Wednesday, 21 April 2010

just a quick update from Ballintotis - Race Begins at 8pm

We will have 3 car parks -
these are
1 - a field just off the Main N25 Road - adjacent to the turn off for Ballintotis - this car park is approx 450 meters from the race HQ
2 - a field located just beyond the Race HQ and approx 150 meters from race start
3 - the Church Car Park which will be restricted - as it is also the race HQ.

The stewards will be attempting to prevent congestion building up in any one area and thus will be alternating the usage of each car park. In general for those who wish to exit early after the race the advice is to use Car Park 1. We will also operate a one way sytem from Car Parks 2 and 3 immediatley after the race to prevent any traffic facing oncoming runners as they head for the finish line..

A marquee for changing will be erected on the green beside Loughaderra Lake just next to the Church Car Park - entries will be taken at another marquee in Church Car Park. Refreshemnts will be served from this second marquee and the prize giving will also take place here.

Hope everybody enjoys their visit to Ballintotis

John Cashman
Ballintotis Community Council Race Organising Committee

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