Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Call for Stewards & Assistance for Mini-Marathon, Sunday next, Septermber 22nd

Next Sunday's Mini-Marathon is THE *MAJOR* source of funding for Cork Athletics County Board.

Without the proceeds of the Mini-Marathon, the Board could not afford any subvention at National Cross-Country Championships. Nor would it be possible to fund Sports Equipment Grants, Safety Equipment Grants (especially Defibrillators), Aspiring Athlete Awards, International Athlete Awards, etc....the list is extensive.
We are not in the business of making money, BUT, the funding from the Mini-Marathon is, literally, our life-blood and is absolutely vital to ALL our activities.

The Board is still seeking volunteer stewards & assistance to help out on Sunday. It will take just a few hours of your time.
So...Please help on Sunday. With an 8,000 entry limit, we are looking at our biggest entry for several years, so will need all help we can get.