Thursday 31 December 2009


Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh

John Cashman

Neilus Aherne, Sports/Holistic Therapist

Neilius may be contacted on 086-8438355

Sunday 27 December 2009


The Annual Bandon 5 Mile Road Race (Donough Coughlan Memorial RR)
scheduled for tomorrow, December 28th, has been cancelled due to the
Bad Weather.

Saturday 26 December 2009

Another one has just been cancelled.The Belgooly 4 is off due to the weather.

Monday 21 December 2009

Race Cancelled plus Shan 5 Results

Due to some icy patches persisting on some sheltered parts of the
> course it is considered that the safest option is to cancel the 4th
> leg of the 3k series. The next race will be the '5th leg' on the 12th
> of January.
> Anyone who now completes 4 of the 6 legs will be entitled to a race tee shirt

23rd Annual
Saturday 19 December 2009

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:15:32 MCCARTHY, James East Cork AC M 04:59.9 111 1
2 0:15:59 MCGRATH, Sean East Cork AC M 05:08.6 130 2
3 0:16:29 O'CARROLL, Frank East Cork AC M 05:18.2 133 3
4 0:16:36 FAHY, Roy East Cork AC M 05:20.5 109 4
5 0:16:57 MEADE, Eric East Cork AC M40 05:27.2 107 5
6 0:17:01 CASEY, Eoin Midleton AC MJ 05:28.5 122 6
7 0:17:19 O'REILLY, Alan East Cork AC MJ 05:34.3 121 7
8 0:17:33 MAHER, Shane East Cork AC M 05:38.8 104 8
9 0:17:55 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M45 05:45.9 101 9
10 0:17:57 DUNNE, Denis unatt/Cork M 05:46.5 137 10
11 0:17:58 WALSH, Joe unatt/Ballinacurra M 05:46.9 108 11
12 0:18:10 O'DWYER, David East Cork AC M 05:50.7 110 12
13 0:18:20 ROE, Niamh Eagle AC F 05:53.9 125 13
14 0:18:25 GEARY, Kevin Eagle AC M 05:55.5 136 14
15 0:18:35 KELLY, Norman Eagle AC M 05:58.8 140 15
16 0:18:43 DUNPHY, John Eagle AC M40 06:01.3 124 16
17 0:18:44 TIERNEY, Conor East Cork AC M 06:01.7 131 17
18 0:18:49 DESMOND, John Eagle AC M45 06:03.3 154 18
19 0:18:53 CODY, Tom Midleton AC M55 06:04.6 165 19
20 0:18:58 CURTIN, Joyce East Cork AC F 06:06.2 159 20
21 0:19:03 PRENDERGAST, Gary unatt/Rathcormack M 06:07.8 119 21
22 0:19:07 O'CONNELL, Declan unatt/Cloyne M 06:09.1 146 22
23 0:19:09 O'SULLIVAN, Edmond Midleton AC M45 06:09.7 166 23
24 0:19:15 O'SULLIVAN, Ian East Cork AC M 06:11.6 144 24
25 0:19:19 NOLAN, Michelle Midleton AC F35 06:12.9 116 25
26 0:19:22 WALSH, Niamh Youghal AC F 06:13.9 147 26
27 0:19:27 O'CONNELL, Eoin unatt/Midleton M 06:15.5 161 27
28 0:19:35 CLEARY, Paul East Cork AC M 06:18.1 112 28
29 0:19:39 DOHERTY, David Togher AC M 06:19.4 105 29
30 0:19:41 MAHONEY, Trevor Midleton AC M 06:20.0 129 30
31 0:20:06 O'REILLY, Kevin Midleton AC M45 06:28.0 120 31
32 0:20:23 O'SULLIVAN, Billy Midleton AC M 06:33.5 123 32
33 0:20:32 O'DONOGHUE, Pat unatt/Cloyne M 06:36.4 118 33
34 0:20:42 O'LEARY, Ted West Waterford AC M 06:39.6 143 34
35 0:20:44 O'SULLIVAN, Dermot East Cork AC M45 06:40.3 170 35
36 0:20:47 MCDERMOTT, Barry unatt/Dromahane M 06:41.2 115 36
37 0:20:55 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M 06:43.8 126 37
38 0:21:02 O'CONNELL, John Midleton AC M 06:46.1 160 38
39 0:21:07 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M45 06:47.7 169 39
40 0:21:09 SCANNELL, John Eagle AC M40 06:48.3 149 40
41 0:21:24 DRENNAN, Sally Midleton AC F40 06:53.1 128 41
42 0:21:25 O'DONOVAN, Leo unatt/Schull M 06:53.5 148 42
43 0:21:30 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 06:55.1 102 43
44 0:21:32 O'NEILL, Pierse unatt/Aghada M 06:55.7 182 44
45 0:21:36 GEARY, Caroline Midleton AC F 06:57.0 183 45
46 0:21:47 COOKE, Tony St. Finbarrs AC M45 07:00.5 132 46
47 0:21:49 HOUGH, Joan Midleton AC F50 07:01.2 145 47
48 0:21:53 CLEARY, Eibhlin East Cork AC F 07:02.5 113 48
49 0:21:55 O'REGAN, Padraig unatt/Ladysbridge M 07:03.1 173 49
50 0:21:59 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 07:04.4 152 50
51 0:22:04 PERRY, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F35 07:06.0 176 51
52 0:22:07 HENRY, Aidan unatt/Cork M40 07:07.0 178 52
53 0:22:10 HEALY, Brian Midleton AC M45 07:07.9 177 53
54 0:23:19 O'DONOGHUE, Donal unatt/Little Island M40 07:30.2 153 54
55 0:23:25 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M55 07:32.1 172 55
56 0:23:36 GARVEY, Colette Eagle AC F 07:35.6 174 56
57 0:23:46 KEANE, Pat Midleton AC M45 07:38.8 167 57
58 0:23:48 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 07:39.5 150 58
59 0:23:53 O'KEEFFE, Mary Midleton AC F40 07:41.1 117 59
60 0:24:11 O'SHEA, Louise Grange-Fermoy AC F35 07:46.9 114 60
61 0:24:27 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 07:52.0 168 61
62 0:24:36 PIPER, Claudia Eagle AC F 07:54.9 139 62
63 0:24:51 O'BRIEN, Karen unatt/Cobh F 07:59.8 187 63
64 0:24:52 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F60 08:00.1 175 64
65 0:24:53 HENNESSY, Elaine Midleton AC F50 08:00.4 162 65
66 0:25:20 SPILLANE, James unatt/Cork M 08:09.1 184 66
67 0:25:27 MULLANE, Philip Midleton AC M 08:11.3 138 67
68 0:25:36 RYAN, Gillian unatt/Glanmire F35 08:14.2 127 68
69 0:26:01 CURTIN, Jim East Cork AC M60 08:22.3 158 69
70 0:26:20 HICKEY, Aiden unatt/Ballinacurra M 08:28.4 103 70
71 0:27:26 BARRY, Louise unatt/Midleton F 08:49.6 141 71
72 0:27:33 JORDAN, Colm Midleton AC M 08:51.9 106 72
73 0:27:48 PHELAN, Louise Youghal AC F 08:56.7 181 73
74 0:27:56 SHEEHAN, Marc unatt/Coachford M 08:59.3 185 74
75 0:28:56 MCGRATH, Marie Midleton AC F35 09:18.6 164 75
76 0:28:57 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F50 09:18.9 151 76
77 0:29:15 HALLAHAN, Eimear Leevale AC F 09:24.7 157 77
78 0:29:17 HALLAHAN, Olive Midleton AC F45 09:25.4 155 78
79 0:29:26 O'CONNOR, Barbara Midleton AC F 09:28.3 163 79
80 0:29:27 O'CONNELL, Kathleen Midleton AC F55 09:28.6 171 80
81 0:29:29 HALLAHAN, John Leevale AC M45 09:29.2 156 81
82 0:30:28 PRIOR, Veronica unatt/Glounthaune F 09:48.2 142 82
83 0:31:37 CUMMINS, Kevin unatt/Cork M60 10:10.4 186 83
84 0:34:42 O'REILLY, Deirdre unatt/Youghal F 11:09.9 134 84
85 0:34:43 WALSH, Ina unatt/Youghal F 11:10.3 135 85
86 0:45:29 TOHER, Mary Midleton AC F50 14:38.1 179 86

Happy Christmas - and good running in 2010!

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Friday 18 December 2009

Upcoming Road Races/Events

Tomorrow - Saturday Dec 19th – Shanagarry 5K – 12.30pm
(This race is for charity so please contribute what you can)

Sunday Dec 20th Newmarket to Kanturk – 5 Mile – 2pm
(A Point to Point Race with a bus to bring you back to Newmarket)

Tuesday Dec 22nd – East Cork 3K – 7.30pm

Christmas Day – Goal Mile
At Cork IT 10am-12.30 PM, Youghal and Ballynoe – 11am-1230PM
(Cork CIT is usually very busy in recent years so consider supporting an East Cork event)

St Stephen’s Day – Belgooly 4 Mile – 12 noon
( A very popular event so be sure to arrive early)

Monday Dec 28th – Bandon 5 Mile – 11am
(Note New Start Time)

Monday 14 December 2009

Senior Section News

Popular Athletes Win Club Awards

The end of the year is almost upon us and with it goes the passing of another decade. It’s been a year and a decade of remarkable progress for Midleton AC with our club now boasting a record number of members.
On Friday evening last Garryvoe Hotel was the venue for the club’s annual Christmas Dinner and it was time to hand out the accolades for the outstanding performers of 2009 and present the club’s inaugural ‘Athlete Of The Decade’ award. Although for one reason or another the attendance was down on the previous year, the social highlight of the year was again an outstanding success with the ultimate award winners proving very popular choices.

Danny McCarthy – Athlete Of The Decade

Danny McCarthy richly deserved his award as the club’s outstanding athlete of the past ten years. No club runner has covered as many miles or participated in as many races as Danny since the dawn of the new millennium. In winter and summer, over long and short distances, near and far, Danny has been on the start line. He has displayed a hugely consistent line of form recording many personal best times sin the process and also amassing a huge array of prizes. Danny is equally at home on the 3K circuit or on the 26.2 mile marathon journey in Dublin. He has also been a remarkable guiding light for other athletes and on several occasions has even sacrificed his own race for the benefit of others.

