Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Barcelona Ironman

Midleton ACs Miah McGrath Gets a PB

                    Midleton AC's Miah McGrath gets a PB plus Don Ryan and all the east cork triathletes had a great day and posted great times in Barcelona Ironman on Sunday 
Weather conditions were very different to what was expected.
The day started with a thunder and lightening storm which cleared around 6am but left sea conditions far from calm. 
The 3.8 km swim course was choppy and the sea was rolling and many competitors had to be helped out from the crashing waves
The sun came out and stayed out for most of the 180km cycle  , this route had a slight change from last year with only 2 longer loops that included a hill section.
And finally the marathon was all that remained .
The run course consisted of approx 6 lengths of Calella beach promenade 
Rain was falling heavily at this stage but it was a welcome relief to the runners ,not so much for the supporters!!!!
Well deserved Pbs for both Miah and Don . Congrats to all.


( Thanks to Michelle McGrath for the report and photo's)