Friday, 30 January 2015



Best of luck to all our members taking part in this race on Sunday. Be sure and have a look here  to see the slight changes they have made to the course.

1) Because of road works, the start has moved closer about 400m to the east. This cuts out a small hill but that's a small issue coming so early in the race.

2) There is a sharp left bend at 400m. Runners on a road behave like a fluid in a pipe....any bends and it slows. Watch for congestion here.

3) See the red arrows. You head out the Cork road like before. Turn right and pass the 2 mile mark. This time, instead of running straight, you turn right and past the finish line. Then you head west and you're back on the usual route.

4) See blue arrows. In previous years, you stayed inside the hard shoulder of the main road all the way to the roundabout. This year, you turn off right instead as you approach the town. A slight diversion to make up the 10 miles.

Congratulations Aideen

A big congratulations to club member Aideen Hallihan who received an Aspiring Athlete Award from the Cork County Board last Friday.

Picture shows Paddy Buckley Chairman Cork County Board, Aideen Hallihan and John Foley CEO Athletics Ireland.