Thursday, 20 February 2020

The Thursday Session

Club Training - Thursday Session

Where? Main entrance to the Co-Op shop
When? Thursdays  9pm to 10pm
Why? To cater for those who cannot make Monday 6pm, those with young children and anyone else!!

What Happens?

10 minute warm up run, all together.

Followed by

30 to 35 minute Hill session followed by and short Intervals ( no walk recovery)

OR ( alternate weeks)

30 to 35 minute Fartlek run ( varied intervals, no walk recovery)

Followed by

10 minute warm down

Suit? ALL abilities as, for the speed work, the recovery phase involves all runners going behind the LAST runner thus reforming the whole group for the next one is left behind!

Remember: do not do the same training session every week. Vary your training type. This session is an attempt by the club to offer scope for variety combined with Monday and Wednesday club training sessions.

See you at the co-op on Thursdays @ 9pm.