Thursday, 12 February 2015


Ballycotton 10 Envelope Packing

As a club for many years now we have assisted Ballycotton Running Promotions with the packing of the envelopes with the race numbers etc. We will be doing this again on Thur night next at 7.30 in the CBS school hall. As many as possible of our members are requested to turn up to help. It will only take an hour or so. Any queries please give me a call 0872403940 Danny

FACE 5Km Kilworth

Three hundred runners took part in this race in Kilworth on Sunday. We had one runner there Mary O'Keeffe who won 1st O/40 and finished eight lady overall in a time of 22.13 Well done Mary reat to see you back in action. Full results

Carrigaline 5

Sunday saw a fine crowd at the Carrigaline 5 and as always we had a great crew out there. There was some fine running to be seen with Alan O'Shea taking the men's prize and a tie for the ladies first. This is one of the toughest courses around and a great tester for Ballycotton and it was great to see our beginners group do so well. We had one prize winner there today Fergal O'Meara who took 3rd O/45 in fine style and great to see him running so well. Also it was nice to see so many who had not being racing for a while back including John Dunphy, Kevin Morrison and Catherine Terry. One has to mention Christopher McCarthy who ran the race this morning in 33.50 before heading back out to do again two and a half more times as part of his training for the Barcelona Marathon in April also Paul Fleming had a great run getting a PB by over two minutes which is no mean feat on this course.
Also a big thank you to all our supporters who appeared to be everywhere cheering the crew on.

Notice from Ballycotton Running Promotions 

One of the (some would say many) idiosyncrasies associated with the Ballycotton ‘10’ is the fixation of running the ten-mile course prior to race day. For the past number of years, once Christmas has passed the local roads witness an influx of lyra-clad fluorescent-wearing individuals on a daily basis, sometimes alone and sometimes as part of a group that resemble the total number who ran the first race back in 1978. 

While we on the organising committee are at a loss to explain this compulsion - maybe we are too close to the action - we would like to emphasise two important points now that race day is drawing near:

1) In view of the ever-increasing traffic on the one road into and out of the village, would people please exercise great care as they run, especially if in groups.

2) In recent days, we have received the following from the local Development Group regarding discarded bottles on the route which people might also note:   

Ballycotton Development Ltd had their AGM in December.  Following on from that there was a meeting in January in which a Tidy Town Working Group was formed.  The mission/objective of this Tidy Town Working Group is about having pride in our community. 

In light of the upcoming Ballycotton ‘10’ and very conscious of runners training over the route these remaining few weeks, we would appreciate if attention could be brought to all runners that any bottles they take with them on the route, that they dispose of same properly and in an environmental friendly manner. This will also go a long way to supporting the Tidy Town Working Group in their endeavour to keep our village litter free.  

We understand that on race day, litter controls will be put in place - however, our request is really in the build up to the race itself.  

Your Club Needs You n Yours

As you all are aware we will be holding the County Road Racing Championships in Midleton on the 17th March at 11am. The headquarters will be Midleton Park Hotel and the 4 mile races (Ladies and Gents separate races) will take place over our usual circuit starting at the 1 Mile mark at Castle Lands and finishing at the usual finish.
We need as many from the club as possible to help with the stewarding on the roads and finish etc. I know a lot will want to run the races but will those not running please make themselves available to help or anyone with friends, partners adult children etc.
We need to know as soon as possible who we have available so please e mail the blog or text Noel at 0861704072 as soon as you can. It will only be for an hour or two at most. Thanks Danny

Two Races one at 11 and one at 12.

The two major races this weekend are Kilworth and Carrigaline both well worth supporting and both with AAI permits..


Gentle Reminder

Just a reminder to anyone entered the Ballycotton10 and unfortunately unable to run. You are NOT ALLOWED to transfer or give your number to anyone else. When entering the race your signed the entry form agreeing not to do this. It can cause serious confusion for the organisers and bring our club into disrepute . Ballycotton 10 have operated a name and shame policy in the past so please don't risk being named and shamed.