Tuesday, 27 June 2017


New Singlets Announcement 2017


Most of you may be aware at this stage that Midleton AC have decided to refresh our current singlet.  We are aware of some club members’ difficulties with the present singlet and have taken this on board.  So we have been doing some background work in researching and speaking to various distributors of running gear and fellow runners from various clubs.  From our research we have selected, tentatively, to run, excuse the pun, with a company called Inverse. 


This is a major decision the club is taking and one which will have long term effects if we do not select the right singlet.  Therefore to ensure that I am not hounded out of Midleton by a lynch mob, if members are unhappy with the new singlet, I urge you to become involve.


First of all by reviewing the accompanying photos modelled by some of our Vogue models (fellow club members).  Secondly, if you would like to try a singlet on, you are welcomed to do so.  They will be at speed training next Monday 03 July only for you to feel and try on.  


Please note they are only samples from the company, not representing the design chosen by the club, prototype photo attached.  We have a mixture of samples, female and male, from XXL to XS with round and V necks.  A word of warning, these sizes are much smaller that the singlets we are currently wearing so don’t be offended if you try on a medium and it’s a little tight. Others who tried them on last night had to go up either one or two sizes, so you haven’t put on weight!!


Overall most members, at speed training last night, loved the new lightweight material though some expressed concerns about the length, a little on the short size i.e. they just stop below the hip.  I am conscious that some runners may not like that style.  If we find it is a deal breaker then we may have to look for another supplier as I think, until confirmed, this is the only length the company does.


As you cannot make any comments on the blog please feel free to text me or Facebook/What’s App message me with your observations.  You can also let others in the committee aware of your opinions as well.  All our welcomed but remember we are not going to be able to satisfy everyone’s taste and the majority consensus will prevail.  I will probably have the sample singlets for another week or so, so there is a short window for you to voice your opinion(s).


As I mentioned, at the beginning, this is a both an exciting and nervous step your club is taking and hopefully it will all go well so that we can move on to other new stylist gear e.g. light jackets, but we cannot do it without your help.


Remember it very important you become involved.  Your club needs YOU!