Wednesday 30 January 2013


Your membership expires tomorrow. If you have NOT renewed your membership please do so immediately if at all possible. We do not want to lose you and if you have any difficulty in paying please contact Danny at 0872403940 or or ANY committee member and arrangements can be made and you will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

You will not be insured to train or race with the club if you do not have membership.


Monday 28 January 2013

MIDLETON AC Runners and Finishers IN
Dungarvan 10 Mile

Place Last Name First Name Bib Gun Time Pace Category Club

52 CANAVAN DARRAGH 1182 59:15:00 5:56/M SM MIDLETON AC

91 DOLPHIN MICHAEL 1239 01:00:53 6:05/M SM MIDLETON AC

108 DALTON MARC 743 01:02:03 6:12/M SM MIDLETON AC

131 MULCAHY KIERAN 1496 01:02:57 6:18/M M40 MIDLETON AC

144 MAUNSELL FRANCIS 1202 01:03:29 6:21/M M40 MIDLETON AC

151 RONAN EMMET 1005 01:03:54 6:23/M SM MIDLETON AC

152 CARROLL NIGEL 1731 01:03:54 6:23/M SM MIDLETON AC

205 DORIS ANNA 714 01:05:21 6:32/M F40 MIDLETON A.C.

224 O REGAN NOEL 393 01:06:03 6:36/M M45 MIDLETON A.C.

250 O MEARA FERGAL 148 01:06:34 6:39/M M40 MIDLETON A.C.

279 MURPHY EOIN 733 01:07:13 6:43/M M40 MIDLETON AC

340 KELLY ALAN 717 01:08:53 6:53/M M40 MIDLETON AC

345 COTT BRIAN 33 01:08:58 6:54/M SM MIDLETON A.C.

362 CASHMAN JOHN 1794 01:09:10 6:55/M M45 MIDLETON AC

450 SPITERI PAUL 1219 01:11:14 7:07/M SM MIDLETON AC

458 AHERNE BARRY 841 01:11:21 7:08/M SM MIDLETON AC

477 DRENNAN SALLY 1257 01:11:44 7:10/M F45 MIDLETON AC

479 CHOJAN MATT 993 01:11:45 7:11/M SM MIDLETON AC

480 BUCKLEY SHEILA 715 01:11:47 7:11/M SF MIDLETON AC

489 CAREY JOHN 796 01:12:01 7:12/M M45 MIDLETON AC

493 GILROY HELEN 848 01:12:06 7:13/M F45 MIDLETON AC

555 RYAN DON 936 01:13:25 7:21/M SM MIDLETON AC


599 CAHILL BREDA 833 01:14:22 7:26/M F40 MIDLETON AC

677 MC NAMARA ANDREA 1595 01:16:16 7:38/M SF MIDLETON AC

678 O' HERLIHY AIDAN 1229 01:16:17 7:38/M SM MIDLETON AC

701 WALSH PAT 829 01:16:46 7:41/M M45 MIDLETON AC

713 AHERNE DEIRDRE 1176 01:17:05 7:43/M SF MIDLETON AC

731 SHEEDY BREEDA 648 01:17:26 7:45/M F45 MIDLETON

767 REILLY KARA 1564 01:18:13 7:49/M SF MIDLETON

790 MURPHY CHRISTINE 718 01:18:30 7:51/M F40 MIDLETON AC

831 HEALY BRIAN 1624 01:19:07 7:55/M M45 MIDLETON AC

850 MC CARTHY BRIAN 1696 01:19:45 7:59/M M45 MIDLETON AC

873 TERRY CATHERINE 1690 01:20:29 8:03/M SF MIDLETON AC

878 FITZGERALD CLAIRE 1192 01:20:42 8:04/M F35 MIDLETON

895 PERRY ANN MARIE 889 01:21:24 8:08/M F40 MIDLETON AC


951 STAFFORD MICHAEL 1460 01:22:47 8:17/M M40 MIDLETON AC

1019 KEANE PATRICK 666 01:24:29 8:27/M M45 MIDLETON A.C.

1024 BUCKLEY MICHELLE 1542 01:24:32 8:27/M F35 MIDLETON AC

1028 KENNEDY YVONNE 691 01:24:40 8:28/M F35 MIDLETON AC

1068 MORRISSON KEVIN 143 01:25:57 8:36/M M45 MIDLETON A.C.

1072 MURPHY TRISH 1148 01:26:09 8:37/M F40 MIDLETON AC

1090 JONES KEVIN 1426 01:26:47 8:41/M M45 MIDLETON

1091 BARRY COLETTE 838 01:26:56 8:42/M SF MIDLETON AC

1092 FOUHY AOIFE 798 01:26:57 8:42/M SF MIDLETON AC

1131 MC CARTHY DANNY 970 01:28:43 8:52/M M60 MIDLETON AC

1134 MC GREGOR CATRIONA 1777 01:28:46 8:53/M F50 MIDLETON

1160 FITZGERALD SUSAN 35 01:29:34 8:57/M F40 MIDLETON A.C.

