Monday 29 August 2011

Barbecue A Huge Success.

Well done to the social committe under the leadership of Fergal O'Meara on the wonderful afternoon organised last Sat for the barbecue in the rugby Club.This was a coming together of the Senior and Juvenile clubs.The juveniles were organised by Helen and Maura that unimitable team responsible for the rejuvination of that section of the club.A special presentation was made by Danny Mc Carthy on behalf of both sections to Tom Houlihan to mark forty five years of the clubs existance.Tom was one of the original founders and is still a very active member and current chairperson.Jim Leahy the first secretary of the club also attended.Danny pointed out Toms committment to the club at all times even when the membership was small his dedication kept it going. It is hoped to have a special t shirt to mark the forty five years available shortly