Sunday, 30 May 2021

Well Done Nicola McPherson (Nicola Cooney)


A massive well done to Nicola McPherson (Nicola Cooney) on having completed the Edinburgh Virtual Marathon on today Sunday. This was her first marathon and all was on target until two weeks ago when she acquired a pelvic injury. She was advised by her physio  to go ahead and run as it would be her only chance as due to her injury she would have to confine herself to shorter distances in the future. So go ahead she did and despite her constant pain and having to put up with the first really hot day we have had in ages she persevered and being the trojan warrior she is she managed to finish it in style. She ran the last Km with her daughter Molly who herself had run the virtual kids race in Edinburgh yesterday. Well done Nicola you did your club proud.

( Thanks to her proud Dad Kevin for the photos)