Friday, 7 March 2014


Ballycotton 10

Post Race In The Maple

A great night was had in the Maple Lounge on Sunday night where the race was re run many times. I think there was an equal number of PBs and disappointments but that is Ballycotton 10 for you. A big thank you must go again to our Social Committee of Alan, Colette, Bernie and Mick and to the Maple who provided the excellent grub.
A special plaque was presented on behalf of the club by Edmond O'Sullivan to Donie O'Connell on having completed his 30th Ballycotton 10.

Video's and photos of the race are available on the Running In Cork blog. where you will see that Midleton AC had the largest number of finishers of all the clubs.

Well done to everyone who ran today and in what is usual for this race is that some had brilliant runs and some had disappointments. Its that kind of race but as always it was a brilliant day and it was great to see so many Midleton AC singlet's out there today.
We will have more detailed results later but at this stage the "Person Of The Race" for Midleton AC must go to Donie O'Connell who completed his 30th Ballycotton 10 in under 80 mins .
Well done Donie you are an example to us all.

A special well done to all who did it for the first time. May it be the first of many.

News Flash  Anna Doris 2nd O/40 Awaiting other results.

The Great Donie and Kathleen O'Connell

 Some of the Midleton AC crew that ran
The McNamara Family

Rosarie Griffin & Barry Williams

From the Beginners Group Christine McNamara & Emer O'Doherty

Donie & Danny

Any member who wants their own photo's put up please just e mail them to and I will put them up,Thanks


Warm Up

Its here at last the big one that everyone has been training for and whether its your first or your 30th we wish you the very best of luck. We have people hoping for sub 60 (no names no pressure) and people happy to get around. Two of the most unique first timers in years are the father and daughter team of Michael and Christine McNamara. Michael started with us last Oct. twelve months ago and has come on leaps and bounds and last Xmas received the Best Beginner Award whilst Christine his daughter only started last Oct. and along with her friend Emer O'Doherty are the two from the Vince /Danny beginners  group that are doing it. Martha the mother and the inspiration behind the family running is a Ballycotton veteran at this stage. We have several others doing it for the first time also. Donie O'Connell is a true veteran and is doing it for his 30th time( see article below). We wish everyone well and send our sympathy to those who cannot do it due to injury etc.

Ten Things Everyone Knows  But Someone Always Forgets One 

1 Do not wear anything new on the day. Wear gear you have already worn and felt comfortable in.

2 Do not eat or drink anything new on the day. Stick to stuff you have already used,

3 Drink plenty water on Friday and Saturday and very little on the morning of the race.

4 Double knot your shoe laces to be sure they won’t open.

5 Do not run more than two abreast so as not to impede the runners coming from behind you.

6 Be sure and bring something warm you can wear to the start and be prepared to throw it away.

7 When discarding your gear make sure you do not leave it on the ground. Throw it to the side.

8 Watch out for gear or plastic bags dropped on the ground especially at the start.

9 Obey the stewards at all times they are there for your safety.

10 Mind your mug at the end as they are not easily replaced.
Please e mail any more advice to

Don't forget your number.

Don't go out too fast for the first one or two miles.

Don't forget your shovel.


We will have two club cars situated on the cliff car park where members can leave their gear etc. during the race. We can meet there from 12 o clock on and do our warm ups on the pitch n putt course as we always do, get some group photos etc.
The will be a post race meet up in the Maple Lounge Main Street, Midleton from 7.30ish on and food will be served. This is always a fun occasion and is open to all club members not just those who ran the race.

Please if you have entered and are not running do NOT give your number to anyone else. You have already signed not to do so and if done could lead to serious mix ups with results, teams etc. and could bring the club into disrepute.

Finally enjoy the race and wear your club colours with pride.