Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Celebrating Midleton ACs 50th with a Family Fun Day and BBQ

Come and join in the fun on the 17th July in the grounds of Midleton Rugby Club where we will have a Family Fun Day with special events for everyone including novelty races for tiny tots.
Special Event for all seniors (over 18s only) will be The Handicapped Mile where each runner will start at the pace of their normal mile pace. ie 10 min miler starts first 2 mins later the 8 min miler starts then 1 min later the 7min miler starts etc etc down to our fastest miler who starts last. Then hopefully everyone will finish more or less together in a sprint finish.
Bernie will be at training on Monday to collect money . Entry Fee for the day is only 10 euro which includes food etc. We will need to know approx. how many are interested in order to inform the caterers an approx. number. E mail if you want further info. Danny