1171 MC GRATH MIAH 400 01:29:45 8:59/M M40 MIDLETON A.C.

1196 HENNESSY ELAINE 282 01:30:55 9:06/M F55 MIDLETON A.C.

1200 FALAHEE CARMEL 624 01:30:59 9:06/M F35 MIDLETON

1205 MULCAHY MARGARET 561 01:31:15 9:08/M F45 MIDLETON A.C

1208 IVERS SINEAD 873 01:31:17 9:08/M SF MIDLETON AC

1209 HARRINGTON ANN 583 01:31:17 9:08/M SF MIDLETON AC

1228 KEANE MARY 665 01:32:19 9:14/M F45 MIDLETON A.C.

1247 BUCKLEY SINEAD 842 01:33:25 9:21/M SF MIDLETON AC

1258 WALSH MARY 1589 01:33:45 9:23/M F50 MIDLETON AC

1261 GARCIA PENELOPE 854 01:33:57 9:24/M F35 MIDLETON A.C.

1295 MAGAN MARIE 560 01:36:05 9:37/M F40 MIDLETON

1324 O' BRIEN HELEN 944 01:37:44 9:46/M SF MIDLETON AC

1353 MC GRATH MARIE 564 01:40:54 10:05/M F40 MIDLETON AC

1369 MC CARTHY JOAN 971 01:42:48 10:17/M F55 MIDLETON AC

1389 HEVIA REYES 792 01:46:29 10:39/M F40 MIDLETON AC

1418 O LEARY CLARE 205 01:53:55 11:24/M F35 MIDLETON A.C.

1430 TOHER MARY 226 02:08:14 12:49/M F55 MIDLETON A.C.

Sunday 27 January 2013


Well done to all who ran today in the Dungarvan 10. On what was one of the toughest days of the race almost rivaling the " Day Of The Big Wind " a few years back many of our runners had great runs inluding several PBs. Full details will follow but pride of place for the day must go to Anna Doris who was our only prizewinner in taking 1st O/40 in a great time of 65+.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Good Luck Joseph

The club wishes the very best of luck to our former clubmate Joseph McCarthy who is off representing Ireland in the Special Olympics. Joseph was an active member of the club until recently when he moved to Cork fulltime.
He ran numerous races with us including the Ballycotton 10.
Joseph  is involved with the Special Olympics through the COPE Foundation and will be participating in the floorball event. From an early age, Joseph has always been a fanatical sportsman and although he is a big fan of athletics, basketball, GAA, soccer but at the moment his main focus is floorball and getting ready ahead of the games.

For further information about the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea or to follow Team Ireland’s progress visit

Tuesday 22 January 2013



Club gear will be on sale at training tomorrow evening.Time to stock up now in preperation for Dungarvan  and avoid the last minute rush before Ballycotton 10.


All membership must be renewed in Jan 2013. Available at training tomorrow nigt or contact Danny @0872403940 or

Best Race of 2012

Vote for the Midleton 5 at

Every vote counts so please support our race Just scroll down the right hand side of the page on your computer and/or i phone.

Monday 21 January 2013


Hi All,

Plenty of club members are preparing for the 1st of the 10 mile race series which begins in Dungarvan next Sunday if you were lucky enough to get in, as this is becoming one of the to do races on the calendar. I’d like to wish the best of luck to everyone running.

Race Competition

We are looking for people to vote for our race in the running blog competition for the best 5 mile race 2012. You can vote on the side of the and support our great race.


