Friday 6 May 2011

Hi All

Just a brief word of thanks to all of you who played a part in making last evening’s Midleton ‘5’ one of the most successful in the 28 year history of the race. Despite the inclement weather the event proved a memorable occasion attracting a massive entry of just over 400 competitors.

At the risk of omitting somebody in a list of individual ‘thank you’ notes, I’ve chosen the safer bet. Well done to all of you who played such an important role in both the build up to the race and on the night itself.

The support which our club gives on a regular basis to other events, allied to the efforts of our club members was reflected in the attendance last evening. Numbers have soared from below 200 just a few years back to hitting 400 in 2011.

From now let’s forget all about stewards, tea bags, road signs, car parks, prizes etc etc and enjoy the summer of running, content in the knowledge that this year’s race has concluded satisfactorily.

Thnaks Again.


John Cashman