Danny’s renowned leadership has been hugely instrumental in building Midleton AC into one of biggest clubs in the county. In training and on race day his advice and encouragement have been central to the positive performances of many of our club colleagues, particularly newcomers.

Throughout the corridors of time, Danny on many occasions could have been named as ‘Club Athlete The Year’ but this latest accolade even more graphically illustrates his massive contribution to the sport and the club he loves. – Congratulations Danny!

Breda Cahill/Anne Marie Perry – Female Athletes Of The Year

Good friends and training partners Breda Cahill and Anne Marie Perry proved to be inseparable when it came to selecting the outstanding female performer of 2009. Both had superb seasons over the shorter distances, producing some excellent displays epitomised by their high finishing positions overall in the Ballycotton Summer Series. However it was in the autumn of the year, that the popular duo really sprang to prominence with their power packed displays in the Dublin Marathon.

The individual and team prizes collected locally during the months before hand faded some what into the back ground when national honours arrived in the shape of Marathon Championship medals. Forming two thirds of the Midleton AC O/35 team, the popular Cloyne ladies came home promptly home after colleague Michelle Nolan to clinch a silver medal for the club at national level. The displays were a fitting reward for many months of months of disciplined training in the company of Anne Marie’s mother Margaret which resulted in all three athletes earning national medals,

Breda and Anne Marie can look back at 2009 with many great memories and can place their ‘Athlete of The Year’ awards side by side with the many other prizes collected during a glorious twelve months of success.

Male Athlete Of The Year - Neilus Aherne

It’s fair to say that the bookmakers had probably suspended betting on this category ever before Neilus Aherne stepped on the start line for the 30th Dublin Marathon in late October. The Ladysbridge man had a season of non stop success, rarely returning empty handed from any event he entered and in the process setting higher targets with passing of each month.

Back in early season action after persistent injury problems, Neilus was gathering momentum as the ‘10’ Mile Series was ageing in Spring. By the time summer dawned the seconds and minutes were already being knocked off and Neilus sprung into the limelight with some great running in the Ballycotton Summer Series. He continued the upward spiral with an outstanding display in the Cork Half Marathon and then followed up with another super run in the Cork To Cobh Race.

In Dublin a 3 hrs 2 minutes time rolled back the years and sealed the club’s top annual male accolade for the popular Ladysbridge man, despite considerable opposition from many other top club performers.

Cork BHAA – Simon Run

A large Midleton contingent were on the start line on Sunday last as the curtain came down on the 2009 Cork BHAA calendar with the staging of the annual Cork Simon Christmas Run. A perfect morning for running belied the date calendar date, but a few seasonal costumes nevertheless indicated the arrival of the man from the North Pole was imminent.

Congrats to both Brian Healy and Ned Ramsell who completed the full compliment of Cork BHAA races for 2009 season. It was Brian’s second year in succession to reach that milestone whilst it was Ned’s 4th year in a row with a full card at the end of the year – quite an achievement.

Meantime another one of our regular participants Mary Toher was recently in action in another seasonal event in England. Mary completed the 10 mile course in the appropriately titled Multi-Terrain Mince Pie Race organised by Seaford Striders.

Looking Ahead – Christmas Races

A packed line up of races is in store over next few weeks, with plenty of action near and far over a variety of distances.
It’s off to Shanagarry on Saturday next - 12.30pm for the annual Christmas 5K. (Note the earlier starting time) Numbers were scarce years back in this event but with the running boom locally we can expect another good turn out for this Ballycotton Running Promotions organised race this year.

On Sunday next, there will be plenty of incentive to journey to the north west of the county as Duhallow AC host the Newmarket to Kanturk ‘5’ Mile Race. This event boasts an impressive prize list with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in all categories, top 10 men and women individuals and 3 club team prizes. Race time here is at 2pm with the start line located at Newmarket Co-Op. All finishers will receive a prize. - More information from Donie Shine of Duhallow AC – 086-8149970.

East Cork 3K

It’s back to the East Cork 3K on Tuesday 22nd as we reach Race 4 in the ever popular Series. Our athletes have been very much to the fore in the events so far, with several impressive performers and several of our newcomers also getting their first taste of competitive action. Donal Broderick in 10:56 led our large crew home in Race 3 whilst Sean O’Sullivan, Tom Cody, Conor McGrath, Billy O’Sullivan, John O’Connell and Ned Ramsell were amongst other club members to catch the eye. There was also another excellent run by Caroline Geary to maintain her fine form in the event.

Goal Mile

Run a mile for the Goal Charity has been part of the Christmas Day ritual for many athletes in recent years. The opportunity is there again locally this year on Christmas morning at Cork IT (10am), Youghal AC (11am) or Ballynoe (11am).

Belgooly Bound St Stephens Day

Belgooly has also become a central part of the runner’s yuletide diary over the past few years. Entries have swelled particularly over the last 2 years with runners anxious to return to action after the previous day’s festivities. This year’s Dick Copithorne Memorial ‘4’ Mile Belgoly Race begins at 12 noon, but the advise is to arrive well in advance of this time. - More details on this event from 086-841119 or Dungarvan GAA Club have also a Fun Run at 11am on the same day if you wish to travel east rather than west.

Bandon AC

This year’s Bandon AC seasonal fixture is pencilled in for the following Monday December 28th. The Donough Coughlan Memorial ‘5’ Mile race is renowned as a fast race, which is well organised by Tom Laffan and his team. It’s an 11am start with Tom available on 087-6501649 for further enquiries. You can also log on to


New Year’s Day sees the usual 10k race in Beaufort, county Kerry over 10K.

January also brings us the beginning of the Munster ‘10’ Mile Series, with the traditional start in Mallow on Sunday 10th – 12.30pm. Mallow AC are making a big push this year in relation to this opening race in the Spring Classics Series which again is being sponsored by John Buckley Sports. See full details on or call John Holland on 022-21280.
Remember entry to race 2 in Dungarvan is by pre-entry only. Cut off point here for the January 31 fixture is Monday January 18th. A visit to www.westwaterfordathletics or a call to James Veale 086-8184762 will set you on the right footing.

- Just a quick word on the new BHAA fixture list. The action begins as usual on Sunday January 24 with the FMC ‘4’ Mile Race in Little Island – 11am.

Training Arrangements

Please note our training arrangements for the Holiday period, will see us miss out on one Monday session and two Wednesday sessions.
Wednesday 16th – Training As Usual – Community Centre
Monday 21st – Training As Usual – Midleton College
Wednesday 23rd – No Training
Monday 28th – No Training
Wednesday 30th – No Training
Monday 4th – Training Resumes As Usual – Midleton College

Blog Contact

Before concluding a reminder of the ways in which you can stay in touch with Midleton AC.
In fact, staying in touch with what is happening in the club is now easier than ever, as our non interactive blog now in operation. Check for all regular updates. E mail contact is You may also have regular club news, updates and results sent directly to you via our club e mail service. Please give your e mail address to PRO John Cashman to avail of this service (almost 100 members now on list). Telephone enquiries regarding the club may be directed to Danny McCarthy on 087-2403940

Finally, season greetings are extended to all our members and their families for a Christmas season full of joy and a New Year of health and peace.
(The next news update on Midleton & District News will be on our issue dated January 14th – however our blog updates/e mail contact will continue in the meantime)
Remember to enjoy the festivities but – “keep on running”


Wednesday 2 December 2009


The Cork Business Houses AGM will take place on Thursday 10th December at
8 pm in the Orchard Bar, Ballinlough.
All motions and nominations for
committee must be submitted before the 9th December.
All members and intending members are welcome.
The Simon Turkey Trot, 4 Mile road race is on Sunday next, December 13th at
11am at the Marina. Entries and changing are in the Lee Rowing Club. (Please
note the distance is 4 miles and not 5K as was stated on the website)

In order to make this an enjoyable and novel event, companies, especially
those who do not promote a race, individuals, and non-reg people, are asked
to provide a spot prize for this event. These spot prizes will be drawn for
the race. All proceeds from this event will go to the Cork Simon Community.

