Wednesday 8 July 2020

Predicted Time Needed

If you are interested in running please send your predicted time for Sundays race to Marc Dalton before 
9pm on Friday evening.

This is very important in order for Marc to organise the starting order etc. and ensure your safety.

Please also make sure you fill in the Covid 19/ Race information form and send it to 

The form which will need to be completed prior to the race is available here.

Please ignore what you see other groups of runners doing please keep your social distance. 
The club members have really being doing great at keeping it at training and on runs so lets "Keep It Up"

Tortoise and Hare Run

Race Briefing: Date: Sunday 12th July
Time: 9:00am
 Location: Midleton 5 Mile Course Reduced to 4 Mile and
Starting Point on 1 Mile Marker Outside Castle Rock Estate 
Finish same as Midleton 5 Finish 

The club has organised a unique race to encourage all club members to participate
 All members must submit their predicted 4 mile race time prior to race 
Runners must start the race in their scheduled allotted time 
Winner of the race is the 1st Athlete Home 
Remember going out too fast at the start could hinder your chance to win 
If people give fair times at beginning everyone YES Everyone has a chance to Win!!!! 
Slow and steady wins the race 

Covid-19 Safety Warning - Try to keep Social Distance at all times of 2 meters 
Each participant must complete the Covid-19 questionnaire prior to race and submit to : 
Please refrain from gathering in large groups before or after the race Parking in Market Green and run to start for Warm Up Roads will not be closed and it will be recommended to run on left hand side of road 
Note this is not a sanctioned AAI Race This race is strictly for Midleton AC Members only and entries can be sent to: by 9pm Friday 10th July 
Your start time will be allocated based on your predicted time 'If you run 30mins for 4 miles and your friend runs 24 mins you start 6 mins before them'