Wednesday 4 November 2020



For the month of November, we want all members to get on the move for MOVE-MBER

• Send on your total weekly mileage at the end of each week
• For every 1000 miles accumulated from the club members the club will donate €250 to a nominated charity
• The goal for the month is 5000 miles. If this is achieved the club will donate a capped amount of €2000 to a nominated charity
• The best part is you get to nominate the charity of your choice. The charity with most nominations will receive the donation
• This is a fantastic way to stay connected during this dark and dreary month in the current restrictions
• Prize for most miles during the month 


So let’s all try to MOVE-MBER together during this month


How does it work?

• If you want to participate you must register before 6th November 2020 via link below
• Nominate your preferred charity via link
• Keep track of your weekly totals
• First weekly submittal due on Sunday 8th November (1st-8th Nov)
• A separate link will be provided to all participants once registered to submit weekly totals



Registration Link:


Everyone should have got an email outlining the Sessions for this week. If you have not got an email and want the sessions please give me a text with your name and email address 0872403940 Danny