Friday, 29 April 2011

Midleton AC Makes History Again

The results of 2011 East Cork Road Championships held on Thursday
evening in Ballynoe.
Thanks to all who participated and represented our club in fine style.

Congratulations to our newly crowned East Cork ladies champion Ann Geary,
who created a piece of sporting history by following in the footsteps of her
sister Linda and winning gold in the race. Linda having won in 2005.This is an

event unlikely to be repeated for some time.

Overall it was a great night for our club with Sally Drennan winning the
silver medal and Joan Hough winning bronze.
Meantime Deirdre Aherne, Marie Murphy and Susan Delaney who finished 4th,
5th and 6th respectively won the team gold medals

Our mens team also took top honours with John Hennessy, Noel O'Regan, Marc
Dalton and Brian O'Driscoll all enjoying super runs to ensure the gold was
returning to Midleton

A special thanks must go to all our ladies and men who participated many who did it

for the first time and some who had long races the weekend before.Ye did our club proud.

Also to the large number of supporters from the club who came out to cheer us on.

Supporting each other is what the club is all about.

Imokilly Oil/East Cork Road Championships

MEN 5-Mile
Thursday 28 April 2011. 8:00pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:28:03 HAYES, Frank East Cork AC M40 05:36.5 125 1
2 0:28:58 TIERNEY, Conor East Cork AC M 05:47.5 93 2
3 0:29:27 CURTIN, Noel Youghal AC M45 05:53.3 33 3
4 0:29:38 HENNESSY, John Midleton AC M40 05:55.5 122 4
5 0:29:41 O'REGAN, Noel Midleton AC M40 05:56.1 154 5
6 0:30:02 DALTON, Marc Midleton AC M 06:00.3 54 6
7 0:31:00 O'DWYER, David East Cork AC M 06:11.9 45 7
8 0:31:27 CAHILL, Maurice Youghal AC M 06:17.3 31 8
9 0:32:22 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M45 06:28.3 26 9
10 0:32:29 GRIFFIN, John Grange-Fermoy AC M40 06:29.7 161 10
11 0:32:48 O'DRISCOLL, Brian Midleton AC M 06:33.5 165 11
12 0:33:09 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M45 06:37.7 131 12
13 0:33:54 O'LEARY, Ted West Waterford AC M40 06:46.7 173 13
14 0:34:25 COONEY, Kevin Midleton AC M45 06:52.9 15 14
15 0:35:24 NICHOLSON, Eddie Youghal AC M 07:04.6 39 15
16 0:35:56 MCGRATH, Phil East Cork AC M60 07:11.0 82 16
17 0:35:58 HAYES, Kevin St. Catherines AC M 07:11.4 105 17
18 0:37:02 MURPHY, Pat Ballymore-Cobh AC M45 07:24.2 27 18
19 0:37:32 O'MAHONY, Sylvie Youghal AC M55 07:30.2 100 19
20 0:37:33 CHAMBERS, Darren Youghal AC M 07:30.4 32 20
21 0:38:35 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 07:42.8 17 21
22 0:38:41 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M60 07:44.0 73 22
23 0:38:54 O'DONOGHUE, Donal unatt/Little Island M40 07:46.6 157 23
24 0:38:59 KELLY, Thomas Ballymore-Cobh AC M50 07:47.6 66 24
25 0:39:51 AHERNE, Barry Midleton AC M 07:58.0 78 25
26 0:39:52 BLAIKLOCK, Adam unatt/Conna M 07:58.2 138 26
27 0:44:00 KEARNEY, Batt Leevale AC M50 08:47.8 160 27
28 0:45:06 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M60 09:01.0 107 28
29 0:46:23 MULLANE, Philip Midleton AC M 09:16.4 113 29
30 0:48:16 O'MAHONY, William Youghal AC M65 09:39.0 64 30

