Thursday, 6 January 2022

BHAA News From Edmond

 Fellow athletes now is the time to  join your MIDLETON TOWN COUNCIL BHAA Team for 2022!!!! For just €10 you get ALL BHAA races for €5 AND you have the gateway to lucrative TEAM PRIZES across all abilities. That is the beauty of BHAA races. No matter what your running pace is be it 5min/mile or 10/min mile for every 3 Midleton Town Council team members there is a chance that you might win a team prize. In theory if 9 members ran, all 9 could obtain a team prize via three runners in three different prize categories.

Unfortunately BHAA are not set up for online membership and payments so the only way we can do this is for each of you to fill in the attached team membership form and either post it + your cheque/postal order for €10 directly to Kevin Cummins OR just give the completed form + €10 to Kevin at the next BHAA race BUT remember you will not be registered for that day’s race.

Edmond, team secretary,  will have copies of the BHAA team membership form available at training next week.




BHAA TEAM Membership Application Form 2022





Team Secretary:_Edmond O’Sullivan

Address:__Glaramara, Suncourt, Midleton.

Contact Telephone Number:__086/8323267


Applicants Name:______________________________




Telephone Number: (home)____________ (work)_021/4632901


Date of Birth:______________



Category:( please tick) Ladies_____Men_____

Veteran    0/35....   0/40....   0/45....   0/50....   0/55....   0/60....   0/65....   0/70....


I _____________________wish to apply for full membership of the Business Houses Athletic Association for the membership year 2022.  I confirm that I am an employee of the above named employer. In applying for membership, I agree to be bound by the rules of the Business Houses Athletic Association.

Team Membership fee of €10 (full annual membership) is enclosed.


Cheques & Postal orders should be made payable to Cork BHAA (Please do not send cash through the post).




Date __________________________



Note: The Business Houses Athletic Association reserves the right to obtain confirmation of employment.


Please send the completed form and cheque or postal order( NO CASH) to -

Kevin Cummins,  24, Ashleigh Drive,  Skehard Road,  Blackrock,  Cork       Telephone: (021) 429 2509 or