Tuesday 1 December 2009

East Cork AC 3Km Winter Series Race 3 01/12/09

1 James McCarthy East Cork AC 8.54
2 Frank O'Carroll East Cork AC 9.33
3 Denis Coughlan St Finbarrs AC 9.49
4 Roy Fahy East Cork AC 9.52
5 Shane Fitzgerald East Cork AC 10.05
6 Eric Meade East Cork AC 10.13
7 James O'Driscoll CIT 10.18
8 Gordon Kelly Aghada 10.22
9 David O'Dwyer East Cork AC 10.31
10 Philip O'Neill East Cork AC 10.36
11 Denis Dunne Cork 10.40
12 Gary Prendergast Rathcormac 10.45
13 Denis McCarthy East Cork AC 10.47
14 Brian O'Connor Grange Fermoy AC 10.48
15 Donal Broderick Midleton AC 10.56
16 Owen O'Connell Midleton 10.58
17 Josh O'S-Hourihan Midleton College 11.06
18 John Connolly Aghada GAA 11.08
19 Declan O'Connell Cloyne 11.11
20 John Dunphy Eagle AC 11.17
21 Dave O'Driscoll St Finbarrs AC 11.18
22 Martin O'Reilly St Finbarrs AC 11.20
23 Sean O'Sullivan Midleton AC 11.26
24 Pat Fogarty Cork 11.26
25 Adrian Walsh Ballycotton 11.28
26 Barry McDermott Dromohane 11.29
27 Niamh Walsh Youghal AC 11.29
28 Olan Barrett Grange Fermoy AC 11.30
29 Brendan O'Mahony Grange Fermoy AC 11.31
30 Tom Cody Midleton AC 11.35
31 Ronan O'Donoghue CIT 11.41
32 Billy O'Sullivan Midleton AC 11.43
33 Peter Stanley Passage 11.40
34 Laurence Collins Mount Uniacke 11.45
35 Nick Parkinson East Cork AC 11.48
36 John Griffin Grange Fermoy AC 11.48
37 John O'Connell Midleton AC 11.50
38 Conor McGrath Midleton AC 11.53
39 David Murphy Midleton CBS 11.54
40 AJ Murphy Midleton 11.55
41 Brian Parkinson East Cork AC 11.56
42 John O'Callaghan Rising Sun AC 11.57
43 Aidan O'Reilly Midleton 11.57
44 Martin Curtin Inniscarra 11.58
45 Ned Ramsell Midleton AC 11.59
46 Paul Walshe Ballynonty AC 12.00
47 Enda Heery Cork 12.01
48 David Creedon East Cork AC 12.02
49 Ted O'Leary St Catherines 12.03
50 Trevor Collins Naas 12.04
51 Leo O'Donovan Midleton 12.08
52 Brian Healy Midleton AC 12.09
53 Sean O'Farrell Midleton CBS 12.10
54 Ken O'Keeffe Aghada GAA 12.10
55 John O'Riordan Rising Sun AC 12.12
56 Pearse O'Neill Aghada GAA 12.13
57 Colm Power Killeagh 12.25
58 Jim McEvoy Midleton AC 12.17
59 Kieran Walsh Youghal AC 12.18
60 Tom O'Neill Aghada GAA 12.18
61 Aine Murphy UCC 12.19
62 Aidan Kelleher Dungourney 12.22
63 Kevin O'Reilly Midleton 12.28
64 Rick Prendergast Castlemartyr 12.30
65 Emmet Foley Whitegate 12.45
66 Caroline Geary Midleton AC 12.47
67 Liam Walsh Midleton GAA 12.49
68 Batt Kearney Leevale AC 12.51
69 John Walshe East Cork AC 12.54
70 Kevin Morrison Midleton AC 12.57
71 Philip O'Mahony Midleton 12.58
72 Declan Kearney Aghada 12.59
73 Breda Cahill Midleton AC 13.00
74 John Walsh Cobh 13.01
75 Katie Sloane Aghada 13.01
76 Elaine Guinane Eagle AC 13.02
77 Pat Walsh Midleton GAA 13.02
78 David O'Sullivan East Cork AC 13.08
79 Mary Histon de Barra Rising Sun AC 13.08
80 Dave Barry Midleton AC 13.12
81 Eibhlin Cleary East Cork AC 13.14
82 Deirdre Ahern Midleton AC 13.15
83 Donal O'Donoghue Little Island 13.19
84 Padraig O'Regan Ladysbridge 13.20
85 John O'Farrell Midleton CBS 13.20
86 Roger O'Mahony Glounthaune 13.21
87 Chris Beausang Midleton 13.22
88 Finbarr Lyons Midleton 13.23
89 Martin Carr Midleton 13.25
90 Paul Kierans Carrigtwohill 13.26
91 Jimmy Murray Rising Sun AC 13.26
92 Noreen Mackey CIT 13.28
93 Conor Cusack Midleton 13.28
94 Rebecca Walsh Youghal AC 13.29
95 Leah McEvoy Midleton AC 13.30
96 Anne Marie Perry Midleton AC 13.33
97 Yvonne Kennedy Midleton AC 13.36
98 John Fennell West Waterford AC 13.41
99 Graham Stanley Passage 13.45
100 David Parkinson East Cork AC 13.50
101 Danny McCarthy Midleton AC 13.54
102 Kieran O'Donovan Ballinacurra 13.57
103 Maura Burke Carrigtwohill 13.59
104 Brian Kenneally Midleton AC 14.03
105 Matthew Geraghy Cloyne 14.04
106 Dermot Cashman Carrigtwohill 14.05
107 Karen O'Flynn Eagle AC 14.12
108 Kerrie O'Neill Aghada 14.14
109 Donie O'Connell Midleton AC 14.16
110 Danny O'Connell Midleton 14.18
111 Liam Morrissey Aghada 14.20
112 Eadaoin O'Neill East Cork AC 14.21
113 Tom Kelly Ballymore Cobh AC 14.22
114 Mary O'Keeffe Midleton AC 14.24
115 Ger O'Brien Glanmire 14.26
116 Frances O'Connor Eagle AC 14.27
117 Vincent Murray Glanmire 14.33
118 Ciara Coughlan Midleton AC 14.34
119 Karen O'Brien Cobh 14.36
120 Tom Cusack Midleton AC 14.38
121 Philip Mullane Ballycotton 14.43
122 Mairead O'Hea Eagle AC 14.50
123 Trisha Murphy Midleton AC 14.55
124 Claire O'Brien East Cork AC 15.00
125 Ann Savage Midleton AC 15.07
126 Elaine Hennessy Midleton AC 15.12
127 Eoghan Cashman Midleton AC 15.14
128 John Cashman Midleton AC 15.14
129 Che Megan Cork 15.18
130 Ciara O'Sullivan Lisgoold 15.19
131 Jim Curtin East Cork AC 15.21
132 Darren Cusack Midleton 15.33
133 Louise Barry Midleton 15.34
134 Norah O'Brien Carrigtwohill GNS 15.39
135 Cathy Walsh Cobh 15.42
136 Frank O'Brien Carrigtwohill BNS 15.46
137 Don O'Hanlon Cork 15.58
138 Linda Hegarty Midleton AC 16.00
139 Lillian Grandfield Cloyne 16.07
140 Harry Farmer Cloyne 16.09
141 Stephanie Beausang Midleton 16.10
142 Helena Creedon Midleton 16.11
143 Lillian O'Meara Midleton 16.12
144 Fergal O'Meara Midleton 16.13
145 Margaret Sinclair Midleton AC 16.13
146 Carrie Higgins Midleton AC 16.14
147 Denis Manning Cork 16.16
148 Mike Dorney Midleton 16.17
149 Ross O'Connor Midleton 16.23
150 Margaret Mulcahy Midleton AC 16.24
151 Willie O'Mahony Youghal AC 16.27
152 Clodagh Kelleher Passage 16.30
153 Orla Kelleher Dungourney 16.42
154 Patricia Lange CIT 16.49
155 Pauline Casey Midleton 16.59
156 Tom Casey Midleton 17.00
157 Eimer Hallahan Leevale AC 17.04
158 Joan McCarthy Midleton AC 17.06
159 Margaret Keane Cobh 17.09
160 Taylor Murphy Leevale AC 17.10
161 Ciara McGrath Cloyne 17.11
162 Olive Hallahan Midleton AC 17.12
163 Mary Molloy Midleton 17.20
164 Helen Cusack Midleton 17.20
165 Deirdre Troy Midleton AC 17.21
166 Sinead Robinson Midleton AC 17.24
167 Siobhan O'Connor Midleton 17.32
168 Rachel Hegarty Midleton 17.33
169 Grainne Murphy Cork 17.37
170 Nora Savage Midleton AC 17.41
171 Margaret Twohig Midleton AC 17.42
172 Aileen McGrath Cloyne 17.44
173 Maureen McGrath Midleton AC 17.45
174 Clare O'Leary Midleton AC 18.04
175 Margaret O'Connor ??? 18.06
176 Kathleen O'Connell Midleton AC 18.07
177 Mary Toher Midleton AC 19.00
178 Jim McMurtry Midleton AC 19.30
179 Sheila Kierans Carrigtwohill 19.33
180 Gordon Callanan Midleton 19.44
181 Hubert Crowe Tipperary 19.47
182 Darragh Healy Ballycotton 20.21

Monday 30 November 2009

Ballycotton 10

Its that time of year again when the mad rush for "Ballycotton 10 Entry Forms" begins.

Remember one of the advantages of being a member of a club is that you have almost TWO weeks to get the form in.The closing date for receipt of entries is Dec 15 TH for AAI club members. Be sure to give it good time to get there at least two days.
and just make sure you put Midleton AC on the form. As errors cannot be corrected later.

Forms will be available at training Monday night and also at training on Wed Night.
Any club member wanting forms outside of those times can contact Danny at 0872403940.

Senior Section News

Races Galore On The Horizon

The running fixture list is top heavy with events over the next month with a host of attractions to keep us all busy. There are races near and far over short and long distance with plenty for everybody regardless of their state of fitness at this time of the year. Of course, the Midleton AC Christmas Dinner is just one of the many local seasonal social attractions which could lead to distraction in terms of any planned training schedules.

Christmas Dinner

The aforementioned Dinner will take place at Garryvoe Hotel on Friday week, December 11th (7.30pm). It has become traditional that club members convene for a pre- festive meal and of course in recent years with the many new members that have come on board it’s great to see the gathering getting bigger each year. Remember to give your name and money to either Michelle Nolan or Sally Drennan at training on Wednesday or by Monday next. The cost per club member is 35 euro and 40 for non members. Advance payment is required for this function.

Cross Country

The cancellation of the Inniscarra ‘4’ Mile Road Race left something of a void on the local road calendar, but there has been plenty of action in the stamina sapping cross country scene. Well done to Mary Toher who was recently on the honours list as silver medallist in the County Masters Championships. Mary along with club colleagues Noel O’Regan and Joan Hough we also selected on the Cork team for last weekend’s Munster Masters which took place in Tipperary. Of course the European Championships in Dublin are the big upcoming attraction on the national cross country scene, whilst locally the Munster Senior and Junior Championships will be held in Carraig na bhFear on Sunday January 17th.

Road Action

Now to return to the road action and after this week’s 3K in Midleton, the month of December is certainly packed with action. There is a Half Marathon organised by Waterford AC taking place in Waterford city on Saturday week, December 12th. The course is the same as was used for the National Championships in 2008 and will take the runners to Tramore and back. Already a very sizeable entry has been received for the event, but one can enter until 10am on the day of the race. Action gets under way an hour later.

Twenty four hours later the Cork Simon Run, organised by Cork BHAA will take place in Cork, in the vicinity of the Marina area. It’s a novel event in that you predict your time in advance and run without the aid of a watch. Finishing close to your predicted time is the target. All proceeds towards go the Simon Community.