1 Midleton AC (4, 5, 6, 10) 25
2 East Cork AC (7, 9, 14, 19) 49
3 Youghal AC (8, 13, 17, 18) 56

Imokilly Oil/East Cork Road Championships
WOMEN 2000 metres
Thursday 28 April 2011. 7:30 pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:07:52 GEARY, Ann Midleton AC F 06:19.7 471 1
2 0:07:56 DRENNAN, Sally Midleton AC F45 06:22.9 470 2
3 0:08:14 HOUGH, Joan Midleton AC F50 06:37.4 477 3
4 0:08:18 AHERNE, Deirdre Midleton AC F 06:40.6 488 4
5 0:08:26 MURPHY, Marie Midleton AC F 06:47.0 492 5
6 0:08:39 DELANEY, Susan Midleton AC F 06:57.5 478 6
7 0:08:57 PERRY, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F35 07:12.0 486 7
8 0:09:13 LANDERS, Martina Youghal AC F35 07:24.8 479 8
9 0:09:20 TWOHIG, Margaret Midleton AC F40 07:30.5 489 9
10 0:09:22 O'DOHERTY, Maura Midleton AC F35 07:32.1 491 10
11 0:09:28 MORRISON, Moira Midleton AC F40 07:36.9 484 11
12 0:09:44 O'RIORDAN, Kate St. Catherines AC F 07:49.8 476 12
13 0:09:45 TWOMEY, Bernie Midleton AC F40 07:50.6 490 13
14 0:09:51 HARRINGTON, Kim unatt/Glanworth F 07:55.4 775 14
15 0:09:57 MCPHERSON, Nicola Midleton AC F 08:00.2 469 15
16 0:10:00 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F60 08:02.7 487 16
17 0:10:28 KEANE, Mary Midleton AC F40 08:25.2 485 17
18 0:10:28 BUCKLEY, Susan Midleton AC F 08:25.2 473 18
19 0:10:40 IVERS, Sinead Midleton AC F 08:34.8 472 19
20 0:10:55 SHEEHAN, Ger St. Catherines AC F 08:46.9 482 20
21 0:11:08 MCCARTHY, Isabel Youghal AC F 08:57.4 480 21
22 0:11:10 MCGRATH, Marie Midleton AC F40 08:59.0 483 22
23 0:11:13 CROWLEY, Donna unatt/Glanworth F 09:01.4 773 23
24 0:11:19 CURTIN, Patricia Youghal AC FJ 09:06.2 481 24
25 0:11:26 DUNNING, Nuala St. Catherines AC F40 09:11.8 493 25
26 0:11:43 O'KEEFFE, Therese St. Catherines AC F35 09:25.5 777 26
27 0:11:56 BARRETT, Marian unatt/Glanworth F 09:36.0 776 27
28 0:13:16 RECKMANN, Johanna St. Catherines AC F 10:40.3 475 28
29 0:13:58 DUNCAN, Mary St. Catherines AC F 11:14.1 474 29
30 0:13:59 O'HALLORAN, Stephanie unatt/Glanworth F 11:14.9 496 30
31 0:15:13 BARRETT, Aine unatt/Glanworth F 12:14.5 772 31
32 0:16:31 MCCORMAC, Valerie unatt/Glanworth F 13:17.2 494 32
33 0:16:32 MCCARTHY, Sinead unatt/Glanworth F 13:18.0 495 33
34 0:16:33 FLYNN, Sylvia unatt/Glanworth F 13:18.8 774 34

1 Midleton AC (4, 5, 6) 15
2 Youghal AC (8, 20, 22) 50
3 St. Catherines AC (12, 19, 23) 54

Organised by the East Cork Athletics Board of AAI

RaceMaster98 from Sport Systems +44(0)20 8399 1773
Results produced by Ballycotton Running Promotions.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011



The organisers of the recent Ballycotton ‘10’ road race invite all those who helped out in any capacity to a THANK-YOU NIGHT at the Schooner Tavern, Ballycotton, on Friday April 29th from 8.30pm onwards.

Finger food will be available and the DVD of this year’s race will be shown.


Please dont just assume that it will be all right on the night.We need your help and input to make this the success it has always been.

We have more members than ever this year so we need all the help (however small )we can get.

We need to know who will do what so please attend or let us know what you will do.

East Cork Road Racing Championships

Take place in Ballynoe this Thur 29 th April evening at

7.30 for the ladies and 8 pm for the men.

