Friday, 31 May 2013

Weekend Runaround

Cork City Marathon +++++

It was very  hot out there today and as a result most people seemed to suffer and had slower than expected times as a result. We had far too many out there in the various sections to give a detailed report as we had runners in all sections from the marathon, half marathon and the relay. Luckily all seem to have got home without any serious injury as unfortunately I saw several people collapsed and being treated by the civil defence and others.

Our first man home in the Marathon was Adam Duchnicz in 3.08.33 which despite being a very good time was a disappointment to Adam who appeared to also suffer from the heat. Kris Dowdall and Don O’Callaghan worked very well together and both got nicely under that magical four hour barrier. From what I know so far our first lady was Andrea McNamara who made a very good marathon debut. Mary B Walsh also had a great run so soon after her recent marathon and once again breaking the 4.30 barrier in style. I don’t have details on our other runners but well done to each and every one of you.

The half marathon was a little different in that the start was delayed by almost 30 mins which is bound to have an effect on runners standing around in the heat ready to race. This simply is not good enough and if Cork wants to continue it will need to get its act together fast. It costs enough to enter and having to wait around like this is simply not fair. Again here the heat seems to have taken its toll with several of our faster runners not doing as well as expected. Neilus Aherne consistant as always was our first man home in 1.29.34 followed by Don Ryan who continues to improve in 1.36.19 followed by Andre Brodkorb in 1.27.01 .Shane Gannon who despite recent injury also had a fine run.  Carmel Deane was our first lady home suffered also from the heat Sheila Buckley was our 2nd  lady home and again as most others suffered from the heat as well .Well done especially to all the ladies who made their half marathon debuts.

As regards the relay there are far too many to mention but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves from the various reports and hopefully it will encourage people to set up and try the half and the full next time out. It was great to see so many Midleton AC vests out there today.Again well done all who competed also a huge WELL DONE & THANKS to our wonderful supporters who were widely spread around the course.

Daniel Strikes Gold In The All Ireland Schools

On Sat.Daniel Colbert fulfilled his ambition and made history for the club by winning an All Ireland medal and he certainly did it in style setting a new PB in the process.
Daniel won the 400mtr hundles in anofficial time 54.83(this is even better than the time reported earlier).
Having watched this young man progress from his early days with the club I am truly proud of his achievement as is his family, club and school.
Knowing the dedication he has put into his training he is a credit to the club and I know this is only the beginning of a very successful career and there will be many more All Ireland medals to come.
Dan starts his leaving Cert on Wed. We wish him Good Luck with that too.

Kilcredan 5Km

We had a great crowd at this new race which again was very well organised and hopefully will becomae anannual event.All reports say the after race spread was excellent and lots of prizes were to be had.We had a great many prizewinners.

