Friday, 24 October 2014


Reminder 1
To all those travelling tomorrow remember the clocks go back an hour tonight.

Reminder 2

Please let me know what races/events you take part in. I am more than happy to publish your reports or give details of your races etc.. But there are over two hundred members in the club and I cannot possibly know what races everyone is doing. Your fellow club members are interested ( going from the amazing number of hits the blog gets every week) in what you are doing so please don't be shy and let the blog. know

Reminder 3

There will be no official training on Monday evening and from the following Monday 3rd November we will be returning to the Hockey Field at the rear of Midleton College at 6pm. More details later.

D Day Is Almost Here

D Day or Dublin Marathon Monday is almost upon us and we wish everyone running the very best and hope everyone gets the time they want or better. We have a mighty crew going up this year along with a fine crew of supporters plus the supporters who travel up on Monday morning to support their fellow club members and also to enjoy the occasion.
Our crew are at present

Ladies first! (8)
Claire Fitzgerald, Mags Jones, Louise Barry, Camilla O'Connor, Esther Murphy, Amanda Stavrou, Anna Doris, Niamh Dorgan

Derek Ahern, Don Ryan, Neilus Ahern, Alan Kelleher, Paul Geary, Brian Cott, Fionan OhAodain, Francis Maunsell, Aidan O'Herlihy , Peter Gunning, Kris Dowdall. Denis Collins.


If there are any others please let us know or if any of the above are injured etc again please let me know

Many of us are staying in the Maldron in Cardiff Lane about ten mins from the finish so if any one wants to connect up with us after you will find us there.

Mmunster Novice Cross Country

This takes place on Sunday in Turnpike, Two Mile Borris, Tipperary and we have runners there also .Our ladies team of Helen Gilroy, Sheila Buckley Eileen Leahy and Sally Drennan will be doing their best to bring home medals .Our men are Brian Harty and Rod Scanlan who we also wish well.