The ladies have less than two miles to run most of it downhill so no excuses.

We want /need as many ladies as possible from the club either running or supporting (only if injured) It over very quickly and if you need someone to watch the kids they will be plenty of the men around as the two races are seperate.

The men also need as many as possible out whilst the race is a little longer 5 miles and a little tougher we want as many as possible to run.


Lets bring home some gold and silver again this year

Monday, 25 April 2011

A reminder that the 'Stride By The Tide' 4 Mile Race takes place on this Tuesday evening at Redbarn beach. Race time is 8pm - entries will be taken from approx 6.45pm.

Many of our runners were in action over the Easter Weekend - congrat's to our prize winners at yesterday's Boherbue to Kiskeam 4 miler Tom Cody 1st o/55 Danny Mc Carthy 2nd o/60 (full results on running in Cork blog)
Also well done to Denise Hickey, Bernie Twomey and Helen Geary who took part in the Ballybunion Half Marathon and well done also to Mags Twohig, Trish Macropoulos and Vicky Cleary who particpated in the 10K at the same venue.





Midleton AC will be in the shop window on THURSDAY WEEK as our club proudly hosts the 28th running of our 5 mile Road Race. Much has changed since the inaugural running of the fixture the mid eighties and whilst the calendar is now practically packed with races across the county the Midleton AC race is still recognised as one of the outstanding fixtures of the summer.

It’s up to all of us to maintain the high standards which have been reached. A new course 2 years ago brought a fresh look to the entire event and many athletes left the venue with lavish words of the praise for the new route. Much planning and work is required to ensure that everything moves smoothly and whilst running the risk of singing from the same hymn sheet too often, it is again worth stating that everybody in our club has a role to play before and on the day of the race.

Here is a reminder of what you can do –

* Encourage your friends, your work colleagues and your extended family to participate on Thursday week. We increased our entry to 329 last year, this year we want to keep the upward spiral going.

If you fail to recruit runners there are many more ways to lend a hand.

* Edmond O’Sullivan is co-ordinating stewarding for the race. Is there somebody you know that can spare some time to help us on the night – a family member, friend or work colleague? If so please send text to Edmond with details -086-8323267

* We will also have a draw for spot prizes on the night of the race – if you can acquire any prizes please bring them to this week's meeting or on race night.

* Finally, Midleton AC has developed a reputation for the best after race food in the county. As usual we would ask each of our club members to bring a plate of sandwiches or some cakes if possible.

Thanking You

John Cashman

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hi All
Many thanks to all of you who ran in our race last evening. Hope you
enjoyed the occasion.
Attached are results, courtesy of JohnWalshe, Ballycotton Running
Due to the large gathering (556 race and 96 walk), we ran short tee shirts.
The details of those who did not receive tee shirts have been recorded and
we hope to supply the additional tee shirts at the Midleton AC race in 2
weeks time. Confirmation to follow.

John Cashman
Ballintotis Committee
East Cork AC/Ballintotis Community Council
Wednesday 20 April 2011. 8:00 pm

Finishers in the Midleton AC team. Pace Race Race
Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile No Place