Michelle Kenny 2nd Lady

Mgt Jones 2nd O/40
Breda Cahill 3rd O/40

Helen Gilroy 1st O/45
Mary O'Keeffe 2nd O/45

Mary McGuigan 2nd O/50
Mary B.Walsh 3rd O/50

Joan Mc Carthy 2nd O/45

Mgt Barry 1st O/60


Frances Maunsell 3rd O/40

Satn Byczek 1st O/50

Billy Griffin 1st O/75

Friday 31 May 2013. 8:00pm

Finishers in the Midleton AC team. Pace Race Race

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile No Place

1 0:18:05 COFFEY, Shea Midleton AC M 05:49.1 215 14

2 0:18:11 CARROLL, Nigel Midleton AC M 05:51.0 271 16

3 0:18:51 MAUNSELL, Francis Midleton AC M40 06:03.9 270 21

4 0:18:55 KENNY, Michelle Midleton AC F 06:05.2 232 22

5 0:19:11 BYCZEK, Stanislaw Midleton AC M50 06:10.3 188 28

6 0:19:39 COTT, Brian Midleton AC M 06:19.4 269 32

7 0:19:48 O'DWYER, Barry Midleton AC M40 06:22.3 355 35

8 0:20:05 CASHMAN, John Midleton AC M45 06:27.7 309 42

9 0:20:18 O'SULLIVAN, Billy Midleton AC M 06:31.9 243 43

10 0:20:54 GILROY, Helen Midleton AC F45 06:43.5 219 53

11 0:21:30 JONES, Margaret Midleton AC F40 06:55.1 217 66

12 0:21:36 WALSH, Pat Midleton AC M50 06:57.0 233 69

13 0:21:47 CAHILL, Breda Midleton AC F40 07:00.5 317 72

14 0:22:02 O'KEEFFE, Mary Midleton AC F45 07:05.4 167 77

15 0:22:32 DELANEY, Susan Midleton AC F 07:15.0 221 85

16 0:23:02 PERRY, Anne-Marie Midleton AC F40 07:24.7 316 99

17 0:23:17 FOUHY, Joseph Midleton AC M 07:29.5 161 103

18 0:24:30 DALY, Trish Midleton AC F 07:53.0 46 134

19 0:24:36 SEXTON, Joy Midleton AC F 07:54.9 343 139

20 0:24:43 BARRY, Louise Midleton AC F 07:57.2 286 142

21 0:24:43 CRONIN, Brendan Midleton AC M 07:57.2 330 143

22 0:25:11 GILMAN, Marie Midleton AC F 08:06.2 371 150

23 0:25:22 O'KEEFFE, Tara Midleton AC FJ 08:09.7 350 155

24 0:25:24 MCCANN, William Midleton AC M40 08:10.4 238 158

25 0:25:26 MCGUIGAN, Mary Midleton AC F50 08:11.0 69 160

26 0:25:32 DOLPHIN, Rayleen Midleton AC F 08:13.0 231 166

27 0:25:32 DOLPHIN, Michael Midleton AC M 08:13.0 285 167

28 0:25:33 HEGARTY, Linda Midleton AC F40 08:13.3 199 168

29 0:25:35 CRONIN, Marie Midleton AC F 08:13.9 361 170

30 0:25:47 MORRISSON, Moira Midleton AC F40 08:17.8 351 176

31 0:25:53 TWOMEY, Bernie Midleton AC F40 08:19.7 338 178

32 0:25:55 BARRY, Margaret Midleton AC F60 08:20.4 308 179

33 0:26:18 MCNAMARA, Michael Midleton AC M55 08:27.8 278 183

34 0:26:40 STEELE, Frances Midleton AC F45 08:34.8 126 189

35 0:26:44 WALSH, Mary Midleton AC F50 08:36.1 95 190

36 0:26:53 HALLAHAN, Olive Midleton AC F45 08:39.0 348 194

37 0:28:12 CRONIN, Marian Midleton AC F 09:04.4 329 227

38 0:28:45 AHERNE, Michelle Midleton AC F35 09:15.1 276 246

39 0:29:05 SAVAGE, Michelle Midleton AC F35 09:21.5 364 252

40 0:29:16 O'REGAN, Louise Midleton AC F35 09:25.0 352 258

41 0:29:49 GRIFFIN, Billy Midleton AC M75 09:35.7 314 273

42 0:30:06 MCCARTHY, Joan Midleton AC F55 09:41.1 96 280

43 0:31:13 HURLEY, Maria Midleton AC F40 10:02.7 289 303

45 0:33:13 O'LEARY, Clare Midleton AC F 10:41.3 301 331

There were 45 finishers in the Midleton AC team.

Wishing the very best to everyone running tonight in Kilcredan and most especially to everyone running on Monday.
 Please if you want a mention e mail me at We do want to know how you got on or that you ran. (Relay, Half or Full Marathon)There will be far too many for me to keep track of everyone so its up to yourself to let me know.

Tip for the Weekend

For those doing the marathon for the first time and even the experienced ones. Drink plenty of water on Sat and Sun. (and very little Mon. morning) place bottles around the house to remind you and sip from one each time you pass (ie kitchen, bathroom bedroom,hallway etc) there is no point in drinking a litre/pint etc at a time that runs through you it’s the sipping that adds up and hydrates you. Also do take a drink (a slug) at each water station during the race as it all helps in the end.

If the day is very hot allow yourself 5/6 seconds a mile extra (off you intended pace) for the first 15/20 miles and then if you are feeling good drive on if not remain steady. It’s better to lose 5 secs a mile than 5 mins a mile which is what will happen if you burn out and dehydrate. All serious runners take the heat of the day into account.