Monday 31 March 2014

Fun RUN raises up to €250k but only €12k goes to cancer charity as organiser says it a ‘commercial’ event

Mail on Sunday March 30, 2014

A fun run listing the Irish Cancer Society as its ‘official charity partner’ and urging participants, ‘Let’s beat cancer together’, was paid up to €250,000 in entry fees – none of which went to the charity.

Over 7,000 people wearing Day-Glo running clothes and glow sticks took to the streets of Ballsbridge in Dublin 4 last Saturday for Ireland’s first Electric Run.

Runners at the Electric Run unaware it was not for charity

Many could have been under the impression that at least part of their entry fee – which ranged from €30 to €43 – was going to help the Irish Cancer Society. This was not the case.

Anyone seeking to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society was given a reduced entry fee of €20 and encouraged to raise funds separately.

Only 88 of the 7,000 entrants chose this option. Their separate fundraising efforts made a total of €12,000 for the Irish Cancer Society. This was the sum total the charity received as a result of the race. None of the income of up to €250,000 earned from the 7,000 runners’ entry fees went to the charity.

The revelation comes amid growing disquiet over charity-linked runs with a motion now set to go before sports body Athletics Ireland calling on races to publicly declare how much money will be donated to good causes.

Last week’s Electric Run was part of a series put on around the world by a US company which has seen over 300,000 people take part.

Anyone seeking to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society was given a reduced entry fee of €20 and encouraged to raise funds separately.

The races were started by Dan Hill from Utah and organised through his Electric Run firm. But the race in Dublin was organised by Irish firm Run Ireland. Compared to traditional runs, Electric Run has a festival atmosphere described as an ‘electric wonderland’. It takes place at night with DJs playing dance music and the runners dress in neon and brandish glow sticks.

The Irish event’s website exclaimed: ‘We’re so excited to have the Irish Cancer Society as our official charity partner for Electric run Ireland!’ It went on to explain how to raise ‘more’ money for the charity and what the charity could do with it.

The Electric Run’s official Facebook page also stated: ‘We’re delighted to announce that Electric Run Dublin has partnered with the Irish Cancer Society and Just Giving. So put your hands up if you want to raise money for this very worthy cause. Let’s beat Cancer together!’ The Irish Cancer Society told the Irish Mail on Sunday it did not receive a single cent from the entry fee.

A spokesman said: ‘It puts our name out there. It has a real value to us, that’s free support – 88 people out of 7,000 isn’t much but it is €12,000 compared to nothing with no staff, resources, time or investment. That does help us.’ When asked if the website gave the impression the Irish Cancer Society was receiving some of the entry fee, he said there was no intention to confuse anyone.

A spokeswoman for Run Ireland said: ‘It wasn’t a charity race. It’s a purely commercial race… We’re very transparent. It’s absolutely not a charity event, it’s a commercial event.

‘The charity of choice we have allowed to use our database to raise money is the Irish Cancer Society.’ Richard Donovan, the chairman of Ultra Running Ireland, criticised the lack of transparency in commercial races but added: ‘It’s not just the commercial operators who are to blame: there must be a question mark over certain charities that allow their name to be used in a misleading manner.’

By Warren Sword
Mail on Sunday March 30, 2014

Photo of a group of Midleton AC athletes at the Mallow 10 last weekend kindly sent in by John Walsh and Midleton News.


On Sunday, 27 April there is a night race in Cork city centre.  The Cork County Athletics Board are looking for stewards.  The incentive they are offering is the payment of € 30.00 per steward paid to the club providing the steward.

We are using this as a fundraiser for the purchase of a club defibrillator.

Many thanks to those who have already volunteered.  As the County Board are hoping to have confirmed names by next Wednesday, 2 April we would be grateful if you could let us know by Wednesday afternoon if you will be available.  If you are unable to 100% commit at this stage let us know anyway because the chances are they will still be looking for stewards nearer the time.

It will involve attending a meeting at CIT on Wednesday, 23 April and giving an hour or so of your time on the night to steward the race.

It will be fantastic if we get a really big uptake on this and make the acquisition of a defibrillator reality.

Please think about volunteering to do this if you can.  