1 0:22:33 HENNESSY, John Midleton AC M40 05:38.2 207 16
2 0:22:44 SMITH, Kevin Midleton AC M 05:40.9 452 19
3 0:22:59 DALTON, Marc Midleton AC M 05:44.7 546 24
4 0:23:58 CANAVAN, Darragh Midleton AC M 05:59.4 121 42
5 0:24:02 GRIFFIN, James Midleton AC MJ 06:00.4 261 44
6 0:24:40 DUCHNICZ, Adam Midleton AC M 06:09.9 270 56
7 0:24:52 FURLONG, Michael Midleton AC MJ 06:12.9 580 59
8 0:24:59 CODY, Thomas Midleton AC M55 06:14.6 465 63
9 0:25:13 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M45 06:18.1 8 67
10 0:25:22 KELLY, Alan Midleton AC M40 06:20.4 386 73
11 0:25:33 DORGAN, Declan Midleton AC M 06:23.1 370 80
12 0:25:37 MURPHY, Mick Midleton AC M 06:24.1 337 83
13 0:25:45 MCCARTHY, Eugene Midleton AC M40 06:26.1 159 84
14 0:26:15 MULCAHY, Kieran Midleton AC M40 06:33.6 252 94
15 0:26:32 AHERNE, Neilus Midleton AC M55 06:37.9 453 105
16 0:26:53 GEARY, Ann Midleton AC F 06:43.1 264 114
17 0:27:08 WALSH, Mark Midleton AC M50 06:46.9 560 125
18 0:27:14 GUNNING, Peter Midleton AC M50 06:48.4 444 128
19 0:27:23 DRENNAN, Sally Midleton AC F45 06:50.6 110 134
20 0:27:57 CAREY, John Midleton AC M40 06:59.1 251 156
21 0:28:12 WATSON, Karol Midleton AC M 07:02.9 150 165
22 0:28:14 AHERNE, Marian Midleton AC F40 07:03.4 371 166
23 0:28:23 RAMSELL, Ned Midleton AC M40 07:05.6 412 170
24 0:28:27 FITZGERALD, Claire Midleton AC F35 07:06.6 442 173
25 0:28:42 KIERANS, Paul Midleton AC M45 07:10.4 297 182
26 0:28:50 MURPHY, Kieran Midleton AC M 07:12.4 80 191
27 0:28:52 MURPHY, Marie Midleton AC F 07:12.9 440 194
28 0:28:54 O'DRISCOLL, Brian Midleton AC M 07:13.4 548 196
29 0:29:00 O'KEEFFE, Mary Midleton AC F45 07:14.9 246 200
30 0:29:25 KENNEALLY, Michael Midleton AC M 07:21.1 394 213
31 0:29:34 MCCARTHY, Niall Midleton AC M 07:23.4 609 218
32 0:30:01 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M60 07:30.1 106 231
33 0:30:03 DORRIS, Anna Midleton AC F 07:30.6 103 234
34 0:30:08 WALSH, Michael Midleton AC M40 07:31.9 265 238
35 0:30:15 PERRY, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F35 07:33.6 84 241
36 0:30:34 BOHAN, Sandra Midleton AC F35 07:38.4 443 256
37 0:30:44 KENNEDY, Yvonne Midleton AC F 07:40.9 437 266
38 0:31:04 O'NEILL, Vincent Midleton AC M40 07:45.9 633 274
39 0:31:51 AHERNE, Barry Midleton AC M 07:57.6 459 299
40 0:32:12 HICKEY, Denise Midleton AC F35 08:02.9 75 312
41 0:32:18 FURLONG, Kay Midleton AC F 08:04.4 549 316
42 0:32:19 TWOHIG, Margaret Midleton AC F40 08:04.6 72 318
43 0:32:37 TWOMEY, Bernie Midleton AC F40 08:09.1 73 326
44 0:32:48 CASEY, Tom Midleton AC M40 08:11.9 577 329
45 0:33:00 SAVAGE, Ann Midleton AC F45 08:14.9 153 336
46 0:33:35 CREEDON, Helena Midleton AC F 08:23.6 346 350
47 0:33:56 FITZGERALD, Karen Midleton AC F 08:28.9 477 362
48 0:34:19 HARRINGTON, Anne Midleton AC F 08:34.6 455 372