On the following weekend we have the Shanagarry 5K on Saturday at 12.30pm (note new time) and the Newmarket to Kanturk ‘4’ miler, on Sunday at 2pm. The next East Cork 3K Race then enters the equation on the following Tuesday December 22nd.
- So, to Christmas Day and the Goal Mile. Local venues this year again include the Cork IT Track and the Youghal AC training grounds.

A quick glance thereafter to what follows immediately after Christmas Day. The sat nav’s are likely to be pointing towards Belgooly on St Stephen’s Day where the local ‘4’ mile race has it’s traditional 12 noon start. All records were broken for this event last year. Next on the list is the Bandon ‘5’ Mile Race at 11am on Monday 28th December, with the Beaufort 10K offering a trip across the county bounds on New Year’s Day. We will preview all those races in greater detail in our next column nearer to Christmas.

New Fixture List

Interestingly the fixture list for 2010 is now almost complete and a sneak preview shows a number of new additions to the calendar. Apart from mid summer events in both Macroom and Dunmanway, there is also a new 10 Mile Race listed for Cobh in early May and a 4 miler in Little Island on March 7, organised by Janssen and the Cork BHAA.

It will in fact be very bust start to the New Year with the Mallow ‘10’ taking place at 12.30pm on Sunday 10th. The organisers are taking pre entries for this race, with more information currently available on the Mallow AC web site. The second leg of the Munster Series is in Dungarvan three weeks later and this event is by entry onl this year. Take a look at the West Waterford AC web site for more information. In between these two longer events there is the FMC ‘4’ Mile Race in Little Island on Sunday 24th and later that day the Colligan Cup in Dungarvan, a race won previously by our own Kathleen O’Connell.

Off the roads one other fixture of note is the Munster Indoor Senior, Junior and Masters Championships on Sunday January 3rd.

Training Arrangements

- MONDAY (with the exception of December 28th) 6pm to 7pm at Midleton College All Weather Facility. WEDNESDAY 7pm to 8pm at Midleton Community Centre (with the exception of December 23rd and 30th). The beginner’s sessions will also continue at 6pm each Wednesday.



Until next time – ‘keep on running’.

Saturday 21 November 2009

News Flash
Word has just come through that the race tomorrow Inniscarra 4 mile has been cancelled due to weather conditions

Monday 16 November 2009

National Medal Winners /////////////////History Makers


Midleton AC Senior Section News


Marathon Ladies In The Limelight

It has been quite a few weeks for four members of Midleton AC who were amongst the 21 strong contingent that took part in the Dublin City Marathon. Previously we have reflected on the success of our crew but it has only been in the weeks after the race that the full results incorporating the National Championships have been published.

Thus, it is with great delight that we toast the feats of Michelle Nolan, Margaret Barry, Anne Marie Perry and Breda Cahill. All four have now National Marathon medals in their possession.

Apart from her success in the BHAA category Michelle competed a coveted double, taking the silver medal in the Over 35 category in the National Championship and taking third place overall in the Over 35 age bracket. Margaret Barry whose summer running ambitions looked as if they could be curtailed due to injury has recovered fully to scoop the silver medal at national level in the Over 60 category.
An unique feature of this memorable day is that Margaret’s daughter Anne Marie Perry combined with Breda Cahill and Michelle Nolan to win the silver medals in the Over 35 team event. The Midleton AC trio were beaten by just one minute for top spot by Raheny Shamrocks. Quite an achievement for Michelle, Anne Marie and Breda Cahill who herself produced a superb marathon debut.
So it is certainly time to raise a glass to our national stars in recognition of their superb achievements !

25th Marathon
One other footnote which came to light after the race is that Mary Toher completed her 25th marathon on that Bank Holiday Monday. Well done Mary on reaching the half century. Mary was quickly back in action as she competed in a Half Marathon in England on the following weekend.

Christmas Dinner

Before we take a look at other activity on the roads, it’s time to remind everybody that the Midleton AC Christmas Dinner will take place at Garryvoe Hotel on Friday December 11th. Tickets for club members cost 35 euro and 40 euro for non members.

Please note all tickets must be paid for in advance of the function. Join us for what should be a great occasion. Names of those attending should be given to Sally Drennan at Wednesday training – payment should be made to Michelle Nolan at Monday training.

Lisgoold 5K

Back on the roads Midleton AC had a very sizeable turn out at the inaugural Lisgoold 5K race on Sunday week last. This was a well organised event which is likely to become part of the regular local fixture list. Glorious sunshine graced the race which featured a testing early uphill mile. Linda Geary made a welcome return to action, running an excellent race to finish as second lady. Margaret Beausang was top lady Over 45 whilst last year’s club female athlete of the year, Joan McCarthy continued her fine form by winning the Over 50 category.

Other positives from the day included the return of Stanislaw Byczek, who finished in 15th place (19:40) and also the return to this distance of the ever popular Kathleen O’Connell, who has missed much of the running season due to injury.

East Cork 3K

As expected a new high was reached in the East Cork 3K Series when nearly 190 runners took part in the East Cork 3K just a few days after the Lisgoold race. From a club point of view it was a significant evening as amongst the record number were quite a few of our newest members, who have taken up running lately and who were participating in their very first race. Their delight when crossing the finish line carved out a special memory for all concerned and no doubt all will be looking forward to more action and even stepping up their mileage further. Well done to all!
Up front there was certainly a pep in the step of many of our large contingent with Donal Broderick (11:09), Sean Kenny (11:27), John O’Connell (11:38), Mick Murphy (11:41), Sean O’Sullivan (11:45), Kevin Cooney (11:46), Trevor Mahoney (11:47) and Ned Ramsell (11:53) all breaking 12 minutes in fine style.

Race 3 in the Winter Series is listed for Tuesday December 1.

Inniscarra ‘4’ Mile Race

Before that the penultimate fixture on the Cork BHAA 2009 calendar will be staged on Sunday next. The Inniscarra Community Centre ‘4’ Mile Race is a relatively new event on the busy programme. It’s a hilly but scenic route with the start and finish adjacent to the Community Centre, where changing facilities are available. Refreshments and prize giving will also be held there afterwards. Note it’s an 11.30am start – ask locally amongst Midleton club members if you are unsure of the location or alternatively you can call the race organiser Maire Ni Chuinnean 021-7332124.

Lots Of Variety

There is lots of variety amongst the forthcoming road race fixture list between now and the end of the year. The distances span from the 3K on December 1 and December 22 to a Half Marathon in Waterford on Saturday December 13th. Other highlights are the Shanagarry 5K on Saturday December 19th and the Newmarket to Kanturk ‘4’ Mile Race on the following day.

Looking briefly into the New Year, it’s worth noting that the Mallow ‘10’ is listed for Sunday January 10 and the Dungarvan ‘10’ three weeks later on January 31. Intending participants should note that the Dungarvan event is by pre entry only this year.


Training will be as usual right up until Christmas week. We meet between 6pm and 7pm each Monday at Midleton College. Then on Wednesday the beginner’s session is from 6pm at Midleton Community Centre and the usual club training is from 7pm to 8pm at the same venue. Remember to wear some form of reflective clothing on Wednesdays and the same rule very much applies for the 3K Series.

Midleton AC – Will Keep You In Touch

Check for all the latest club news.

E mail contact is You may also have regular club news, updates and results sent directly to you via our club e mail service. Incidentally we have now close on 100 members on our regular mailing list. Please give your e mail address to PRO John Cashman to avail of this service. Telephone enquiries regarding the club may be directed to Danny McCarthy on 087-2403940









- “Keep On Running”