Noel and Sally

Friday 28 March 2014


Photos & Reports

As always with the blog. any photos or reports any member wishes to submit will be welcome and published as submitted Send to

Munster Roads Senior and Novice Championships

These championships were held in Dungarvan today Sunday and saw some great running from our three representatives who were all running on Cork teams.
John Dunphy had a brilliant run again and excelled himself with another PB. John ran 23.44 some 22 seconds better than his recent Ballinhassig time. It seems to be the "Year Of The PBs" for John as he has already posted a few so far this year.
In the ladies Sheila Buckley has a brilliant run finishing in 26.02 coming 10th overall and being a scorer on the victorious Cork team who took GOLD  by coming first team. This is a fantastic finish for Sheila and a great boost for this lady who will be heading to Boston in three weeks along with her buddies Helen Gilroy and Margaret Jones to do the Boston Marathon. The girls are in great shape with Helen getting a PB in Mallow last week and Margaret looking like she had only warmed up after seventeen miles yesterday morning.
Joan Hough also had a fine run finishing under 30 mins so hopefully she will be amongst the Cat. prizes Full results will be on the AAI Munster website later.

UCC 10kM

Sunday morning saw ideal conditions for the Carmel Lynch UCC 10Km. Over the new course which seemed to work flawlessly. We seemed to have a smaller number there than usual but still a fine showing. We had fine runs from Emmet Ronan and Mike Cremin amongst others and from the ladies Christine Murphy and Joan McCarthy had good runs too. We didn't feature amongst the prize winners but everyone got a PB for the course. Full results will be on the BHAA website.


New Training Arrangements for the summer season 

Club Training on Wednesdays 

From next Wednesday, 2 April on we will all meet at the Community Centre at 6.30 (note change of time).

Members sign in for official club training and then they are covered by the club insurance (AAI) in the event of any accident.

We warm up (if you wish) and then divide into the various  groups of your own choice for different speeds, distances, type of training (hills) etc.  This gives you the advantage of having the option of varying your training from week to week as suits. People might like to go with a slower group one week or a faster one the next. It will also serve as a meeting point for the exchange of information etc.. You can still stay with your existing group if you wish once they are signed in. This is open to all members.

You can always do what you want yourself but it is safer to be insured doing it. Your membership entitles you to insurance so you might as well avail of one of the major advantages of being in a club. If these arrangements  do not suit any particular group please contact any member of the committee. 

Club Training on Mondays

Starting on Monday, 7 April training will take place at the Rugby Club on Monday nights at 6.30 pm.  This will replace the current hockey pitch session.  The rugby club offers a great opportunity for speed sessions on a 400m grass track and longer runs if required.  As grass is a much better surface to do speed work on than most other surfaces we would encourage as many as possible to avail of this. No coach ever advises speed work on the road on a regular basis as it can lead to injury.

There are also changing facilities and toilets at the rugby club.  The rugby club is just out the Dungourney road a little past the hockey pitch where we have been training.

Please note that the above are the official club training nights.  It is important for insurance purposes that we meet at the above venues and sign in at these times.  It also makes it easier to make announcements if we all meet at the same place and time. 

Enjoy the long days and safe, happy training! 

Noel and Sally


Starting with good luck to everyone running this weekend both in Dungarvan and UCC 10Km and elsewhere.

We have three runners on the Cork Team in the Munster Roads in Dungarvan on Sunday. They are Sheila Buckley, Joan Hough and John Dunphy.

You will be receiving the new details re training over the weekend .From next Wed 2nd April we will  be going outdoors and from the following Monday 7th April we will be moving to the Rugby Club for training @6.30.

UCC 10Km Sunday @11am.

                                                                               This has traditionally been one of the most popular races on the calendar and takes place over the Lee Road and Straight Road circuit. Starting on Mardyke Walk ( note new start) turning left and then uphill shortly after a few climbs in  between and then a very steep downhill to run past the Anglers Rest and back in the Straight Road for about two miles. This last section proves for many to be the toughest as you can see the County Hall in the distance for about a mile and a half or more and you think you will never get there. The secret is not to look up. Always a very well organised race with food in the canteen after. Sign on is at the end of the Western Road in the new UCC building where the Greyhound Track used to be. A highly recommended race.
NOTE New Start on Mardyke Walk

On St Patricks day Joan Hough ran the Portlaoise 5km and had a fantastic run of 21.18 to come 2nd O/50. Grat running Joan well done.


