Friday, 5 February 2021


Club Gear

Bernie who is in charge of the Club gear is looking for feedback on what you would like to see the club providing and any ideas would be much appreciated. ie should we have hats, gear bags etc. so please let her know. You should be getting an e mail which you can respond to please. Remember all gear is subsidised by the club.

Back in the year now known as anno horribilis (Latin for horrible year) 2020, I mentioned I would reach out to members in 2021 to seek suggestions/ideas to improve our club gear.

Attached is a feedback form for completion before Midleton's AC Senior Section GM on 18th February 2021.

The two areas of focus are:-

Are there any other items we could add to our current club gear?

How can we improve the distribution of our club gear?

I would love to hear from you and it will be something positive to concentrate on for the future?  Bernie

Feedback Form February 2021

Please complete and circle the box which represents your opinion on our current club gear.

1 – Happy enough

2 – Needs improvement. 

Club Gear

I am happy/needs improvement with our current club gear.



Suggestions for new running gear

I would recommend we include the following items and why?






Suggestions to improve the distribution of our club gear.