Monday, 1 October 2018

Thursday Night Tempo Run
(report by Mike Dorney)
Thursday night at 9pm and where would you be except loosening up outside the Co-Op? Tonight, eight of us couldn’t come up with a better option. After the usual two laps warm up, Edmond lead us out of the car park towards the Fat Mile.  It wasn’t long before the first whistle blast and we picked up the pace, running a little harder until the second one when we slowed down to recover.  We jogged along easily while the cones were laid out on the bridge and we began 10 minutes (that felt like 10 hours) of hill repeats – half way up & back for me but a second cone at the top marked the turning point for the fitter & faster runners.  Now thoroughly warmed up, we ran easily to recover before the whistle signalled it was time to pick up the pace again.  You never know how long it will be before the recovery whistle but that’s what keeps it interesting.  Once sounded, all runners turn and regroup with the slowest runner to recover before the next effort.  After several more whistles and effort/recovery segments, we regroup for the final time and the run back to the Co-Op.  “Move to the front, Mike” and I pick up the pace a little but the others stay on my shoulder.  “Ease back down now” comes the instruction and we tighten up again.  Another runner moves to the front to stretch the group but we bunch up to keep it tight.  Last effort into the car park and it’s time to stretch again and catch my breath. Another 30 minutes of hard work well worth it.  Great running with superb camaraderie and team work – plenty of encouragement to keep going.  Thanks as always to Edmond for another great session.  Come along next Thursday and give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.