph Fouhy also ran this race and did very well considering it was his first time on a track. Remember everyone is welcome to try out at these events.
Michelle Kenny at the same meet finished 3rd overall in the 3000mtr but as the second girl was a "Galway Girl" so Michelle took the silver in the County Championships. Michelle is proving herself to be as good on the track as she in on the shorter distances over the roads and she continues to improve with every race.

Friday 7 June 2013


This race is on 15th June @8pm in the home country of club member Sean O'Sullivan.So anyone heading in the North Cork direction please bear it in mind.
Having done it lots of   times  it is a really nice race well organised over a nice course.
Dev.Squad training on Sat @9.30am Meet Bailick Car Park.
There will be no official session next Wed.(unless people want to meet up themselves) as most will be doing the 4Mile in Glanmire @8pm.
ps Anyone wanting to put up training notices please email me

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Irish Championship IMRA

Just want to report that Matt and Maggie Chojan  did Carrauntoohil race on Sunday- part of Irish Championship IMRA. 12,5km, 1137meters total climb, 82 runners took part,

No official results yet but Matt finished in 1:55 and Maggie 2:42 after being lost in foggy mountains with group of runners:), route wasn't marked


Tuesday 4 June 2013

Our All Ireland Champion

Picture shows Daniel Colbert after he winning the All Ireland Schools 400 Mtr Hurdles
 in a new PB of 54.83.
 That Gold medal suits you Dan. Lets hope now that his achievement is properly recognised and he gets a lane in the Cork City Sports which he richly deserves.
Training as per usual on Wed. 6,630 & 7.

Dev.Squad will meet at 6pm @the Comm. Ctr.