Monday, 1 June 2020

Well done to all our members out there who are observing the guidelines of the HSE and Athletics Ireland. It is great to be able to meet up again in groups of four observing the social distancing and have a run and a chat. Remember anyone needing specific training plans etc just give Donie a call.
Please continue to observe the advice given and remember the public are watching us  also ignore what other groups/clubs are doing ( I have seen several on the roads and even on FB ignoring the rules as I am sure you all have) we can get through this and hopefully all race together again soon. Danny

Just for information if you care to read it.

Serious Training Issues Arising During COVID-19

Cork Athletics County Board wishes to express its appreciation and thanks all clubs and individuals - the overwhelming majority - for their co-operation, patience and adherence to HSE and Athletics Ireland guidelines and advice.
We are all hoping that normal club activity and competition can resume as soon as possible. However, the actions of a minority may delay these resumptions.
Since the start of the 'lockdown', the County Board has been aware that a small minority of members have been flouting HSE and AAI guidelines and advice, and undermining the lockdown strategy.