Club membership is up for renewal again, Danny will be collecting the €35 fee at training. Let’s all try to register early as it would be great if we can have this wrapped up fairly quickly.We need it renewd before the end of Jan.

Cork BHAA 5K Cross Country in Beamount

John Hennessy was our 1st man home in a 19:25 to finish 11th overall and win 1st O/40. Denis Kelleher was next home in 20:56 to win the 1st 0/45.

Michelle Kenny was the first lady home to come 2nd overall to start the New Year from where she left off last season.

Kieran Mulcahy, Matt Chojan, Vincent O Neil, John O Halloran and Danny McCarthy were our other men runners.

Maggie Chojan and Olive Hallanan also had god runs. Mary Toher won the 1st O/55 and was part of Dept of Education team which finished second with Michelle Kenny.

Little island 4 Mile

I might have missed a few in this report as it is very hard to see all the Midleton AC members as most are attached to teams they work with. If people could let me know what teams they are on that would be great.

We had a very large crowd from the club at this race with many getting great PBs which looks good so early in the season and most people having very good runs. Again we were well up amongst the prize winners.

Darragh Canavan was our first man home in 22:45 followed very closely by John Hennessy. Adam Duchuicz, Kieran Mulchay, Emmett Ronin and Stanislaw Byczek made up the bulk of our leading men in this race. Others who ran were Shane Gannon and John O Halloran 2nd O/60 Danny McCarthy.

The women were led home by Michelle Kenny who ran a fantastic 25:17 to be in the mix with the top ladies. Our ladies captain Sally Drennan was next in for 1st O/45 winner, followed closely by Helen Gilroy who came home in a new Pb to start her new year off well and receive 3rd O/45. Sheila Buckley was next home followed by Aoife Fouhy who is going well since the marathon last October. Michelle Buckley who unfortunately had to pull out at 3miles over an injury picked as a result of a pothole. Others who ran were Joan McCarthy 2nd O/55 and Kathleen O Connell 3rd O/55.

There were lots of our runners in this race including a few members from our Development group who have competed in quite a few races since they started in late September.

Prize winners


Sally Drennan 1st O/45

Helen Gilroy 3rd O/45

Joan McCarthy 2nd O/55

Kathleen O'Connell 3rd O/55


Stanislaw Byczek 1st O/50John O'Halloran 2nd O/60

MD Insulation ( Sean McGrath, Darragh Canavan, Adam Duchzicz ) 3rd Team Grade A.


Sun 27th (1pm)...John Treacy Dungarvan 10 mile road race Entry closed

Thurs 7th (6:30pm)...CIT X-Country 4k/7k

Sun 10th (11am)...Cork BHAA Janssen 4 mile road race...€5/€8

Sun 10th (11am)...Mealagh Valley 10 mile...€15/€20

Sat 16th/Sun 17th (9am)...Clonakilty Back2Back Marathons...Closed ( Margaret Jones running this)

Sun 17th (11am)...Carrigaline 5 mile

Sun 24th (11am)...Inniscara 4 mile...€10

Sunday 20 January 2013

UPDATE 20/01/2013

Littleisland 4 Mile

We had a very large crowd from the club at this race with many getting great PBs which looks good so early in the season and most people having very good runs.Again we were well up amongst the prizewinners


Sally Drennan 1st O/45
Helen Gilroy   3rd O/45
Joan Mc Carthy 2nd O/55
Kathleen O'Connell 3rd O/55

Stanislaw Byczek 1st O/50
John O'Halloran 2nd O/60

MD Insulation ( Sean McGrath,Darragh Canavan, Adam Duchzicz ) 3rd Team Grade A.

Well done all.

Sunday 13 January 2013

BHAA Cross Country 13/1/13

Today saw the first race on the BHAA calender take place in Beaumont Park Blackrock over a tough course.It was the first time in many years when we had more men running cross country than ladies. I am glad to report that both ladies and men were in the prizes and hopefully it augurs well for cross country in the club in the future.

Michelle Kenny was our first lady home taking 2nd place overall.Having led for a large portion of the race she was just passed on the final lap.Mary Toher took 1st O/55 and between them Michelle and Mary took 2nd team with the Dept of Education.Other ladies who had good runs were Maggie Chojan and Olive Hallahan.
Our first man home was John Hennessy taking 1st O/40 followed by Denis Kelleher taking 1st O/45.Others who ran were Matt Chojan, Ciaran Mulcahy, Vincent O'Neill,John O'Halloran and Danny Mc Carthy.

