Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ballintotis 4 Mile Road Race 
 This Thursday April 18th - 8pm


You can enter for the Ballintotis 4-mile race at Ballintotis Community Centre on Wednesday evening between 5:30pm and 7pm and on the day of the race, next Thursday, from 1pm onwards. Just a few points to speed up the process: 1) Entry fee is €10, try and have the correct amount ready . 2) There will be a number of entry desks in the hall, it doesn’t matter which one you go to. Remember – this is NOT a BHAA race so there is no need to give company name, etc. 3) Just provide the following information: first and second name; AAI club, if applicable. If not a member of a club just give you area (i.e. Cork/Blarney/Youghal); your age category (see below). 4) If entering more than one person, write the names on the back of the numbers to avoid mixing them up. 5) Wear the number on the FRONT of your clothing, attached with four safety pins. Age categories are as follows: senior men and women (M/F); age categories in five-year groups from M40 (over 40) to M70 (over 70) and F35 (over 35) to F65 (over 65). Also junior men and women (MJ/FJ) which is under 20 on December 31st next.
Start Line
Please note we will have zoned time areas at the start line - we will be encouraging all runners to please take up their correct position. Runners will be advised to approach the start line early and follow the directions of the stewards. We will have a separate public address system in operation at the start line. With another big entry expected it is in the interests of all runners that they begin the race in the correct zone. This will help runners in all sectors of the field. By co-operating you will add to the enjoyment of the race for everybody.
The advice regarding parking is simple - please follow the directions of the Gardai and Stewards at all times. There will be a number of car parks again in operation this year, but with such mixed weather recently these may vary depending on rainfall.

Refresments/Prizes Etc

Refreshments and prizes inside in Community Centre this year - not in

Car Park Spot prizes - can be claimed afterwards inside - spot prize winners

identified on back of race numbers - no roll call afterwards!

Enjoy Your Visit

Finally, wishing you all a pleasant visit to Ballintotis, where

incidentally a camera crew from Setanta Sports will be on duty to

capture the occasion and follow the fortunes of local Ballintotis

Fit4Life Club member MaryAnne Murphy who is taking part in the "Get Off

The Couch" Series which will be aired later this year.

More details of the race are available by calling 086-8778182.