Membership is available at anytime during the year and instalment are available to anyone that wants them. New members are always welcome .
Once you can run a couple of miles you will be fine and you can always try out for a night's training before joining. We are not taking any complete beginners at the moment until we have enough for a full class. Enquiries

Congrats West Waterford

A big congrats to our neighbours down the road on their new World Champion. Many of our members will know Joe from the races down the years and a very well deserving champion he is. Joe Gough of West Waterford AC  has just won the M60 World Masters Indoor 800m title in Budapest in a time of 2.15.20! Well done Joe!

Graded Track and Field
Some of you may be interested in the below. Anyone interested in the below and in need of a special coaching session on how to use the blocks etc please contact the blog

Friday 21 March 2014


MALLOW 10 Mile
                                                                Sunday saw ideal conditions for the Mallow 10 which as always suited some and didn't suit others its a strange course like that. It should be much faster than Ballycotton and yet it only works for some.
                                                              We had some fine runs out there today with several PBs and two prize winners. Neilus Aherne had a superb run of 63.19 and got 2nd O/55 whilst Anna Doris (despite little or no warm up) also had a great run of 65.45 finishing 2nd O/40 and both had better times than Ballycotton.

                                    Helen Gilroy had a brilliant run along with her personal pace maker Mike Dolphin she finished in 68 mins (her own watch has her faster than this). What is amazing here is that prior to the race Mike said he would bring her home in 68 and that is exactly what he did to the second. Mike will be in huge demand after this. Sean O Sullivan also helped along the way with the work and got a time of 67.43 himself. It is a new PB for Helen by over a min. and is a great boost to her for the fore coming Boston Marathon. Speaking of which Margaret Jones who was supposed to be having an easy training run after doing 22 miles on Thur. finished today in 73.38.

                                                Well done also to John Dunphy who did a great job as 95 min. official pacer, Another couple of club runners who had brilliant runs and worked well together helping and pushing each other all the way were Louise Barry and Fionan O'hAodain who both got PBs and finished in 76.56 both well up on their Ballycotton times.

Others who had fine runs were Mike Cremin 66.37, Don Ryan 66.44, Denise Hickey 79.35 (PB), Kevin Moran 79.19, James McMurtry 79.52, Bernie Twomey 81.39. Matt Chojan has an excellent run also.

                                                         Others who had good runs were Aoife Fouhy, Michael McNamara (PB), Martha McNamara, Trish Cody, Danny Mc Carthy Apologies to anyone I have omitted . Not forgetting our great club supporters who travelled down especially to support us Aoife Jones, Donie and Kathleen O'Connell and Joan McCarthy.
                                                         The event was very well organised with loads of stewards which were needed as a lot of the roads were still open to traffic. Well done Mallow AC on another great event.

Samsung 10 km Night Race 
in Cork City
on Sunday 27 April at 9.00 pm.

Here is a great opportunity to help your club!

The Cork County Board is looking for a large number of stewards to assist at the above event.  The bonus for clubs is that for every steward a club puts forward the County Board pays € 30.00 to that athletics club.

This year Midleton AC plan to buy a defibrillator with club funds if possible.  The cost of this is also being heavily subsidised by the County Board, but if we can provide a good number of stewards for the above race we should be in a position to avail of the subsidy and buy the defibrillator this year while the offer stands. This is something badly needed by the club and could save a members life.

If you would like to play your part in this important development please give your name by return email. (   It would involve a couple of hours work on the night and attendance at a meeting at the CIT on the Wednesday prior to the race.  
 It is not a big commitment, but would make a big difference!