Dont forget to register with BHAA this week if you want to be in the prizes in Little Island next Sunday.

Dont forget to VOTE for the Midleton 5 as the race of 2012 at   every VOTE counts including yours.Strange things have been happening with the votes with almost thirty people changing their votes last Friday night ??

Cross Country photos here


Friday 11 January 2013

Stats on Ballycotton 10 entries

Midleton AC tops the list again. Full details on

Entry by Athletic Clubs.....Pride of place goes yet again to Midleton AC with 151 entries, up from 144 last year. In second place, St.Finbarr's AC keep their second spot with 111 entries, down from 123 in 2012. Eagle AC have just 3 fewer entries this year with 94 to keep third. Mallow AC stay in fourth with a slight increase from 57 to 62.

Our numbers will be dropping slightly as there are a couple in there who have nothing to do with our club and thought they might get away with putting down they are members but Ballycotton Running Promotions have been informed and they (hopefully) will make the necessary adjustments.


There is a BHAA  5Km (approx) cross country race next Sunday morning at 11am in Beaumount Park.This is a nice friendly race and an ideal oppertunity for anyone (all levels) to try out cross country in a non compeditive athmosphere.Well worth doing.

The AGM of the whole club including Juvenile section takes place at the Two Mile Inn at 8pm on the
21st Jan. Our own Senior section AGM takes place in September

Best 5Mile Race of 2012

Dont forget to vote for what you think was the best 5 mile race of 2012 on the You can vote on the right hand side of the page.


Thursday 10 January 2013

Final list of entries for the 2013 Ballycotton 10
The list of runners for the Ballycotton 10 is now available from the link below.

We ask any of our members who are on the list and not running
Failure to abide by this rule could lead to expulsion from the club

Note from the organisers...
(1) We do not have a waiting list or cancellation policy. We allow for a certain percentage of ‘no shows’ and therefore accept more than we can accommodate.
(2) We do not refund people unable to take part.
(3) If unable to run, ON NO ACCOUNT can you give your number to another runner (when you signed the form, you agreed to this).
(4) All unsuccessful applicants will have their entries and fees returned over the next couple of weeks.
(5) The race packages (number, programme, etc) will be posted out approx two weeks before the race day of March 3rd.


Monday 7 January 2013

Athletics Ireland Looking for volunteers for the European Athletics Team Championships 1st League in June The LOC for the European Athletics Team Championships 1st League invites applications from Athletics Ireland members to fill the following volunteer positions: 1. Meet and greet personnel – located at Dublin Airport and will work with incoming teams. 2. Team attach├ęs - will work with visiting team. 3. Drivers – Located at Morton Stadium, to be available to drive guests to various locations. ... 4. Hostesses – Located at Morton Stadium and will work in the trophy and hospitality areas. 5. Stewards – located in Morton Stadium and will work on various stewarding details within competition area. Criteria • Minimum age: 18 years • Full drivers licence applies to option 3 only • Available Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd June 2013 • Linguistics skills would be an advantage for options 1 & 2 above • Response date: 28th February 2013 • Training will be provided If you are interested in participating in this exciting project please email The closing date for applications will be the 28th of February 2013.See more
Vote For Your Favourite Race in 2012

You can now vote for your favourite races of 2012 on the Running In Cork Blog here

The voting panels are on the right hand side of the page if you scroll down.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Midleton AC News

Race Reports:

Shannagarry 5k

On the Saturday before Christmas the annual Shannagarry 5K was held with 88 runners turning up for the event. Midleton AC was well represented again with 37 member’s competing. Over 10 of those members were from our development group who took part in their 1st ever race, well done all that’s a great achievement.

First home for Midleton was Marc Dalton in 17:34 followed closely by John Hennessy in 17:57. Club Captain Edmond O Sullivan was next in 19:45.

Michelle Kenny was 1st lady home for another impressive win to add to her expanding cv. Ladies Captain Sally Drennan was 2nd lady overall followed by Sheila Buckley in 3rd overall to wrap up all the prizes for the Midleton Girls.