49 0:34:36 MULLANE, Philip Midleton AC M 08:38.9 96 380
50 0:34:42 MORRISON, Moira Midleton AC F40 08:40.4 451 383
51 0:34:46 CUSACK, Thomas Midleton AC M40 08:41.4 569 386
52 0:35:06 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F60 08:46.4 85 392
53 0:35:08 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M60 08:46.9 46 393
54 0:35:21 FITZGERALD, Noreen Midleton AC F 08:50.1 162 397
55 0:36:02 O'BRIEN, Judy Midleton AC F 09:00.4 204 412
56 0:36:02 AHERNE, Jane Midleton AC F 09:00.4 203 413
57 0:36:04 GILROY, Helen Midleton AC F45 09:00.9 167 414
58 0:36:06 BARRY, Colette Midleton AC F 09:01.4 345 415
59 0:36:19 CASHMAN, Fiona Midleton AC F 09:04.6 193 416
60 0:36:23 SEXTON, Joy Midleton AC F 09:05.6 347 418
61 0:36:37 DAY, Brenda Midleton AC F35 09:09.1 272 428
62 0:36:38 NORMOYLE, Catherina Midleton AC F 09:09.4 552 429
63 0:36:44 SEXTON, Donna Midleton AC F 09:10.9 348 433
64 0:36:45 BUCKLEY, Susan Midleton AC F 09:11.1 556 434
65 0:37:16 HEGARTY, Linda Midleton AC F35 09:18.9 97 442
66 0:37:19 BRODERICK, Josephine Midleton AC F40 09:19.6 273 446
67 0:37:23 O'DOHERTY, Maura Midleton AC F35 09:20.6 87 448
68 0:37:30 HALLAHAN, Olive Midleton AC F45 09:22.4 197 453
69 0:37:38 SMIDDY, Phil Midleton AC F 09:24.4 278 457
70 0:37:42 KEANE, Mary Midleton AC F40 09:25.4 545 461
71 0:37:46 BUCKLEY, Sinead Midleton AC F 09:26.4 460 464
72 0:38:05 NOLAN, Brian Midleton AC M 09:31.1 338 474
73 0:38:14 CASHMAN, Melissa Midleton AC F40 09:33.4 397 484
74 0:38:17 O'CONNOR, Barbara Midleton AC F35 09:34.1 446 488
75 0:38:17 GRIFFIN, Billy Midleton AC M70 09:34.1 274 489
76 0:38:18 BAYLOR, Lauren Midleton AC F 09:34.4 462 492
77 0:38:20 MCGRATH, Marie Midleton AC F40 09:34.9 336 496
78 0:38:27 BRENNOCK, Catriona Midleton AC F35 09:36.6 555 503
79 0:38:29 O'LEARY, Claire Midleton AC F 09:37.1 393 504
80 0:38:31 JORDAN, Colm Midleton AC M 09:37.6 43 506
81 0:38:33 STEELE, Frances Midleton AC F45 09:38.1 305 508
82 0:38:33 MORRISSEY, Karen Midleton AC F 09:38.1 125 509
83 0:39:15 O'MAHONY, Mary Midleton AC F 09:48.6 310 522
84 0:39:39 SAVAGE, Nora Midleton AC F45 09:54.6 74 526
85 0:39:41 MCCARTHY, Susan Midleton AC F40 09:55.1 306 528
86 0:39:50 MCMURTRY, Jim Midleton AC M60 09:57.4 59 529
87 0:41:52 KENNEALLY, Barbara Midleton AC F 10:27.9 554 539
88 0:41:54 CASHMAN, Mary Midleton AC F45 10:28.4 553 540
89 0:43:56 KIERANS, Sile Midleton AC F40 10:58.9 298 548
90 0:44:36 HICKEY, Grace Midleton AC F 11:08.9 630 550
91 0:44:50 GRIFFIN, Rosarie Midleton AC F 11:12.4 182 551
92 0:44:59 DALY, Yvonne Midleton AC F 11:14.6 461 553
93 0:46:33 GRIFFIN, Audrey Midleton AC F 11:38.1 420 555
There were 93 finishers in the Midleton AC team.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ballintotis ‘4’ Mile Race 2011 - Additional Information


