Tuesday, 3 March 2015

From Ballycotton Running Promotions

 Race packages:
All 3,500+ race packages have now been posted out. Unfortunately, as the addresses given on a small number were incorrect, they were sent back to us. After making contact with most of those involved, the packages were again posted out to the correct addresses. Any runners who have not received their number by Friday must call to the Trouble Desk in the hall on Sunday morning (from 10am) for a new one. 

2) Transferring numbers:
Your race number is a bit like a plane tickets, each entry is personally registered to a specific named individual. Running in someone else’s number can have serious implications if the runner suffers a medical emergency – there have been cases where it has been difficult to identify or contact families of runners who have suffered potentially life-threatening conditions whilst using someone else’s race number. 

The accuracy of the results is also affected when runners are placed in the wrong age and sex category and it causes a lot of unnecessary hassle for organisers.

So the message is clear – if you can’t run, DON’T give your number to someone else. If you have already done so, get it back and destroy it. By signing the entry form, you have agreed not to transfer your race number – and anyone caught doing so will face the consequences.  

3) Water station:
This year, there will be only one water station which is situated at the halfway mark at Ballymaloe (on both sides of the road). Water will be in bottles and if runners wish to carry the bottles we would urge them to use the bins provided along the course to discard the empties.  

Amongst the reasons for moving the water station from 3M/7M was the congestion caused as the runners on the way back were meeting those on the way out. 

After finishing, bottled water, bananas and Mars Bars will be available just beyond the baggage area – not at the finish line. Also, we ask people not to be greedy and to leave enough for those finishing behind them.
From Ballycotton Running Promotions


With the race done n dusted it will be time to celebrate so Midleton AC have arranged to meet up in the Maple Lounge Main Street where the race can be re run and the club has arranged to have food available. We will be meeting from 8pm onwards. All members are welcome even if you didn't manage to run this year you will be welcome to share in the celebrations.Danny