Friday, 11 December 2020


 We have decided continue with the two sessions on Mondays as last week worked so well. We will have  Session 1 at 5.30pm and Session 2 at 6.15.

We are asking as many as can to attend the 5.30 session ie. those working from home etc. but please Text  Sally at 0872265857 and let her know your choice asap so we can keep track of numbers 

PS You must still complete your POD Form below.

We will be in Pods of fifteen on Monday evening. If you are coming please be sure to social distance, stay in your POD from when you arrive until you leave and you MUST book in here below please for contact tracing. 

Pod 1A is for 5 min - 7min Milers

Pod 1B if for 7min - 9min Milers

Pod 1C is for 9min ++ Milers

We must abide by the rules so that we can continue training safely.

This Form MUST be completed before coming to training

Blast From The Past
A friend dropped in this copy of a 2001 Irish Runner to me
last week. There are some past, present and some sadly no 
longer with us members from the club in it (not all wearing
the club colour's ). How many can you spot ?.