- Ballintotis is located just off the Main N25 Road between Midleton and Castlemartyr adjacent to Loughaderra Lake.


There will be 2 main car parks.

1 - a field just off the Main N25 Road – just next to the turn off for Ballintotis - this car park is approx 450 meters from the race HQ (which is located in the Church Car Park)

2 - a field located just beyond the Race HQ and approx 200 meters from race start.

There will be a one way system from Car Park 2 after the race - exiting from this car park will not be allowed immediately after the race. So. if you wish to make a hasty exit, using Car Park 1 is the best advice.


A marquee for changing will be erected in the Church Car Park on the green beside Loughaderra Lake. Entries will be taken at another marquee in Church Car Park from 6.15pm. Refreshments/prize giving will also be located in the Church Car Park, whilst there will also be live music provided by local musician Ken Barrett.

As per last year the local community have put in a major effort in preparing for the race and with the forecast favourable a great sporting and social occasion is in store at this picturesque venue


- Spots prizes galore, prizes in all categories and a top prize of a mountain bicycle for the first man and first woman to cross the line.


Words Of Advice

- Arrive early – a non competitive walk is also taking place over the same route, beginning at 6.30pm sharp. Most of all, enjoy your visit to Ballintotis where you will be guaranteed the warmest of welcomes.

Finally any enquiries should be directed to 086-8778182

John Cashman

Race Committee

Monday, 18 April 2011

Midleton AC Senior Section by PETER GUNNING Long distance running predominated over the past fortnight with our runners hitting and climbing walls in Kilnaboy, Rotterdam, Connemara and a little closer to home in Cobh. Sunday 10th April saw fourteen Midleton AC vests at the start line in Kilnaboy for the Sonny Murphy Ten Mile Road race, seven in Rotterdam for the AMRO Marathon and two more in Connemara for the marathon and the ultra mararthon In the beautiful Burren, Kevin Smith again led our male athletes home in a sub-60, with Stan Byczek following in a superb 64:17 and Kevin Cooney at 69:10. Mark Walsh and John Carey were also well placed as were Paul Kierans and Danny McCarthy. Club captain Sally Drennan led by example in 72:06 with other great runs by Bernie Twomey , Helen Gilroy, Susan Buckley, Marion Cotter, Mary Walsh and Sile Kierans. Apparently the bus took the scenic route home but tight lips kept the omerta that what goes on tour stays on tour. Similarly our Rotterdam marathoners returned home with talk only of running. On a blistering hot day in the Dutch second city Adam Duchnicz was the first of our seven athletes across the line in an excellent 3:13. Brilliantly paced running from Fergal O’Meara saw him earn a pb at 3:24 while performance of the day was arguably that of marathon virgin Brian Nolan who overcame spaghetti legs at 35km to clock an excellent debut time of 3:31. Peter Gunning cleared the wall to come home at 3:56. Unfortunately Donal Broderick who was on target for a three hour marathon was forced to withdraw through injury at 18miles and a similar fate struck both Adrian Williams and Kevin Morrison. All have vowed to build on the experience and return next year. In Connemara meanwhile, Denis Kelleher took on the ultimate challenge of the ultra-marathon. Denis ran the 39.3mile distance in 6 hours 18 mins. An outstanding achievement, Denis and one for which we all salute you. Mary Toher was also in Connemara where she added the 26.2 mile distance to her ever increasing marathon cv. The results from last Sunday’s Great Island Ten Mile Road race were not available before going to press. The club was however well represented with great running from amongst others, Kevin Cooney, Colm Egan, Sally Drennan, Breda Cahill, Peter Gunning, John Carey, Elaine Hennessy, Ann Savage. A more comprehensive report with times and results will be published in the next edition. The next event on our running calendar is the Ballintotis Four Mile Road Race which takes place this Wednesday night at 8pm. Parking arrangements will be as follows: There will 2 main car parks. 1 - a field just off the Main N25 Road - adjacent to the turn off for Ballintotis - this car park is approx 450 meters from the race HQ which is located in the Church Car Park) 2 - a field located just beyond the Race HQ and approx 200 meters from race start. There will also be a one way system from Car Park 2 in operation immediately after the race to prevent any traffic facing oncoming runners as they head for the finish line.. A marquee for changing will be erected in the Church Car Park on the green beside Loughaderra Lake. Entries will be taken at another marquee in Church Car Park from 6.15pm. Refreshments/prize giving will also be located in the Church Car Park. Finally any enquiries should be directed to 086-8778182 The next BHAA race is the Stride By The Tide on Tuesday 26th April at 8pm. This race is run on the beach in Rebarn with excellent changing facilities and refreshments provided in the nearby Quality Hotel and Leisure Centre where registration also takes place. So pack the buckets and spades as well as the running gear. There will be a meeting to discuss arrangements for our own race, the Joe Hourigan Memorial Five Mile Road Race, at O’Meara’s Bar, Ballinacurra at 9pm on Wednesday 27th April. The race this year takes place on Thursday 5th May at 8pm. More about that in the next edition. Training continues each Monday night at 6pm in Midleton College and on Tuesday night from the Community Centre. Keep on running....