Tuesday 10 November 2009

East Cork AC 3Km Winter Series Race 2 10/11/09
1 James McCarthy East Cork AC 9.05
2 Ed Murphy Gneevegilla 9.25
3 Kevin O'Brien East Cork AC 9.31
4 Noel Berkeley DSD AC 9.33
5 Aidan Mullins Bantry AC 9.38
6 Frank O'Carroll East Cork AC 9.45
7 Denis Coughlan St Finbarr's AC 9.51
8 Timmy Murphy Grange/Fermoy AC 9.54
9 Joe Fitzgerald East Cork AC 9.58
10 Alan O'Reilly East Cork AC 10.04
11 Shane Fitzgerald East Cork AC 10.13
12 Eric Meade East Cork AC 10.18
13 David O'Dwyer East Cork AC 10.22
14 Tom Hartnett East Cork AC 10.25
15 Conor Tierney East Cork AC 10.30
16 Josh O'S-Hourihan Midleton College 10.44
17 Denis McCarthy East Cork AC 10.45
18 Conor O'Brien Eagle AC 10.46
19 Gary Prendergast Rathcormac 10.48
20 Cathal Kelly St Finbarr's AC 10.49
21 Owen O'Connell Midleton 11.05
22 Tom O'Brien Cork 11.06
23 Donal Broderick Midleton AC 11.09
24 John Dunphy Eagle AC 11.16
25 Owen O'Connell Midleton 11.20
26 John Connelly Aghada 11.25
27 Sean Kenny Midleton AC 11.27
28 Darren Flynn Grange/Fermoy AC 11.30
29 Olan Barrett Grange/Fermoy AC 11.32
30 Martin O'Reilly St Finbarr's AC 11.36
31 Dermot Murphy Midleton 11.36
32 Barry McDermott Dromahane 11.37
33 Coran Swayne Midleton GAA 11.37
34 Dan O'Callaghan Whitegate 11.38
35 John O'Connell Midleton AC 11.38
36 Niamh Walsh Youghal AC 11.39
37 Aidan Kelleher Dungourney 11.39
38 David Murphy Midleton CBS 11.40
39 Mick Murphy Midleton AC 11.41
40 Adrian Walsh Ballycotton 11.42
41 James Power Whitegate 11.43
42 Sean O'Sullivan Midleton AC 11.45
43 Kevin Cooney Midleton AC 11.46
44 Trevor Mahoney Midleton AC 11.47
45 Brendan O'Mahony Grange Fermoy AC 11.47
46 Daniel Walsh Midleton CBS 11.50
47 Ned Ramsell Midleton AC 11.53
48 Gordon Kelly Aghada 11.54
49 John Griffin Grange Fermoy AC 11.55
50 Sean O'Keeffe East Cork AC 11.57
51 Laurence Collins Mount Uniacke 11.58
52 Ken O'Keeffe Aghada 12.01
53 Sean O'Farrell Midleton CBS 12.02
54 Aidan O'Reilly Midleton 12.04
55 Peter O'Brien Midleton CBS 12.05
56 Kevin O'Reilly Midleton AC 12.06
57 Paul Walsh Ballynonty AC 12.07
58 Conor McGrath Ballyandreen 12.08
59 Peter Stanley Passage 12.09
60 Billy O'Sullivan Midleton 12.10
61 John O'Farrell Midleton AC 12.15
62 AJ Murphy Midleton 12.18
63 Leo O'Donovan Midleton 12.19
64 Brian Nolan Midleton AC 12.19
65 Ted O'Leary St Catherines 12.20
66 Tom O'Neill Aghada 12.21
67 Eddie Lowe Fermoy 12.21
68 Simon Thompson Midleton AC 12.24
69 Brendan Cantwell Castlemartyr 12.24
70 Brian Healy Midleton AC 12.25
71 John O'Riordan Rising Sun AC 12.25
72 Trevor Collins Naas 12.26
73 David Creedon East Cork AC 12.28
74 Colm Power Killeagh 12.29
75 Bob McNamara Cork 12.32
76 Kieran O'Donovan Ballinacurra 12.41
77 Batt Kearney Leevale AC 12.44
78 Dave Barry Midleton 12.45
79 Cathal McAllister Whitegate 12.47
80 Rick Prendergast Castlemartyr 12.48
81 Eibhlin Cleary East Cork AC 12.50
82 Breda Cahill Midleton AC 12.51
83 Pat O'Donoghue Cloyne 12.51
84 Alan Kelly Midleton AC 12.52
85 Mary Histon de Barra Rising Sun AC 12.53
86 Kieran Walsh Youghal AC 12.58
87 dbn 12.59
88 John Walshe East Cork AC 13.00
89 Kevin Morrison Midleton AC 13.03
90 David Moloney Whitegate 13.03
91 Elaine Guinane Eagle AC 13.07
92 Pat Walshe Midleton GAA 13.09
93 Kathy Sloane Aghada 13.12
94 Donal O'Donoghue Little Island 13.13
95 Ann-Marie Perry Midleton AC 13.17
96 Paul O'S-Hourihan East Cork AC 13.17
97 Brian Kenneally Midleton AC 13.23
98 Jim McEvoy Midleton AC 13.24
99 jof 13.26
100 Marian Ahern Midleton AC 13.27
101 Deirdre Ahern Midleton AC 13.28
102 John Murphy Carrigaline 13.29
103 Yvonne Kennedy Midleton AC 13.33
104 Martin Carr Midleton 13.37
105 Conor Cusack Midleton 13.41
106 Padraig O'Regan Ladysbridge 13.42
107 Finbarr Lyons Midleton 13.42
108 John Fennell West Waterford AC 13.43
109 Rebecca Walsh Youghal AC 13.45
110 Declan O'Connell Cloyne 13.46
111 Eadaoin O'Neill East Cork AC 13.47
112 Roger O'Mahony Glounthaune 13.48
113 Danny McCarthy Midleton AC 13.57
114 Vincent Murray Glanmire 14.04
115 Con Warren Carrigtwohill 14.11
116 Samantha O'Keeffe East Cork AC 14.13
117 Dermot Cashman Carrigtwohill 14.15
118 Austin Murphy St Finbarr's AC 14.22
119 Angela McEvoy St Finbarr's AC 14.22
120 Mary O'Keeffe Midleton AC 14.26
121 Graham Stanley Passage 14.28
122 Darren Cusack Midleton 14.37
123 Kerrie O'Neill Aghada 14.39
124 Karen Ahern Midleton AC 14.40
125 Tom Cusack Midleton 14.41
126 Ciara Coughlan Midleton AC 14.42
127 Margaret Barry Midleton AC 14.43
128 Claire O'Brien East Cork AC 14.44
129 Elaine Hennessy Midleton AC 14.46
130 Karen O'Brien Cobh 15.01
131 Karen Dorgan Cobh 15.15
132 Frank O'Brien Carrigtwohill BNS 15.18
133 Philip Mullane Ballycotton 15.20
134 Karina Erangey Whitegate 15.21
135 Trish Murphy Midleton AC 15.22
136 Diane Walsh Midleton AC 15.30
137 Louise Barry Midleton 15.32
138 Jim Curtin East Cork AC 15.36
139 Mark Sheehan Coachford 15.44
140 Harry Farmer Cloyne 15.45
141 Linda Hegarty Midleton AC 15.46
142 E O'B ????? 15.52
143 Denis Manning Cork 15.53
144 Liam Morrissey Aghada 15.54
145 Leah McEvoy Midleton AC 16.00
146 Jimmy Murray Rising Sun AC 16.01
147 Don O'Hanlon Cork 16.02
148 Linda Watson Midleton 16.03
149 Kat Hurley Dungarvan 16.09
150 Sarah O'Mahony Midleton 16.26
151 Joan McCarthy Midleton AC 16.27
152 Sinead Slater Kilkenny 16.31
153 Aideen Murphy Midleton 16.31
154 Margaret Sinclair Midleton AC 16.32
155 Ann Thornborrow Whitegate 16.47
156 Mike Dorney Midleton 16.51
157 Vincent O'Neill Midleton AC 16.53
158 Clodagh Kelleher Passage 16.56
159 Fionan O'hAodain Lisgoold 16.59
160 Joy Sexton Aghada 17.05
161 Lorna Santry Carrigtwohill 17.09
162 Sharon Compton Midleton AC 17.11
163 Sinead Robinson Midleton AC 17.17
164 Clare O'Leary Midleton AC 17.27
165 Pauline Casey Midleton 17.33
166 Tom Casey Midleton 17.33
167 Grainne Murphy Cork 17.41
168 Maura O'Doherty Midleton AC 17.49
169 Siobhan O'Connor Midleton 17.58
170 Lillian O'Meara Midleton 17.59
171 Fergal O'Meara Midleton AC 18.00
172 Kathleen O'Connell Midleton AC 18.16
173 Barbara O'Connor Midleton AC 18.20
174 Taylor Murphy Leevale AC 18.34
175 Emer Hallahan Leevale AC 18.34
176 Olive Hallahan Midleton AC 18.35
177 Nora Savage Midleton AC 18.43
178 Mary Toher Midleton AC 18.57
179 Lisa O'Lomasney Midleton AC 18.58
180 Sinead Ivers Midleton AC 19.05
181 Maria Archer Midleton AC 19.08
182 Karina Farmer Midleton AC 19.23
183 Jim McMurtry Midleton AC 21.43
184 Conor la Mere Ballinacurra 22.38
185 Chuck la Mere Ballinacurra 22.39

Monday 9 November 2009

Lisgoold GAA 5km Road Race

At their first attempt at a road race Lisgoold GAA excelled themselves with a very well organised event.On a beautiful morning for a race over a stiff but interesting course a large number of Midleton AC athletes took to the road again. As usual these days we were amongst the prizewinners with the welcome return of Linda Geary who had a great run to come second lady and Margaret Beausang taking 1ST o/45 and Joan Mc Carthy returning after her marathon sucess to take 1ST o/50.
Thanks to club member Denis Kellegher for the photos