Newmarket 5

Denis Kelleher was our 1st runner home in Newmarket 5k in a time of 18:52. Closely on his tail was Anna Doris who ran a superb PB in 19:03 to be the 1st 0/40 winner and continue her great form which saw her awarded Athlete of the Year. Joan McCarthy was 3rd in the 0/55 category, Danny McCarthy and Mary Toher also made the trip.

Captains Run

An enthusiastic crowd turned up on Christmas Eve in Killeagh woods for the annual Captains run. Edmond O Sullivan as usual entertained the group with his warm hospitality and tea and biscuits. By all reports it was a lovely day for this unique run as it is handicapped to give the slower runners a chance of a win. Jake Moore from Youghal AC won the men’s and Kathleen O Connell won the women’s.

Belgooly 4 mile

There was a massive crowd as usual at this annual event and Midleton AC had a fine turn out. Our ladies as is now becoming the norm were well up amongst the prize-winners. We were very lucky that despite the terrible weather all morning it cleared up completely for the race.

Michelle Kenny had another great run and was 6th Lady Home. Joan Hough and Kathleen O'Connell were back on winning form coming 1st O/50 and 1st O/55 respectively. Joan Mc Carthy 2nd O/55.It was great to see Denis Kelleher back to his winning ways taking 2nd O/45 in a very competitive field. Some of the others from the club who took part were Adam Duchnicz, Kieran Mulcahy, John O'Halloran, Donie O'Connell, Danny Mc Carthy and Mary Toher.

One disappointing factor was that the course despite being 4 miles had once again incorrect mile markers this is becoming a reqular feature of this race.

Goal Mile

Well done to our many members who did the Goal Mile on Christmas Day. It was great to see so many there even some of our juveniles but especially to see such support for such a worthy cause. The mighty John Walshe is the main man behind this fantastic event, without this man’s dedication a lot of the great races we have in this city wouldn’t go ahead. A big thank you John from all Midleton AC members.

Togher AC Fancy Dress 5 Mile

This has to be reported, one of our very well know Polish members went all out with his fancy dress costume to be awarded the 1st prize for effort in making his very simple but brilliant costume. Picture Below, Well Done Stanislaw Bycezk

Bandon 5 Mile

On a lovely fresh New Years Day, 5 of the 12 runners from Midleton AC recorded PB’S to start the New Year on a high.

Marc Dalton was 1st home in a time of 28:31 to record a PB, followed close by Mike Dolphin who after numerous attempts broke the 30 min barrier. He did so by smashing it to record a superb PB of 29:04. The man couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home. Next home was in form Kieran Mulchay as he was just outside the 30 min mark.

Two of our award winning ladies were up there again as Anna Doris led the girls home in 31:28 to set a new PB of over a minute to win the 0/40 Category, for the second race in a row. She was followed closely by another of our impressive ladies Michelle Kenny who also recorded a PB of 31:30. Sean O Sullivan is coming back into some great form to be just on the tails of the ladies. Both Husband and Wife couples Danny & Joan McCarthy and Donnie & Kathleen O Connell made the trip to Bandon.

New Member Joseph Fouhy from our Development group made the step up to a 5 mile race after trying out the 5k in Shannagarry . Well done Joseph plenty more to come.


Now is also the time to join the Cork BHAA (Business Houses Athletic Association) as their races are starting very shortly and you need to be registered in advance to be eligible for prizes etc. It only costs 10 Euro to join and then it is only 5 Euro to enter a race .Races cost 8 Euro per race for non members so you save 3 Euro per race by becoming a member. Further info and forms are available online at

Anyone requiring further information or needing info re teams etc give me a call at 0872403940 or e mail me at


Club Membership 2013

The club membership is due for renewal, Danny will be at training to collect the €35 fee from Monday 7th.


Monday 7th January CIT SEVENS RACES SERIES 3K Track at 6:30pm €7

Sunday 13th January Cork BHAA ESB Cross Country 5k Beamount pk 11am

Sun 20th January (11am)...Cork BHAA FMC 4 mile...€5/€8...Little Island

Sun 27th January (1pm)...John Treacy Dungarvan 10 mile road race...Entry Closed

Thurs 7th February (6:30pm)...CIT X-Country 4k/7k...€7

Sun 10th February (11am)...Cork BHAA Janssen 4 mile road race...€5/€8...Little Island

Sun 10th February (11am)...Mealagh Valley 10 mile...€15/€20 late

Saturday 5 January 2013

Athletics Ireland
announce coaching courses and workshops for Jan to May in Munster...