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The AGM proper (incl Juvinile Section) of the Club takes place in the Two Mile Inn next Mon 18TH at 8.30 pm All are welcome to attend.
Pictured are some of our members (including the "Three Stans" our Polish guests) who ran in Kilnaboy last Sunday.Well done to Sally Drennan Ladies Captain who again came 1st in her catogery. Also well done to our crews in Rotterdam and Connamara a full report will follow in due course but in the meantime a Special Congrats to Denis Kellegher who did a remarkable ULTRA MARATHON (39.5 Mls) in Connemara in 6.18.A superb achivement.Well done Denis

Wednesday, 13 April 2011




In the meantime I would appeal to all those who are invovled in organsing various aspects of the race to please keep up to speed with preparations. Many of us have undertaken different tasks and it is very important that these are done in order to ensure the success of this year's race. Please spread the word regarding our race- The Joe Hourigan Memorial '5' Miler on Thursday May 5th - 8pm.
Encourage your friends, family, work colleagues etc to become involved either by participating, stewarding or helping with catering.

Thanking You
John Cashman
*A reminder that we will have a trial run around the Ballintotis 4 Mile course this evening - assembly is at the Church Car Park in Ballintotis- 7pm - run begins at 7.15pm.

*Next Sunday the Great Island 10 Mile Race takes place in Cobh with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society - the race begins at 1pm. Midleton native Eamonn Crotty is the main driving force behind the race and would be delighted to see support from our club. See for all details and pre entry.

Friday, 8 April 2011

MESSAGE FROM KEVIN SMITH - SOCIAL COMMITTEE RE KILNABOY TRIP ON SUNDAY NEXT Please note - the cost of the bus is €5 and if members have friends who would like to travel on the bus they can at €10 – 11 places available (first come first serve basis). Meeting at Muckleys tool hire 9.30am bus leaving at 9.45am sharp and returning to Midleton by 8ish depending on craic !!!!!!
 Update from Mens Team Captain - Edmond O'Sullivan “ Training will continue at the Midleton College hockey pitch on 6pm Monday nights for a further 2-3 weeks…..CBS track not yet available to us. Tuesday training, beginners 6pm, the rest at 7pm, from the Community centre/Gaelscoil car park. Communal stretch exercises followed by 40minute run in groups. €2 collected until July. Also, new training meet-up on Saturdays, 6pm from the Park Lesiure centre car-park. 30 min run, woods/road. Just turn up! Don’t forget ; 1. Ballintotis practice run next Wednesday night at 7pm, from the church car park. 2. Midleton 5 race committee plus helpers meeting in O’ Mearas Ballinacurra on Thursday next at 8.30pm 3 If you are new to the club you must register pretty quickly for insurance purposes….Danny McCarthy will sort the registration paperwork for you. AND finally…..a big send off to the Midleton Athletic Club Rotterdam Marathon team. Bon voyage and Bon running. Best wishes to our other members who will competiting either in the Connemara Marathon or the Kilnably 10 miler. ….. a big CONGRATULATIONS to John O’Connell for WINNING the duathalon held in Cork city on Saturday last. A fantastic achievement!” Edmond

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Existing members are reminded that we are not taking any beginners until the end of Sept next.That is people who have no running experience. New members must be able to run at least 3-4 miles at a reasonable pace to join during the outdoor season of the Summer months.This is for safety reasons and also to enable the trainers to devote sufficient time to those already joined.

Please do not bring or send along beginners to training as refusal may offend and we will be happy to have them as members when we move back indoor and can give them the attention they need and deserve.