Lisgoold GAA '5K'
Posn Bib Time Affiliation Category Prize
1 557 16:10 Zakis Ravis West Waterford Male Senior 1st Male
2 595 16:20 Mc Carthy James East Cork AC Male Senior 2nd Male
3 556 17:16 O' Carroll Frank East Cork AC Male Senior 3rd Male
4 509 17:30 Meade Eric East Cork AC Male O40 1st M40
5 589 17:35 Berkley Noel Dundrum Male 040
6 532 18:20 Fitzgerald Shane East Cork Male Senior
7 502 18:25 Fahy Roy East Cork AC Male Senior
8 513 18:27 Tierney Conor East Cork AC Male Senior
9 517 18:30 McCarthy Denis East Cork AC Male O45 1st M45
10 530 18:34 McKeown Kieran Lisgoold Male Senior
11 566 18:41 O' Dwyer David East Cork AC Male Senior
12 574 19:01 O' Brien Denis Lisgoold Male Senior 1st GAA member
13 503 19:02 Maher Shane East Cork AC Male Senior
14 565 19:06 Lynch Rhona Eagle AC Female Senior 1st Female
15 552 19:40 Byczek Stanislaw Midleton AC Male O45
16 507 19:42 O' Connor Brian Fermoy Male Senior
17 587 19:44 Connery Noel Lisgoold Senior Male
18 573 20:04 Kenneally Barry Shanballymore Male Senior
19 506 20:11 Tobin Maurice Fermoy Male O60 1st M50
20 537 20:21 Geary Linda Midleton Senior Female 2nd Female
21 612 20:31 Murphy Paddy Bandon AC Male Senior
22 522 20:32 O' Loughlin Kevin _ Senior Men
23 616 20:40 Moloney Pat Charleville Male O55 1st M55
24 576 20:44 Ryan Sean Cloyne Male Senior
25 504 20:51 Barrett Olan Grange-Fermoy Male Senior
26 516 20:54 O' Callaghan John Cork Male Senior
27 581 20:59 Parkinson Nick East Cork AC Male Senior
28 508 21:16 Bent Nick Donoughmore AC Male O45
29 551 21:32 Duchnicz Adam Midleton Male Senior
30 607 21:35 Galvin Edmond Conna Male Senior
31 603 21:43 O' Donovan Leo Schull Male Senior
32 536 21:45 Geary Patrick Lisgoold Male Senior
33 561 21:46 Mitchell Manus Midleton Male O40
34 625 21:49 O' Callaghan Rachel St Finbarrs AC Female O35 3rd Female
35 511 21:55 Ransal Ned Carrigtwohill Male Senior
36 520 22:04 O' Leary Ted St Catherines Male O40
37 524 22:07 Moynihan Oliver _ Male Senior
38 600 22:25 O' Connell John Midleton Male Senior
39 545 22:26 Power Moss Lisgoold Male Senior
40 593 22:30 Mc Carthy John Lisgoold Male junior 1st MJ
41 533 22:32 O' halloran John Midleton Male O55
42 586 22:39 Twomey June Lisgoold Female Senior
43 572 22:40 O' Sullivan Billy Midleton Male Senior
44 538 22:49 O' Sullivan Patrick Cloyne Male O55
45 510 22:51 Hedderman Kevin BOC Gases Male Senior
46 596 22:56 Hogan Barry _ Male Senior
47 602 23:03 Cleary Eibhin East Cork AC Female Senior
48 514 23:15 Zieba Wojtek East Cork Male Senior
49 594 23:18 Geary Caroline Midleton Female senior
50 590 23:19 O' Brien John Paul Lisgoold Male Senior
51 534 23:28 Donovan Liam Glanmire Male O50
52 525 23:31 Teehan Tom _ Male O40
53 592 23:38 Douglas Adam _ Male Senior
54 501 23:41 Hegarty David Lisgoold Male O40
55 519 23:47 Guinan Elaine _ Female Senior
56 577 23:54 O' Donoghue Donal Little Island Male O45
57 620 23:59 Ryan JJ Lisgoold Male O40
58 618 24:02 Cosbie Patrick _ Male Junior
59 546 24:03 Morrisson Kevin Midleton AC Male O45
60 605 24:16 O' Connell Jerry Lisgoold Male Senior
61 523 24:22 O' Leary Batt Leevale Men O50
62 578 24:28 Carr Martin Midleton Male Senior
63 615 24:31 Fitzgerald Yvonne Midleton AC Female Senior
64 610 24:39 Steele Siobhan Grange-Fermoy AC Female O45 1st F35
65 599 24:40 Hickey James Lisgoold Male Senior
66 531 24:43 Kelly Kathleen _ Female Senior
67 547 24:44 O' Meara Fergal Midleton AC Male O40
68 544 24:49 Power Susan Lisgoold Female O35
69 613 24:57 McCann Donna Midleton AC Female Junior 1st FJ
70 701 24:57 McCann Willie Midleton AC Male Senior
71 505 24:57 O' Mahony Michael Grange-Fermoy Male O50
72 550 24:57 Downey Eoin Lisgoold Male Junior
73 567 25:03 Horgan Pat _ Male Senior
74 611 25:11 McCarthy Danny Midleton AC Male O55
75 559 25:16 Lenihan Frank Togher AC Male O55
76 527 25:19 Bullen Geoff West Waterford Male O50
77 526 25:22 Nyhan Ken _ Male Senior
78 609 25:31 Kierans Paul Carrigtwohill Male O40
79 558 25:54 O' Hanlon Declan BHAA Male O35
80 621 26:11 Moynihan Dan Lisgoold Male Senior
81 569 26:14 Sexton Michael Cork Male Senior
82 528 26:27 O' Connell Donie Midleton AC Male O45
83 575 26:35 Hickey Denise Leamlara Female O35
84 571 26:42 O' Keeffe Kieran _ Male Senior
85 619 26:53 O' Neill Vincent Midleton Male O40
86 541 26:55 O' Brien Karen Cobh Female O35
87 579 26:58 Walsh Liam Lisgoold Male Senior
88 627 27:03 Daly Tony St Finbarrs AC Male O60 1st M60
89 604 27:07 Coughlan Ciara Midleton AC Female Senior
90 617 27:50 Cosbie Clare _ Female Senior
91 591 27:56 Woods Keara Lisgoold Female Senior
92 553 28:15 Almond James _ Male O35
93 539 28:30 Hegarty Linda Midleton AC Female O35
94 626 28:32 O' Callaghan Sharon St Finbarrs AC Female O35
95 623 28:36 Hallahan Olive _ Female O45 1st F40
96 543 28:46 Beausang Margaret Midleton AC Female O50 1st F45
97 535 28:49 Geary Tim Lisgoold Male O60
98 583 28:58 Murphy Dan Lisgoold Male Senior
99 563 29:25 Healy Brendan Lisgoold Male O40
100 542 29:29 Barry Louise Midleton Female Senior
101 700 29:41 Ryan Jack Lisgoold Male Junior
102 512 29:41 Quilligan Glen Carrigtwohill Male Senior
103 570 29:41 McCarthy Joan Midleton AC Female O50 1st F50
104 540 29:48 O' Leary Clare Midleton AC Female Senior
105 582 29:49 Parkinson Sharon East Cork AC Female Senior
106 568 30:44 Hegarty Eoin _ Male Senior
107 585 31:15 Twomey Conor Lisgoold Male O60
108 529 32:18 O' Connell Kathleen Midleton AC Male Over 55
109 560 32:22 Lenihan Mary Togher AC Female O55 1st F55
110 521 33:27 O' Flynn Una _ Senior Female
111 554 33:27 Almond Jacinta _ Female Senior
112 622 33:39 Moynihan Collette Lisgoold Female Senior
113 608 33:48 O' Gorman Elanor Lismore Female Senior
114 597 34:30 Woods Norma Lisgoold Female O35
115 624 34:37 Connery Bill Lisgoold Male Senior
116 598 34:41 Hickey Grace Lisgoold Female O45
117 614 35:03 McGann Phyllis Midleton AC Female O40
118 564 37:37 Healy Cian Lisgoold Male Junior
119 584 39:25 Murphy Sinead Lisgoold Female Senior
120 515 42:13 O' Regan John Joe East Cork Male O60
121 549 49:50 Power Eileen Lisgoold Female Senior
122 548 50:05 Downey Rosemary Lisgoold Female Senior
123 588 52:13 Ryan Patrica Lisgoold Female 050
124 518 52:13 McCarthy Catherine _ Female O35
125 580 52:13 Wood Michael _ Male Senior
126 701 52:36 Mulcahy Michael Lisgoold Male Senior
127 601 54:55 Duggan Billy Lisgoold Male Senior

Sunday 8 November 2009

European Cross Country
Midleton AC Juv.Sect have organised a bus to Dublin to the European Cross Country Championships and have very kindly offered places to anyone from the Senior Section who may wish to travel.Tickets 10 Euro Contact Helen Mc Sweeney 0867904199 immediately if interested as places are going fast.

News Flash

Great news from our Ladies in the National Marathon which was held as part of the Dublin City Marathon. We were already aware of the great run by Michelle Nolan who came 2ND in the O/35 Sect(and she came 3rd o/35 in the Dublin City Marathon) but news has just come in that Margaret Barry came 2nd in O/60 section of the National Marathon. Well done Margaret. Not only that but Midleton AC Ladies o/35 team came 2ND overall in their section.Losing out by only a minute to Raheny Shamrocks.That is Michelle Nolan, Breda Cahill and Anne Marie Perry. To make this a most unique occasion that means a mother and daughter took national medals in the same event. I do not know if this ever happened before but it never happened in Midleton AC before.

Monday 2 November 2009


Midleton AC

Senior Section News

Our calendars show winter has arrived, but our running schedules scarcely indicate a any great slow down of activity. Apart from possibly those with a marathon behind them, activity if anything is on the increase. Training on both Mondays and Wednesdays has seen continued growth with several new members joining our club in recent weeks. The race scene has also plenty happening, with next Sunday’s 5K in Lisgoold the latest local addition to a busy diary.

HSE ‘4’ Mile Race

After the heavy rain of the previous 24 hours the floods initially looked like threatening last Sunday’s HSE ‘4’ Mile Race on the Marina Road Circuit. However, the event did the green light with over 300 runners on the start line. Midleton AC were well represented on the day and our Midleton News trio were amongst the prize winners in the team section. At present the full results of the race are not available but these will on the Cork BHAA web site later in the week and we will forward the results to all those on our club e mail list later this week.

Dublin Marathon

As close on 11,000 runners made their way around Dublin City on Bank Holiday Monday for the 30th running of the Marathon weather conditions suggested that summer rather than winter was just around the corner. Clear skies, mid morning sunshine, just the lightest of breezes and temperatures in the mid teens certainly provided perfect conditions for the record entry which included 21 athletes from Midleton AC.
Thankfully, all survived the test of stamina with each no doubt having their own individual tale to tell at the end of the 26.2 mile trek. We had the experienced runners, the first timers and those who had to overcome injury to even make it to the start line all wearing the Midleton singlet with distinction, with many of them recording coveted personal best times.

As expected Noel O’Regan justified pre race predictions by turning in a scorching run of 2:47:22. Noel was followed across the line by Neilus Aherne (3:02:17), John Cashman (3:09:32) and our leading lady Michelle Nolan who had produced a brilliant run (3:12:27 ) to come home 3rd in the Over 35 category overall. Sean O’Sullivan (3:20:30), was next home followed by Adrian Williams and our second lady Breda Cahill who made a spectacular debut by clocking 3:36:25.

Marathon day proved a huge personal triumph for many of our club athletes who had suffered injury either earlier in the year or in the build up to the race. Adam Duchnicz and Margaret Barry both looked on the long term injury list in early summer but both made remarkable recoveries from their respective fractures to run the race in great style. Denis Kelleher running his third marathon in the last few months is another club man also had to beat the pain barrier on more than one occasion, whilst colleague Marc Dalton followed up the stamina sapping Cork event by having to overcome injury to complete his maiden journey around the capital.
Mary Toher clocked up another successful trip around the streets of Dublin whilst on the slightly less experienced end of the scale Anne Marie Parry, Kieran Murphy, Vincent O’Neill and debutantes Simon Thompson and Marie Murphy also had excellent outings.
It was also very much a special for two husband and wife combinations who made it a day of double delight. Danny McCarthy took his Dublin appearances into double figures with another steady run whilst his wife Joan chopped several minutes off her personal best time. Mary B. Walsh who knew all about what was ahead from previous experience also saw husband Mark make a fine debut breaking the 4 hour barrier despite fighting against injury in the build up to the race.

