Monday, 14 January 2019

We don't ask a lot of our members but we are asking for your vote in this. Ye all know the hard work that is put into our race by Eugene McCarthy (Race Director) and his gallant crew and all we are asking of you is your vote for the Midleton 5.
You know we are the best
So vote and tell all the rest
The Last Of The Great Classic 5 Milers  Danny

Now that the new year has started, it's time to look back and consider what were the best races of 2018?

The categories are...

1) Best 5k race in Cork

2) Best 4 mile race in Cork

3) Best 5 mile race in Cork

4) Best 10k race in Cork

5) Best 10 mile race in Munster

6) Best Half-Marathon in Munster

The 10 mile and Half are for Munster as people tend to travel a lot further for longer races. 

Leave a comment as to which is the best race in each category and why?

The link is