Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Letter from Eagle AC

Hi All,

We are currently entering everyone's details into Racemaster. Our data team was busily inputting until nearly midnight last night and the previous. There is still a small number to be inputted. Once we have these (expected this evening), we will mail an alphabetically order list to you.

You should note your own race number and bring this with you on Thursday night. if you forget it, or can't access your email/whatever, there will be similar lists in Fota, so don't panic.

There is NO RACE ENTRY on the night, so all desks will be dealing with pre-registered. We are planning to have 4 desks for number pick-up, based on numbers, i.e. 0-250, 251-500, 501-750 and 751-1000. (there are blocks of approx 200 unused numbers)

There will be people there to answer any queries and a trouble desk.

There will be approx 800 people lining up at the start. Please do not line up nearer the start line than your own personal expected time/pace warrants. While the start area can cater for the numbers, the road itself is narrow relative to the total entry. In addition there are animals and birds wandering around the course. These animals and birds are unpredictable but will, in general, keep out of your way. The other unpredictables re the participants - ple4ase look out for your fellow competitor.

Headphones are NOT permitted in Fota Wildlife Park at any time. Headphomes are ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED in this race - we'll set the cheetahs on you!

If you are aware of anyone who is hoping to enter on the night, please tell them that there will

NO ENTRIES on the night - no exceptions!

John Quigley
Chairman, Eagle AC