If they manage to up their fittness prior to Sept they will be most welcome.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

HEART MONITOR NEEDED CAN YOU HELP??? Our colleague Denis Kelleher is running the Connemara Ultra Marathon - yes Ultra Marathon on Sunday. Unfortunately his heart monitor for his Garmin 305 watch is not working - Can anybody come to his assitance by lending a heart monitor for the 305 watch ? If so please call Denis on 086-3727244 before Friday 12 noon, when he departs. Thank You

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Ballintotis Trial Run

(For Midleton AC Athletes and invited guests)


Monday, 4 April 2011

Midleton Athletic Club Senior Section By Peter Gunning With the spring weather comes the added spring in the step as the racing season hits full stride. Our runners have been out in force over the past two weeks making their marks in both the Mallow ten miler and yesterdays BHAA organised UCC 10k in Sundays Well. Mallow saw a huge club entry with the challenging course proving tough. Conditions however, did not prevent Kevin Smith leading our team home in a superb 59:21. Marc Dalton scored a pb with a scintillating 60:12 and is now poised to break the magic 60min mark this season. Great too to see Sean O’Sullivan back breaking 68m with Michael Murphy and Kevin Cooney while even faster were Adam Duchnicz, Matt Chojan and Eric Owers, all subbing 64. Great runs too by John Carey, Paul Kierans, Danny McCarthy and Vincent Connolly. Well done to Marian Aherne and Sally Drennan who led a long list of Midleton ladies home including Sandra Bohan with a 78min pb. Meanwhile on the same day Noel O’Regan, John Hennessy, Donal Broderick and Fergal O’Meara were representing the club in the Munster Road Racing Championships in Dundrum. The lads finished fourth overall with Noel and John medalling for Cork and Fergal dipping under 25mins for a pb at four miles. In Sundays Well, the UCC 10k saw a huge entry with our athletes representing their various business house teams. Noel finished 11th overall in 35:47 with Kevin Smith in his slipstream 23 seconds behind. Michelle Nolan was first lady O-35 and fourth overall. Among our most notable performances were those of John Cashman, Breda Cahill, Anne Marie Perry, Ned Ramsell, Danny McCarthy, Trish Macrapoulos, Anne Savage, Mags Twohig, Elaine Hennessy and Donie O’Connell. Good too to see our triathlete Colm Egan back in the white vest. Prior to the Ballintotis 4 on 20th April, John Cashman has organised a trial run on the picturesque course for all members on Thursday April 14th. We will meet at 7pm in the church car park in Ballintotis. Members will be organised into groups and the course will be mile marked and stewarded. Míle buíochas to John for organising this training run. Best of luck to Denis Kelleher who will run the ultramarathon in Connemara on Sunday next and Mary Toher who is running the marathon. On the same day a little further from home seven club members will join the world’s elite in the Rotterdam Marathon. Best of luck to Fergal O’Meara, Adrian Williams, Neilus Aherne, Donal Broderick, Kevin Morrison, Brian Nolan Adam Duchnicz and Peter Gunning. Meanwhile on the same day Sunday 10th April the fourth and final race of the John Buckley ten-mile series will take place in Kilnaboy, Co Clare. A bus will leave Midleton early on Sunday morning. This is always a great day out with the post race analysis taking place over liquids and solids in Charleville on the way home, craic ninety. Anybody interested must contact Kevin Smith asap at 087 9716372. Until next ...níl aon bóthar ró-fhada...keep on running!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

HELP NEEDED Hi all, The Special Olympics Munster Games are being held in CIT track on Saturday the 28th of May for Level 1 and Saturday the 11th of June for Level 2 . They are looking for people to help out in the following areas. If you can give your time to any of the 2 dates it would be really appreciated. Can you e-mail me back at and let me know if you would like to help out. May 28th, we really need people who have experience in :- • Competition Manager • Track referee • Field Referee • Head Time Keeper • Starter June, 11th we really need people who have experience in:- • Competition Manager • Track Referee • Field Referee • Shot putt head official • Starter – • Long Jump head official • High Jump head official – only needed for maybe an hour or so • 4 Walks Referee / officials – again only needed for short duration • Head timekeeper Many thanks, Collette O`Riordan, West Muskerry A.C.