Sunday, 20 December 2015



Training will continue on Monday night next and also on Wednesday night at 6pm and 7pm.

Re the Captains Run below for those who cannot attend we will have a collection box at training on Monday and Wednesday evening for those who cannot attend but wishing to contribute.

The Captain's Run
As members will be aware we organise a run for club members and guests for a charity every year. This year the run is in aid of the very worthy cause  "Culann Wants To Walk" full information can be seen at 

As in recent years the run will take place from Barryscourt Castle at 10am on Christmas Eve. The course is 5Km with the option of 3Km if desired. We encourage as many as possible members and guests to run and DONATE to this worthy cause. If you cannot run we ask you to come and help steward etc ( or ask a friend or family member ). This is very much a fun occasion and tea etc will be available after from Edmond's Magic Bus.

Newmarket 5Km

The race of the day had to be the Newmarket 5km where there was a really top class field of the cream of Irish athletes. We had at least two athletes there both of whom performed remarkably well. Anna Doris had a great  run and finished sixth lady overall and amongst the prize winners with several international athletes ahead of her.
The man who had the most to prove especially with several of his family members running was Mike Cremin . He did just that in getting himself the PB he promised me this morning and knocked fifteen seconds off his previous one which is a very nice way to finish the year. Well done Mike and Anna class running both of ye.

Cloyne 4Km

Sunday morning saw a great crowd once again in Cloyne. Despite the cold and the heavy showers the race itself went off without any rain. Once again Eileen Leahy was the first lady home having a fine run despite having just completed her final exams and to mark the occasion we saw the debut of her young sister Mary who also had a fine run. Joan Hough had her usual very powerful run and Anne Marie Perry had a great run despite having had another great run in Shanagarry yesterday. Claire Parker helped along by running buddy Edwin Cashman (who also ran yesterday) got herself a Xmas present of a new PB. Well done Claire. Gillian Bransfield had another great run holding off the opposition in the final hundred meters.

Brian Harty was our first man home in a fine time especially considering he also raced yesterday. Gerard McLean had another of his very strong runs as did Fionan O’hAodain who got himself a PB as well. It was great to see so many Midleton AC members out there supporting a local and very worthy well organised event.

The girls are feeling the cold.

Claire with running buddy Edwin getting a new PB

You cannot stop a good thing and you cannot stop Jim.
Our oldest member Billy Griffin still going strong,

No stopping Kathleen O'Connell she wants another T Shirt to add to her collection of thousands.

Cloyne Community Council/Cloyne GAA

                                                                                           CLOYNE COMMONS CHALLENGE '4K' (Race 2)

                                                                                                                     Sunday 20 December 2015. 9:30am


Finishers in the Midleton AC team.                                                                                                                     Pace       Race    Race

Place     Time      Name                                                          Team                                             Race Age Category       min/mile      No      Place

        1    0:13:57  HARTY, Brian                                             Midleton AC                                   M                                      05:36.6           2          4

        2    0:14:55  MCLEAN, Gerard                                        Midleton AC                                   M40                                  06:00.0           9          5

        3    0:15:06  MAUNSELL, Francis                                    Midleton AC                                   M40                                  06:04.4           8          6

        4    0:15:13  MOYNIHAN, David                                     Midleton AC                                   M                                      06:07.2         21          9

        5    0:15:26  HANNON, Tim                                            Midleton AC                                   M                                      06:12.4       371        11

        6    0:15:57  O'HAODAIN, Fionan                                  Midleton AC                                   M40                                  06:24.9         25        17

        7    0:16:10  MCDONALD, Don                                       Midleton AC                                   M                                      06:30.1       437        19

        8    0:16:11  GEARY, Paul                                              Midleton AC                                   M                                      06:30.5         32        20

        9    0:16:13  AHERNE, Neilus                                         Midleton AC                                   M55                                  06:31.3         22        22

      10    0:16:19  CONDON, Trevor                                       Midleton AC                                   M                                      06:33.8         30        24

      11    0:16:26  HALLIHAN, Mike                                         Midleton AC                                   M45                                  06:36.6         33        26

      12    0:16:36  LEAHY, Eileen                                            Midleton AC                                   F                                      06:40.6         27        31

      13    0:16:45  O'REGAN, Ger                                            Midleton AC                                   M45                                  06:44.2         26        34

      14    0:17:11  WILLIAMS, Barry                                       Midleton AC                                   M50                                  06:54.7         38        41

      15    0:17:30  HOUGH, Joan                                            Midleton AC                                   F55                                  07:02.3       354        47

      16    0:18:03  PERRY, Anne-Marie                                   Midleton AC                                   F40                                  07:15.6         63        56

      17    0:18:06  BRANSFIELD, Gillian                                   Midleton AC                                   F35                                  07:16.8       425        58

      18    0:18:17  FOUHY, Aoife                                            Midleton AC                                   F                                      07:21.2         52        67

      19    0:18:20  MORAN, Kevin                                           Midleton AC                                   M45                                  07:22.4         81        69

      20    0:18:53  MORLEY, Alan                                            Midleton AC                                   M40                                  07:35.7       399        79

      21    0:19:07  POWER, Richard                                        Midleton AC                                   M40                                  07:41.3         91        84

      22    0:19:32  PARKER, Claire                                          Midleton AC                                   F35                                  07:51.4         87        91

      23    0:19:32  CASHMAN, Edwin                                      Midleton AC                                   M                                      07:51.4         17        92

      24    0:19:34  TWOMEY, Bernie                                       Midleton AC                                   F40                                  07:52.2         75        93

      25    0:19:47  O'CONNELL, Donie                                     Midleton AC                                   M65                                  07:57.4         89        95

      26    0:20:02  O'GORMAN, Shirley                                   Midleton AC                                   F40                                  08:03.5       209      101

      27    0:20:03  KENNEDY, Yvonne                                     Midleton AC                                   F35                                  08:03.9         98      102

      28    0:22:04  KOHLER, Ian                                              Midleton AC                                   M70                                  08:52.5       412      135

      29    0:22:25  HAYES, Emer                                             Midleton AC                                   F40                                  09:01.0       380      139

      30    0:22:42  BARRY, Margaret                                      Midleton AC                                   F65                                  09:07.8       258      145

      31    0:24:35  FLEMING, Paul                                           Midleton AC                                   M40                                  09:53.3         55      177

      32    0:24:56  HURLEY, Maria                                           Midleton AC                                   F40                                  10:01.7       433      180

      33    0:25:57  MCMURTRY, Jim                                        Midleton AC                                   M65                                  10:26.3       326      198

      34    0:26:33  GRIFFIN, Billy                                            Midleton AC                                   M75                                  10:40.7       325      202

      35    0:32:48  O'CONNELL, Kathleen                                Midleton AC                                   F60                                  13:11.6       343      224


There were 35 finishers in the Midleton AC team.