Best regards,
Sally and Noel

The big run this weekend is the Mallow 10 mile and as always we wish all our members doing it the very best. It is a very different course to the Ballycotton 10 and is much more level and will not have the narrow start. It is not any faster than Ballycotton so do not be expecting a faster time. The main spot to gain time there is between 2 and 3 1/2 where you have a very nice incline downhill and at that stage you should be well warmed up. Also look out for the finish as you have the full length of the town park to do. One man who wont have any bother there is John Dunphy who is acting again as a 95 min pacer. Best of luck to all.

Friday 14 March 2014


Joey Hannon 10Km Croom

Mike Cremin had a fine run here finishing in a time of 40 16 and coming 11th overall.

More Ballycotton 10 photo's

Some extra images of Ballycotton 10 supplied by Vincent Connolly .
 See end of post below also for some more.  Others also very welcome

Munster Novice and Senior Road Championships - Dungarvan on Sunday, 30 March
As the above race takes place in Dungarvan it is very easy to get to.  I hope we will be in a position to enter men's and women's teams.  Please let me know if you are interested in running on the Midleton team.  I would be very grateful if anyone interested in running could please come forward and tell me and save me having to contact everyone individually.  Thank you!

Sally (087 2265857).

Midleton Athletes Shine
                                                                                  St Patricks Day morning saw the 10th running of this great race and as always we had a fine representation there from the Midleton club. Our first man home was consistently improving John Dunphy who today got a new PB and managed to break the elusive 24 mins for the 4 miles and this all after racing in the Munsters yesterday in Kilnaboy. For those of you that know the Ballinhassing course with its hilly start and its 1 3/4 mile hill near the end will agree it is a tough course to get a PB on. John also got 3rd O/45 for his trouble. Next home was the ever consistent Neilus Aherne taking 2nd O/55 whilst our final male prize winner was John O'Halloran taking 3rd O/60.
                                                                                    Two places behind Neilus came John Cashman who seems to be getting back to his best hoping to peak for Ballintotis no doubt. Christopher McCarthy who is recovering from injury came next with a great run too. Fionan O'hAodain had a superb run finishing well under the 30 min mark despite not even having time to warm up. Paul Kearns was just ahead of  Donie O'Connell  who solid as always came in under the 32 again and he was followed by Danny Mc Carthy.
                                           Of the ladies Catherine Carroll came home first having a fine run her first since the birth of her daughter Sarah and she was followed by Joan McCarthy whilst our lady prizewinner was the consistent Kathleen O'Connell who came 2nd O/60. Well done to all who ran and to Rising Sun AC for the usual well organised event and for the fantastic array of prizes and spot prizes.


The club's John Dunphy running today in the Cork vest ran 24.30 in the Munster Masters in Kilnaboy Co Clare today. Those of you who remember the roads around Kilnaboy and the Burren will know that that is some fine running. Well done John on doing the club and county proud.

Munster Masters

Best of luck to club member John Dunphy who is running on the Cork Team in the Munster Masters in Kilnaboy on Sunday. Hope you have a great one John.

This weekend is slightly quieter that the buzz around Ballycotton 10 last weekend but there are a few notable events on the calendar. Good luck to our athletes running in Kilnaboy in the Munsters.

Please remember there is no training on the All Weather in Midleton College on Mon 17th due to the Bank Holiday for St Patricks Day.

Ballinhassig 4 Mile St Patricks Day

There is a really enjoyable and excellent race in Baallinhassig (about 10 mins beyond Cork Airport) at 11 am on St Patricks day. This race is organised by Jimmy Murray of Rising Sun AC and is one of the best traditional races around. There are always lots of prizes in each cat. and also lots of spot prizes and you can still be home in time to watch the parade.
The course is very nice It starts with an uphill for about 200 mtrs which is fine once you have warmed up properly then it heads on the old Bandon road for a mile and a half and turns back onto the new Bandon road to head back to the village then a steep downhill to the flag at the finish. A very well organised race and well worth supporting.

Munster Novice and Senior Road Championships - Dungarvan on Sunday, 30 March
As the above race takes place in Dungarvan it is very easy to get to so I hope we will be in  a position to enter men's and women's teams. This is open to all eligible members (that is most of you) so why not come and give it a try. You will be made very welcome.
 Please let me know if you are interested in running on the Midleton AC team.

Sally (087 2265857).

Note photo's not in finishing order.