Thursday, 17 March 2016

Venlo hier komen wij (Venloop here we come)


Back in 2003, on the way back from the New York marathon, 62 members of a Netherland club decided to create a fantastic event in Venlo (Venloop) in the province of Limburg to rival New York.  The first Venloop event began in 2006 with 2,000 runner and it is now a permanent fixture on the national athletics calendar. A total of 20,000 participants registered in 2013 for the various events and this year, a small but mighty group of 6 runners plus 3 supporters, will blaze a trail for Midleton AC,
The famous 6, Michael McNamara, Bernie Twomey, Aoife Evans, Annmarie Perry, Siobhan Barry and Margaret Barry will not only be there to represent our club but also to honour our running buddy Marta McNamara’s who is originally from Venloop.

Last year Mike partook in this special event and astounded us when he returned with stories of the electrifying atmosphere he experienced. So on the 1st of August, at exactly 12am, we all sat around our laptops/Ipads to register for this race, that’s how popular it is.    

Eight months later and we are on our way flying out early on Saturday morning to Amsterdam with a 2 hour trip to Venloop.  We are all looking forward to having a fun but safe run on Sunday 20th of March and soaking up what we believe will be a magical experience. More news to follow and photos after the event.
Bernadette Twomey

I know everyone in the club wishes ye well guys so have a great time and great running