Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Annual Awards

We are looking for nominations for the annual awards which will be presented at the Midleton AC Christmas dinner.
Prizes will be awarded on the night under the following categories for both male and female athletes:
1.       Athlete of the Year Award
2.       Most Improved Athlete
3.       Best Newcomer
4.       Best Beginner (this refers to last year's beginners, i.e those who started with Vincent/Danny in September 2012)

If you have nominations for athletes, in any, or all, of the above categories, please email them back to us ( as soon as possible, or fill in the forms available at training this week. 
We hope to receive as many nominations as possible from you the members.
All nominations will be strictly secret and will be kept that way.
The committee will meet and discuss your nominations and make a shortlist.
The final decision is made by both Captains as per usual and announced only at the Xmas Party.
Noel and Sally

Club Awards 2014

Male/Female Award Nominees                                                              

            Athlete of the Year Award                                 (Male)                 ______________________                                      
                   Athlete of the Year Award                                  (Female)              ________________________

              Most Improved Athlete                                      (Male)                  _______________________
              Most Improved Athlete                                         (Female)              _____________________

                      Best Newcomer                                                   (Male)              _______________________
                      Best Newcomer                                                  (Female)              ________________________

        2012 Best Beginner (Vincent/Danny’s group)                  (Male)           _______________________   ___                                                     
        2012Best Beginner (Vincent/Danny’s group)                (Female)           ________________________