Friday, 3 July 2015


All Ireland Bronze For Daniel Colbert

Daniel Colbert had another fantastic run today in the All Ireland U23 400m where he took 3rd place and earned himself another All Ireland medal. For Daniel who only took up this discipline within the past year after having won the U23 400h last year this is a brilliant result and he still has years to spare.
He changed disciplines due to a hip injury and after having won the Munster's is already showing some fantastic results in the 400m finishing in a time of 50.30 and could have taken the silver if he kicked a little earlier but its all a learning process. For those of you hoping to see Daniel at Cork City Sports on Tuesday evening he wont be competing instead he will be at the "Letterkenny Invitational" on Friday evening. Well done Daniel once again you have done us proud.

Corkbeg 4 Mile
Robbie Steele Memorial

This race took place in Whitegate on Thursday evening and had a deservedly huge crowd between walkers and runners. We had a great representation and Helen Gilroy showed she is getting back on form with 2nd place finish and Joan Hough took 1st O/55. Whilst Paul Spiteri had a fantastic run coming home in 22.57 and Michael McNamara out for the second successive night racing got a PB.

  8    0:22:57    SPITERI, Paul    Midleton AC 

22    0:24:39    CREMIN, Mike    Midleton AC

 24    0:24:42    CASHMAN, John    Midleton AC   

 30    0:25:30    AHERNE, Neilus    Midleton AC  

  31    0:25:31    O'SULLIVAN, Sean    Midleton AC

  36    0:25:51    GILROY, Helen    Midleton AC

  45    0:26:14    O'DWYER, Barry    Midleton AC

 50    0:26:25    MOLONEY, Dave    Midleton AC

  56    0:26:39    LEAHY, Eileen    Midleton AC

 73    0:27:26    O'REGAN, Ger    Midleton AC    M45

 82    0:27:47    HOUGH, Joan    Midleton AC

 91    0:28:09    HANNON, Tim    Midleton AC 

96    0:28:16    FITZGERALD, Yvonne    Midleton AC

 106    0:28:34    AHERN, Deirdre    Midleton AC

 108    0:28:40    CUNNINGHAM, Eric    Midleton AC    MJ

  126    0:29:23    O'KEEFFE, Mary    Midleton AC 

 137    0:29:46    FLEMING, Paul    Midleton AC  

 140    0:29:49    O'CONNELL, Donie    Midleton AC    M60

 160    0:30:28    MCAULIFFE, Lauren    Midleton AC    FJ

  165    0:30:35    CRONIN, Brendan    Midleton AC 

  179    0:31:05    MORLEY, Alan    Midleton AC

 212    0:32:00    MCNAMARA, Michael    Midleton AC

 225    0:32:18    TWOHIG, Margaret    Midleton AC

  228    0:32:20    O'SULLIVAN, Anne-Marie    Midleton AC

  272    0:33:56    BALDWIN, Ciara    Midleton AC

 302    0:34:50    STAVROU, Amanda    Midleton AC

 341    0:36:32    O'SULLIVAN, Nollaig    Midleton AC    FJ

  358    0:36:58    BARRY, Margaret    Midleton AC   

 363    0:37:03    CROTTY, Keva    Midleton AC

364    0:37:04    O'CONNOR, Sandra    Midleton AC

 380    0:37:32    COEN, Asling    Midleton AC    F 

 405    0:38:48    FITZGERALD, Annette    Midleton AC 

  449    0:40:48    O'CONNELL, Kathleen    Midleton AC

450    0:40:59    MCCARTHY, Joan    Midleton AC 

 479    0:42:49    HENNESSY, Aileen    Midleton AC  

 489    0:43:03    DENNEHY, Mary    Midleton AC