Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Last night at 9.30, in the pouring summer rain, coach Edmond O’Sullivan donned his Midleton AC rain-gear, grabbed his bike and struck off to Tom Cody’s house on the Cork Road to hand-deliver a Midleton Town Council BHAA team application form….THE club legend is the only recipient of this personal service. Important things in life have to be earned you see. Bike thrown up against the wall, in the door, quick update on Tom’s personalized training plan, out the door …..NO bike……gone, nowt, nada, faic, imithe ar slí na fírinne…..OK, no sweat…throw the running gear on, a quick sprint around the town ( well…easy peasy shur…) but no sign of the coach’s trusty steed.
Some members ( particularly the Thursday nighters…”the sadist on the bike session”) will be familiar with the bike and may spot it while out and about….FIND THAT BIKE YE HEAR!!!!!