Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chi Running Workshop

The following is some detailed information from Catherina McKiernan about the way she runs the Chi running workshops. We are thinking about a Saturday in September. If you are interested please contact Sally Drennan - or tel. 021 4883960, 087 2265857

The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm and the cost is 110 euro per person. There are 15 people per workshop.

The day is all about learning to run efficiently, to reduce impact on the body and to prevent or clear up running related injuries. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn to run with an easy efficient style. I video tape everyone at the start of the workshop to see their style of running. Then we go inside and practice the Chirunning form focuses through a series of drills and exercises. Posture is the most important part of good running form. The beauty of learning Chirunning is that you can practice the focuses in everyday life so that they become a familiar occurance. Then we do another drill of learning to lean the whole body forward from the ankles so that we are working with gravity in our favour as opposed to using our legs to push us forward while we run. This takes an immense amount of pressure of your legs. The next drill is to learn to keep our lower legs nice and relaxed to prevent all lower leg injuries like shin splints, calf strains etc. Then I show the group the correct arm swing and explain the best mechanics for running up and down hills.

After we have practiced the drills which takes about two hours, we go out for a nice easy relaxed 20 minute practice run, where I talk the group through one focus at a time and this gives people the opportunity to get the feel of running more efficiently and with good mechanics.

The next part of the workshop is to analysis the video-tape. This is a great learning tool. Everyone has a good understanding of the whole concept at this stage and I advise what people need to practice to improve their running form. One or two changes can make a big difference and help people greatly with their running. We have a questions and answers session, where I answer a wide variety of running related questions about training, diet, footwear, breathing technique etc.

We finish off the day with another short run, and I run along with each person at different stages and make sure everyone is going home happy knowing what they need to practice. I conduct these workshops all year round and I update my website on a regular basis with new dates.