Athletics Ireland have recently announced a series of workshops and coaching courses for the counties of Cork, Kerry. Limerick and Tipperary.
The workshops include Sports Psychology, Strength & Conditioning, Hurdles, Sprints, Throws, Turbo Javelin, Shot Putt, Long & Triple Jump, Discus and Hammer. The fee's are normally very low and you just turn up on the day.

The coaching courses might be of interest to members of athletic clubs. There are Assistant Coach, Athletics Leader and Level 1 Coaching courses on offer.

For further details contact RDO Steven Macklin at 0876335565 or e-mail


Friday 4 January 2013


Now is also the time to join the Cork BHAA (Business Houses Athletic Association) as their races are starting very shortly and you need to be registered in advance to be eligable for prizes etc. It only costs 10 Euro to join and then it is only 5 Euro to enter a race .Races cost 8 Euro per race for non members so you save 3 Euro  per race by becoming a member. Further info and forms can be had at 
Anyone requiring further information or needing info re teams etc give me a call at 0872403940 or e mailme at

NB The first BHAA Race in next Sunday week so get moving and register now.

Note also this has nothing to do with your club membership.
Membership 2013

Registration for the current year is now due and will be taken at training commencing next Monday and Wedensday.

Membership Forms must be completed by all members.
NB Please print your e mail address clearly as we have a lot of trouble with these. Marc has enough to be doing rather than following up complaints of people not getting newsletters due to an incorrect e mail address.

Membership is 35euro for the year 2013 (Jan -Dec).
Please bring the correct amount if possible.
Please wait for your receipt and dont just drop the form and money as everyone must receive a receipt and I dont want to be running around the hall trying to give it to you.

Anyone who has difficulty paying please contact the registar Danny (0872403940) or any committee in strict confidence.We do not want to lose you but cannot have anyone training that is not insured and arrangements to suit you can be made.

Anyone who cannot make training contact Danny at 0872403940 or and I will make alternative arrangements.

Please come to training early so as to avoid delays and please be patient if there are delays also please come before training and not during it or after it if possible.
The club reserves the right to refuse membership.

Please note we are NOT taking beginners at present you must be able to run a couple of miles at least

Thanks Danny

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Bandon 5 Mile

Below are the results of the Bandon 5 for the Midleton AC athletes today. The full results are available on the The race was won by Alan O'Shea in 24.44. Well done to all our athletes especially those who got PBs Marc Dalton, Mike Dolphin, Anna Doris and Michelle Kenny and Joseph Fouhy.

Anna Doris was our only prize winner taking a well deserved 1st O/40 in a PB of 31.28
There were 277 runners in total on what is a tough but relatively fast course.It is great to see so many of our athletes starting the year with PBs lets hope it continues to bring further success to our club.Well done again Guys n Gals.

Donough Coughlan Memorial Cup


Tuesday 1 January 2013. 1:00pm

Finishers in the Midleton AC team. Pace Race Race

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile No Place

1 0:28:31 DALTON, Marc Midleton AC M 05:42.1 82 22

2 0:29:04 DOLPHIN, Michael Midleton AC M 05:48.7 83 29

3 0:30:07 MULCAHY, Kieran Midleton AC M40 06:01.3 129 43

4 0:31:28 DORIS, Anna Midleton AC F40 06:17.5 229 60

5 0:31:30 KENNY, Michelle Midleton AC F 06:17.9 66 62

6 0:31:42 O'SULLIVAN, Sean Midleton AC M40 06:20.3 240 70

7 0:39:33 O'CONNELL, Donie Midleton AC M60 07:54.4 239 196

8 0:42:29 TWOMEY, Bernie Midleton AC F40 08:29.6 145 232

9 0:42:55 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M60 08:34.8 111 234

10 0:49:02 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F50 09:48.2 112 266

11 0:50:03 FOUHY, Joseph Midleton AC M 10:00.4 115 269

12 0:50:09 O'CONNELL, Kathleen Midleton AC F50 10:01.6 164 270

There were 12 finishers in the Midleton AC team.