Before concluding special words of thanks to our club supporters who made the journey to support their colleagues. The sight of a familiar face and the sound of a familiar voice were a huge lift at various junctures of the course.
Finally in relation to the big race, a word of sincere congratulations to our good friend John Walshe (East Cork AC) who wrote another chapter in his remarkable running story when he became only one of 29 runners to compete all 30 editions of the Dublin Marathon. Well done John from all at Midleton AC!

Lisgoold 5Km
Time was when that come January it was always off to Lisgoold for the point to point races. Now there is a reason to go to the same venue for a race on the roads. The local GAA club in Lisgoold are at the heart of organising next Sunday’s race which is timed for 11am (changed from original 10am start). There will be a warm welcome for all runners at the local Community Centre which will host post race refreshments and the prize giving ceremony. Word has it that there is a bit of an uphill section early on the course, but there after reports are very positive. Entry fee for the event is 10 euro per person. Former Cork City Marathon winner Roy Fahy is resident in Lisgoold and has been amongst those lending some assistance in advance of the inaugural race.

3K Series Continues
The East Cork 3K Series continues on Tuesday November 10. Over 130 runners were present for the start of this year’s series and one would expect numbers could further grow as the popular winter event progresses. Again starting time is at 7.30pm and based on that continued high interest in the event the advice to get there early, get the car parked and maybe take in a few handy laps to warm up. After next week’s race there will be a further two races in the seven race series before Christmas.

Other Events
There are also other races on the immediate calendar with a local cross country fixture in East Cork on Sunday week giving runners an option of a change of surface. Youghal will host the County Masters & Intermediate Championships beginning at 11.30am. Midleton AC entries should be given to club secretary Tom Houlihan (085-1146109 ) at least one week in advance.
Back on the roads after next week’s action on Sunday and Tuesday, the following Sunday (15th) will see West Waterford AC host the annual Brickey ‘5’ mile race near Dungarvan in County Waterford. Starting time here is as usual at 11am. The next Cork BHAA race back on Leeside will take the runners to Inniscarra on Sunday November 22nd where the Murphy Memorial ‘4’ takes place., with an 11.30am start. It’s not the easiest ‘4’ miler as there is a bit of hill work involved, but it is run on pretty scenic route and usually attracts a good gathering from Midleton A.C.

Ballycotton ‘10’

Just a passing word on the Ballycotton ‘10’. As we know at this stage next year’s race has been rescheduled to Sunday March 21. In response to a few queries from club members these are the entry guide lines published by the organisers.

1) People can apply for forms anytime during November (up to Friday 27th) by sending a SAE to: Ballycotton Running Promotions, Ballycotton, Co Cork (see note below).

2) All forms will then be posted out on the weekend of Friday Nov 27th/Sunday Nov 29th - ideally to arrive with applicants by the following Monday or Tuesday.

3) The entry form will be put up on the website on Monday evening (Nov 30th), also in John Buckley Sports (Cork), Ger Wyley Sports (Dungarvan) and local shops in Ballycotton and Shanagarry that same afternoon.

4) The first 2,500 postal entries opened will be automatically accepted – regardless of who they are.

5) Entries for the following will be accepted by post up to and including Tuesday December 15th:

(a) All bona fide AAI (Athletics Ireland) registered club members.

(b) All runners who completed the 2009 Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series (all four 5-mile events).

(c) All those who were entered but were unable to run the 2009 race AND returned their ChampionChip.

Looking Ahead

A bit nearer on the horizon – here is a brief summary of the fixture list on the roads over the next few weeks.





Stay In Touch At Midleton AC

Staying in touch with what is happening in our club is now easier than ever, as our new non interactive blog is now in operation. Check for all the latest club news.

E mail contact is You may also have regular club news, updates and results sent directly to you via our club e mail service. Incidentally we have now close on 80 members on our regularly mailing list. Please give your e mail address to PRO John Cashman to avail of this service. Telephone enquiries regarding the club may be directed to Danny McCarthy on 087-2403940
Training will be as usual right up until Christmas week. We meet between 6pm and 7pm each Monday at Midleton College. Then on Wednesday the beginner’s session is from 6pm at Midleton Community Centre and the usual club training is from 7pm to 8pm at the same venue. Remember to wear some form of reflective clothing on Wednesdays and the same rule very much applies for the 3K Series.

Christmas Party
Finally, it’s time to fill up the Christmas Social Diary. Again our club will host their annual Christmas Dinner at Garryvoe Hotel this year. Friday December 11th is the important date to remember with all members and partners welcome to attend. The occasion will also feature some musical entertainment and of course we will also be revealing the identity of the male and female ‘athletes of the year’ for 2009. - All in all a night not to be missed. Sale of tickets will follow in the near future.

Until next time – “keep on running”.

Tuesday 27 October 2009

The Gallant 21 + Gallant Supporters

Thanks also to the many club members who travelled to the capital to support their colleagues - it was very much appreciated.

Our full list of participants were -

Margaret Barry, Breda Cahill, Joan McCarthy, Marie Murphy, Michelle Nolan, Anne Marie Perry, Mary Toher, Mary B Walsh

Neilius Aherne, Marc Dalton, Adam Duchnicz, Denis Kelleher, Danny McCarthy, Kieran Murphy, Vincent O’Neill, Noel O’Regan, Sean O’Sullivan, Simon Thompson, Mark Walsh, Adrian Williams and John Cashman


Please note a special souvineer supplement containing photos and full results of all competitors will be included in this Tuesday's Daily Star newspaper.

Also the full results along with individual split times/places are also available by logging on to the Dublin Marathon web site.

Thursday 22 October 2009

Our club colleague, Brian Healy who will be working at the marathon has very kindly given us his contact details should any of our runners need help or assistance during the weekend.
Brian's contact is 087-2932752

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Results Of 3KM 20/10/2009

> East Cork AC 3Km Winter Series Race 1 20/10/09
> 1 James McCarthy East Cork AC 9.00
> 2 Sean McGrath East Cork AC 9.06
> 3 Frank O'Carroll East Cork AC 9.37
> 4 Kevin Wilmot Bandon AC 9.52
> 5 Tim O'Mahony East Cork AC 9.56
> 6 Alan O'Reilly East Cork AC 10.00
> 7 Joe Fitzgerald East Cork AC 10.02
> 8 Eoin Casey Midleton AC 10.04
> 9 Eric Meade East Cork AC 10.10
> 10 Frank Hayes East Cork AC 10.15
> 11 Cathal Kelly St Finbarrs AC 10.22
> 12 David O'Dwyer East Cork AC 10.27
> 13 Shane Maher East Cork AC 10.29
> 14 Conor Tierney East Cork AC 10.38
> 15 Brian O'Connor Grange Fermoy AC 10.53
> 16 Josh O'S-Hourihan Midleton College 10.53
> 17 Denis McCarthy East Cork AC 10.59
> 18 Tony Lilley Carrigtwohill 11.00
> 19 Donal Broderick Midleton AC 11.05
> 20 Owen O'Connell Midleton 11.07
> 21 Conor O'Brien Eagle AC 11.07
> 22 Denis Dunne Cork 11.13
> 23 Gary Prendergast Rathcormac 11.18
> 24 Tom Cody Midleton AC 11.19
> 25 Pat Fogarty Cork 11.34
> 26 Trevor Mahoney Midleton AC 11.44
> 27 Barry McDermott Dromahane 11.45
> 28 Niamh Walsh Youghal AC 11.45
> 29 Maurice Tobin Grange Fermoy AC 11.49
> 30 Dan Horgan Midleton AC 11.50
> 31 Olan Barrett Grange Fermoy AC 11.52
> 32 Sean O'Keeffe East Cork AC 11.54
> 33 Pearse O'Neill Aghada 12.01
> 34 Simon Thompson Midleton AC 12.01
> 35 Pat Murphy Aghada 12.02
> 36 Tom O'Neill Aghada 12.06
> 37 Ken O'Keeffe Aghada 12.07
> 38 Billy O'Sullivan Midleton 12.12
> 39 Leo O'Donovan Midleton 12.14
> 40 David Murphy Midleton CBS 12.15
> 41 Kevin O'Reilly Midleton AC 12.17
> 42 Ted O'Leary St Catherines AC 12.20
> 43 Conor McGrath Ballyandreen 12.24
> 44 John O'Riordan Rising Sun AC 12.26
> 45 Vincent O'Neill Midleton AC 12.29
> 46 John Griffin Grange Fermoy AC 12.30
> 47 Trevor Collins Naas 12.31
> 48 Kevin Cooney Midleton AC 12.33
> 49 Hugh O'Donnell Midleton CBS 12.37
> 50 Enda Heery Cork 12.41
> 51 Declan O'Connell Cloyne 12.43
> 52 Noel O'Connor Carrigaline 12.45
> 53 Paul O'S-Hourihan East Cork AC 12.52
> 54 Eibhlin Cleary East Cork AC 12.57
> 55 David Creedon East Cork AC 13.01
> 56 Bob McNamara Cork 13.03
> 57 Finbarr Lyons Midleton 13.11
> 58 Caroline Geary Midleton AC 13.19
> 59 Mary Histon de Barra Rising Sun AC 13.20
> 60 Pat Walsh Midleton GAA 13.27
> 61 Philip O'Mahony Midleton 13.28
> 62 Emmet Foley Whitegate 13.32
> 63 Dave Barry ??? 13.34
> 64 Elaine Guinane Eagle AC 13.37
> 65 John Fennell West Waterford AC 13.38
> 66 Deirdre Aherne Midleton AC 13.40
> 67 A.J. Murphy Midleton 13.44
> 68 Matt Geraghty Cloyne 13.45
> 69 Paul Kierans Carrigtwohill 13.45
> 70 Martin Carr Midleton 13.49
> 71 Marian Ahern Midleton AC 13.51
> 72 Brian Kenneally Midleton AC 13.52
> 73 Jimmy Murray Rising Sun AC 13.53
> 74 Sam O'Keeffe East Cork AC 13.55
> 75 Niall O'Keeffe Ballycotton 13.56
> 76 Donal O'Donoghue Little Island 14.01
> 77 Yvonne Kennedy Midleton AC 14.02
> 78 Maura Burke Carrigtwohill 14.04
> 79 John Murphy Carrigaline 14.06
> 80 Donie O'Connell Midleton AC 14.08
> 81 Camilla O'Connor Midleton AC 14.11
> 82 Caroline Fletcher Midleton 14.12
> 83 Danny McCarthy Midleton AC 14.15
> 84 Karen O'Flynn Eagle AC 14.17
> 85 Michael McCarthy West Waterford AC 14.19
> 86 Con Warren Carrigtwohill 14.21
> 87 Christine Murphy Midleton AC 14.24
> 88 Eadaoin O'Neill East Cork AC 14.26
> 89 Frances O'Connor Eagle AC 14.34
> 90 Austin Murphy St Finbarrs AC 14.37
> 91 Mary O'Keeffe Midleton AC 14.46
> 92 Claire O'Brien East Cork AC 14.51
> 93 Angela Nagle Cork 15.00
> 94 Conor Cusack Midleton 15.08
> 95 Karen O'Brien Cobh 15.09
> 96 Tara Murphy Midleton 15.14
> 97 Trish Murphy Midleton AC 15.20
> 98 Che Magurn Cork 15.26
> 99 Darren Cusack Midleton 15.28
> 100 Colm Jordan Midleton AC 15.31
> 101 Eoin Cashman Midleton AC 15.33
> 102 John Cashman Midleton AC 15.34
> 103 Tom Cusack Midleton 15.36
> 104 Maura O'Doherty Midleton AC 15.38
> 105 Ciara Fitzgerald Carrigtwohill GNS 15.43
> 106 Norah O'Brien Carrigtwohill GNS 15.43
> 107 Philip Mullane Ballycotton 16.02
> 108 Linda Hegarty Midleton AC 16.15
> 109 Geraldine O'Donovan Cork 16.32
> 110 Margaret Beausang Midleton AC 16.32
> 111 Margaret Mulcahy Midleton AC 16.37
> 112 Louise Barry Midleton 16.43
> 113 Margaret Sinclair Midleton AC 16.51
> 114 Clare O'Leary Midleton AC 17.40
> 115 Eimear Hallahan Leevale AC 17.50
> 116 Taylor Murphy Leevale AC 17.51
> 117 Olive Hallahan Midleton AC 17.52
> 118 Grainne Murphy Cork 17.54
> 119 Pauline Casey Midleton 18.04
> 120 Tom Casey Midleton 18.05
> 121 Fionan O'hAodain Lisgoold 18.09
> 122 Joy Sexton Aghada 18.55
> 123 Hubert Crowe Tipperary 18.58
> 124 Aideen Murphy Midleton 19.00
> 125 Dermot Murphy Midleton 19.05
> 126 Barbara O'Connor Midleton AC 19.34
> 127 Kathleen O'Connell Midleton AC 19.35
> 128 Sile Kierans Carrigtwohill 20.33
> 129 Mary Toher Midleton AC 21.07
> 130 Jim McMurtry Midleton AC 22.32
> 131 Aine O'Keeffe Ballycotton 22.49
> 132 Sophie O'Keeffe Ballycotton 22.50

