Thursday, 5 October 2017


County Senior Cross Country

A great days racing in Conna on Sunday morning for the County Senior Cross Country where in the women's race we had Sinead Keavney who ran a very fine race to finish fifth .The race was won by Olympian Michelle Finn.
In the mens race 10Km we had three runners who again all ran in fine style with Neilus Aherne and Don MDonald playing cat and mouse with there positions with Neilus winning out in the end to be our first man home closely followed by Don and Dereck Aherne. The race was won by Mark Hanrahan of Leevale. Well done all including our usual bunch of loyal supporters.

Christopher McCarthy's Memories of Ballycotton


For me the real tragedy here is the loss of the Summer Series.
Since I ran my 1st Summer Series Race (Ballyandreen 2013) I was hooked, never missed a race in the series & would have continued for years to come.
I absolutely loved it & have so many glorious memories.
Ballyandreen – The testing, undulating course rolling into Ballycotton at the 2 Mile Mark before the middle stretch out towards ‘The Beast’, reaching the top gasping for air before putting every ounce of energy into the last mile descent back towards the finish overlooking the cliffs.  A wonderful race on a really classic course & probably my favourite race every year.
Shanagarry – Laps around the GAA pitch to warm up.  Trying to work my way up towards Top 50 on the overall leaderboard.  The hill from 2.5 – 3.5 miles always felt like it would never end, then a little rest for the steep descent before launching back into the last hill on tired legs towards the finish under the canopy of trees.
Churchtown South – A race I initially disliked but grew to love after a couple of good performances.  2 laps around the village with great support, when you see the small hill for the 2nd time you know there’s not long to go.  Overall positions in the Series begin to take shape.  You know what you have to do in 4 or 5 weeks’ time in Ballycotton.
Ballycotton – Remember that the race starts at 7:30.  Try not to go too fast in the 1st mile.  Take a little breather after the 1 mile mark for the slight incline.  Keep the pressure up for the rest of the 1st half.  The 2nd half of the race was often a case of just hanging in there giving everything towards the finish back in the town to hold onto my place or pick up a place if possible.  Cross the finish line gasping for air knowing that the Summer of racing is over for another year.  Pick up a well-deserved plaque & if you are lucky / have trained hard all Summer – pick up a Top 50 T Shirt.
Of my 5 campaigns I will most fondly remember 2016 when I received my first only Top 50 T Shirt.  Attached is the photo which you took yourself.
All that’s left to do is display our gratitude for John Walsh and his fantastic Ballycotton Running Promotions team and to always cherish our memories of Ireland’s oldest and best road running series.

Galway Half Marathon

Amanda Cooney had another fine run today when she ran the Galway Half Marathon in 2.05. Well done Amanda looking good for Dublin.


It is with tears in my eyes I write this post to inform you all that the Ballycotton 10 is no more and also the Ballycotton Summer Series is gone also. It is hard to believe as it has played such a part of our lives for so long and every new runner one meets it seems to be their ambition to run the Ballycotton 10. Having trained literally hundreds  and hundreds of runners to run it and seeing the smiles on their faces having accomplished it was always so rewarding.

My prize possessions my first Ballycotton mug from 1983 and the last one 2017 the rest are in the attic. It is the 1983 one that is really special to me as it is "The Mug You Must Not Wash" there was a fault in the firing of the mugs and if you washed it the crest comes off. I do not know of any other intact 1983 mug so when they open the Ballycotton 10 museum I will donate it.

One can only thank John Walsh, Tommy Hartnett, Jim McMurty and the whole Ballycotton Running Promotions Crew for their dedication and hard work down all the years and the pleasure they have given to us athletes. Thank you all so much. Danny

 Full statement from Ballycotton Running Promotions

Memories Are Made Of This

Well worth looking at just to see all the Midleton AC vests.

If anyone has any memories that they would like to share no matter how short or long please send them in to


Cross Country

Best of luck to our runners  Sinead Keavney, Neilus Aherne, Derek Aherne and Don McDonald running in the County Senior's on Sunday. Do please consider coming out to support them. Its only twenty minutes out the road in Conna starting with the ladies at twelve noon.