Tuesday 27 June 2017

IMRA Local Race in Curragh Wood

My name is Matthew Branch and I'm Race Director for an IMRA race (Irish Mountain Runners Association) to be held in your local woods (Curragh) on Wed the 5th July. I'm just trying to get word out to local clubs to join us if possible. The more the merrier and its a fantastic introduction route to trail running so I hope the road runners would be interested in a bit of a change. 

I'm familiar with some of your club members already that regularly join us on the trail races (Barry Williams, Siobhan Murphy, Matt Chojan, Michael Hallahan, to name a few...), but would be very grateful if you could post details of this race on your local Facebook page and Blog to try and attract a bunch more to this event. Details of the event can be found here:
Sambos and coffee and tea afterwards at the Water Rock Golf Course.

Many thanks!