Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Thanks to Fergal O'Meara for the following info
London Marathon 2013

Next years race takes place on the 21st April 2013. The entry system opens next Monday on the 30th April.

Entry Methods;

1) Enter the UK or international Ballot on April 30th. Your chances are much higher of being accepted if you enter via the UK Ballot, if you have a friend living in the UK (the North counts too), now is the time to ask for their address

2) Good for Age entry.. along with that all important UK address.

Do I qualify?

You can apply for a good for age entry if you've run a full marathon in the same time, or faster than, the times listed below:
Men Time (in hours) Women Time (in hours)
Age 18 - 40 sub 3.10 Age 18 - 49 3.15 - 3.50
Age 41 - 59 sub 3.15 Age 50 - 54 sub 4.00
Age 60 - 64 sub 3.30 Age 55 - 59 sub 4.15
Age 65 - 69 sub 4.00 Age 60 - 64 sub 4.30
Age 70+ sub 5.00 Age 65 - 69 sub 5.30
    Age 70+ sub 6.30

How do I apply?

To apply for a good for age entry, you'll need to send us the following:
  • Proof of performance
    A photocopy of your running results, for example a certificate or newspaper clipping. The results will need to be from a marathon completed in 2010 or 2011.
  • Proof of age
    A photocopy of your photocard driving license, passport or birth certificate.

What's the closing date for applications?

Please send your good for age application to this address:
Good for age
Virgin London Marathon
PO Box 3460

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