Friday, 21 June 2013

Daniel Kingston Macroom 5 Km

Picture shows Margaret Jones &Helen Gilroy displaying their prizes and Capt Edmond O'Sullivan pretending he won everything else (except he only managed to win two prizes but that is still a lot better than most) Well done lads and lassies.


This race took place tonight Thur.20th. To describe it as a race is pushing things despite it being a very worthy cause etc. it has become what is best described as a FUN RUN and should be run and advertised as such. There were kids as young as 7 running (I asked a little girl her age). there were a lot of people with buggies and there was even someone running with a dog not to mention the amount of people wearing headphones. The stewarding etc was excellent ,food etc but there were at least 50 people who did not bother to come over the start line. I hate to be critical as the BHAA are wonderful people and do great work and deserve all the support they get but someone is going to get hurt before long if this continues,
Now after that we did very well here and many of out athletes got prizes

Edmond O'Sullivan 2nd O/50
Tom Cody 1st O/55

Margaret Jones 3rd O/40
Helen Gilroy 2nd O/45


Midleton News 2nd Grade A
(Helen Gilroy&Margater Jones)

MD Insulation 3rd Grade B
(Tom Cody, Edmond O'Sullivan,Rod Scanlon)

There were several other of our athletes who had good runs Margaret Twohig, Karen Grant ,Paul Kearns, David Motherway,Danny Mc Carthy and sorry if I missed anyone.