Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Message From The County Board

Cork Athletics / Athletics Ireland Approved Events

A gentle reminder to Cork Athletics clubs and registered members that Cork Athletics Bye-laws concerning promotion of Unregistered races are still in place. 

Some clubs and individuals appear to have forgotten, or are unaware, of the Bye-laws: It is NOT permitted to promote, either before or after, any unregistered event. It is very unfair to cl
ubs organising permitted events to find other member clubs actively promoting, or even helping organise unregistered events. One unregistered event coming up shortly clashes with a registered event, just 8 miles away, at exactly the same time!

Remember it may be YOUR club that is affected next time. 

Most unregistered races are not measured, will not have a medical plan, medical presence or a safety plan...and probably does not have valid insurance in place.
So..please support Registered Events.