Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cross Country
Come On Out & Try it.

Below please find details of the upcoming Cross Country season.This East Cork Championship Race next Sunday is an ideal opportunity to try cross country in a relaxed atmosphere.It can be a warm down after Charleville on Sat. for those doing long runs at present and its only out the road.
 Many of you will have tried it as kids but it really is a great way to improve your running and up your standard of running.
So why not give it a go and see how it feels.
Its open to all levels and there is nothing stopping a few running it as a group.Its very much a team event. Anyone even slightly interested or needing more information on it please contact Sally below or at training.


 In the next couple of weeks the cross country season will be underway. 
 Below is a list of upcoming races.  If anyone is interested in running 
 cross country this year for the first time, the East Cork Championships 
 on 23 September would be a very good place to start.  It will be a very 
 small, low-key race.  For all competitions except the East Cork one, 
 entries have to be made about a week in advance.  There will be more 
 details nearer the time about who to contact, but please let me know if 
 you are interested in running cross country this season.  We hope to 
 build on our successes last year!

 23 September East Cork Championships - novice and masters Conna

 14 October County Novice Championships Carrignavar

 21 October Munster Novice Championships Beaufort, Co. Kerry

 4 November East Cork and County Championships -
 junior and senior Carrignavar

 9 December All-Ireland Championships - novice Thurles, Co.Tipp.

 Sally Drennan