Monday 19 October 2009


Midleton Athletic Club

Senior Section News

Despite the fact that we are heading towards a quieter part of the road running year, our club is still a hive of activity. The winter training schedule is up and running for a few weeks now and it’s great to see the continued growth of the club with new faces aplenty in attendance. This TUESDAY sees the beginning of the East Cork 3K Series, the cross country season is now getting into gear, whilst many minds are now being firmly focussed on Bank Holiday Monday when a record number of Midleton AC runners will compete in the Dublin City Marathon.

The beauty of this running game is there is something for everybody, as emphasized by the current fixtures even in what is classed as the quieter season. Those who prefer the shorter stint of less that 2 miles and those who want to battle through the test of stamina are all accommodated.

Ballycotton ‘10’

Firstly, though some important news regarding next year’s Ballycotton ‘10’ Mile Road Race. The following statement has been issued by the organisers within the last few days.
Due to circumstances outside of our control, we have had to move the date of the 2010 Ballycotton ‘10’ from Sunday March 7th to Sunday March 21st. We apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of this change.
Our original date of March 7th clashes with the AAI National Senior & Junior Cross-Country Championships. In 2009 these championships were held on Sunday March 1st but as the first of March next year falls on a Monday, they have been moved forward to the 7th. In the past, these championships were always held at the end of February so that’s why this problem hasn’t arisen before.
Our second choice of Sunday March 14th clashes with the Cloyne Point-to-Point race meeting and with the resulting huge volume of traffic in the area it would be impossible to hold both events on the same day.
We did consider moving back to February 28th but felt this would detract from the elite side of the race as it is just a week before the National C-C.
So the date of the 33rd Annual Ballycotton ‘10’ is Sunday March 21st 2010.
Details of the entry procedure will be published on the Ballycotton website on Thursday next, October 22nd.


After this week’s opening race in the East Cork 3K Series, there will be the customary three week break until race 2 on Tuesday November 10. The remaining pre Christmas dates are December 1 and December 22. Three races follow early in 2010 on January 12, February 2 and February 23. Remember all those who run in five of the seven races will receive a long sleeve tee shirt. Entry fee for each race is 3 euro. Newcomers should note the course is on the Bailick Road circuit between Midleton and Ballinacurra.

Destination Dublin

The latest Midleton AC head count in advance of the Dublin Marathon is in the region of 23. A few more athletes have been carrying niggling injuries and it looks like they may opt not to compete on this occasion, which is a wise move with the distance involved.
Our club has a mix of very experienced and indeed relatively new names on the travelling party. There is no denying that there is no substitute for experience particularly in such in a long race. Those who are relatively new to the challenge ahead will no doubt pay close attention to the advice rendered by those in the know. A word with either of team captains Danny McCarthy or Michelle Nolan is certainly advisable in advance of the big day.
Meantime the latest news from the official Lifestyle Sports – Adidas Dublin Marathon web site tells us of a record entry.

“A record 12,500 people will take to the streets of Dublin, to run, jog or walk their way around the 26.2 miles of the Dublin Marathon.

Entries for the 30th anniversary Marathon, have passed the 12,000 mark for the first time, and also boasts the highest ever entry from Irish runners, clear evidence that the running boom has well and truly taken hold in Ireland.

”Established by Noel Carroll back in 1980, the first Dublin Marathon saw 1,420 finishers from an entry of 2,100. The race grew to over 11,000 in 1982, but saw a dip in popularity with Irish runners in the late 80’s, with only 3,000 finishers.
“Organisers have also been boosted by the news that Irish Olympian Pauline Curley has committed to running Dublin, setting up a mouth watering Irish National Champion battle with her friend and running foe Annette Kealy.
The race will start at 9am in Fitzwilliam Street Upper and finish in Merrion Square North”
TV Coverage
Whilst there will no live television coverage of the event, those competing and those interested in the race can view a highlights package on Setanta Sports Ireland on Monday evening, beginning at 9.30pm. The programme will be repeated daily thereafter with a special extended highlights show on the following Friday, October 30th from 11pm.

Line Up

The Midleton AC line up to hand for Dublin is as follows –

Margaret Barry, Breda Cahill, Joan McCarthy, Marie Murphy, Michelle Nolan, Anne Marie Perry, Mary Toher, Mary B Walsh

Neilius Aherne, Marc Dalton, Adam Duchnicz, Denis Kelleher, Danny McCarthy, Kevin Morrisson, Kieran Murphy, Fergal O’Meara, Vincent O’Neill, Noel O’Regan, Sean O’Sullivan, Simon Thompson, Mark Walsh, Adrian Williams and John Cashman.

The primary goal of any marathon runner is to complete the course, thereafter it’s bonus territory. Here’s hoping that after a splendid six weeks for training in terms of weather, that come Monday conditions will again be favorable. One thing is for sure the heat of Cork in June will be just a far distant memory.

Cross Country
As mentioned previously the cross country season is now very much in gear. Next Sunday, October 25th will see the East Cork Championships take place in Carrignavar with a busy programme listed. Below we have a guide to upcoming races and the pre entry requirements. - To enter please contact club Chairman Tom Houlihan on 085-1146109.

Oct.25th East Cork Championships @ 11.30 in Carrignavar, Senior, Masters O/35 and O/45 Athletes can enter on the day.
Nov.1st Co. Senior & Junior Championships @ 12noon in Bandon. Entry at least one week in advance.
Nov. 8th Munster Novice Championships in Tralee Race-Course.. Entries at least two weeks in advance.
Nov. 15th Co. Masters & Intermediate Championships in Youghal @ 11.30 Entries at least one week in advance.
Nov. 29th Munster Masters & Intermediate Championships in Moyglass, Fethard, Co. Tipperary.. Entries at least two weeks in advanced.

Jan. 15th Munster Junior & Senior Cross- Country Championships at a Cork venue TBC. Entries two weeks in advanced.

Road Events

There is plenty of action locally on the roads over the next month. Note the addition of a new race in Lisgoold on Sunday November 8th.






Reminder - Training

- MONDAY (with the exception of Bank Holidays and December 28th) 6pm to 7pm at Midleton College All Weather Facility. - WEDNESDAY 7pm to 8pm at Midleton Community Centre (with the exception of December 23rd and 30th). The subscription per session is 3 euro per person to cover the cost of hire/lights etc. The beginner’s sessions will also continue at 6pm each Wednesday over the next few months.
.Reminder - Communication

Staying in touch with what is happening in our club is now easier than ever, as our new non interactive blog is now in operation. Check for all the latest club news. E mail contact is You may also have regular club news, updates and results sent directly to you via our club e mail service. Please give your e mail address to P.R.O John Cashman to avail of this service. Telephone enquiries regarding the club may be directed to Danny McCarthy on 087-2403940. See also our club notice board at training each Wednesday for further news.

Dinner Date

Midleton AC will host their annual Christmas Dinner at Garryvoe Hotel on Friday December 11. Keep the date free in the diary – more details to follow shortly.

Before concluding this week, we take this opportunity to offer sincere sympathy to our club coach Edmond O’Sullivan on the death of his father John.